Algerian Mayors Vow to Boycott Algerias July 4 Election

Rabat – Dozens of Algerian mayors have expressed their support for the popular movement seeking a radical change in the current government, saying they will boycott the July 4 election.AFP reported that approximately 40 of Algeria’s 1,500 mayors announced their decision to boycott.The opposition Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD) party said it supported the Algerian “Hirak,” emphasizing that all of its elected personnel would refuse to “organize the election.” The statement also described the election as a farce.Read Also: Political Activist Calls on Algerians to Boycott July 4 ElectionAFP reported that RCD controls 37 Communal People’s Assemblies in Tizi Ouzou and Bejaia, two regions 100 and 250 kilometers east of Algiers.The news outlet reported that the two regions are the main administrative regions of Kabylia, a region in northern Algeria.Algeria has 1,541 town councils, mostly controlled by the National Liberation Front (FLN) and its ally, the National Democratic Rally (RND).The two parties faced outrage during the ongoing protests against their management of Algeria during President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s 20-year rule.AFP said that even the FLN mayor of a small town in the Tizi region decided not to participate in the July 4 election.The decision of the mayors not to supervise the election followed a similar announcement from Algerian magistrates, who are threatening to boycott the election.As members of the Algerian “Club of Magistrates,” judges and lawyers staged a strike on Saturday, April 13, at a justice court, saying they refused to supervise the coming general elections. read more

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