Jodie Comer is perfect fit for Villanelle as she is not too

“She is brilliantly clever and instinctive, its interesting watching her during a read-through as she doesn’t want… She’s the 26-year-old BAFTA award winner who can pull off almost any accent, but Killing Eve’s producers have said Jodie Comer’s greatest skill is not being too “politically correct”. Speaking exclusively to The Telegraph ahead of the UK release of series two, Woodward Gentle explained: “Jodie does everything she is told to do but she is also very thoughtful about the script, she has got her own opinions. Sally Woodward Gentle, the BAFTA-winning producer also behind The Durrells, characterised Comer as “playful” and said she is a perfect fit as the psychopathic assassin Villanelle.

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