HOW: Storytelling is the key to a good marketing message to bring a customer to yourself

first_imgThe sequel to the first day of the HOW Festival contained three lectures, and we bring a brief summary and main conclusions.Consumer psychology in tourism – The most important thing is to know who your customer isBehavioral marketing expert and founder – Promosapeins – the first behavioral agency in the Adriatic region, specializing in consumer psychology, Dalibor Šumiga, opened a lecture at Hotel Operations Weekend 2017 to which no one was immune.Explaining the path of the consumer, the way the customer’s brain goes through the experience and presenting examples from the hotel industry, the audience followed with interest facts such as the dream phase in which a potential customer spends the most time before deciding to buy, or in this case, book accommodation. and travel.In marketing noise, as he states, you will stand out with a unique and good story. Storytelling is the key to a good marketing message that will bring the customer to yourself. The rest is by no means negligible, because in the digital age, one customer can tell their user experience, instead of a few, to millions today with just a few mouse clicks. If you recognize what your customer wants, not only will he be loyal, but he will also become your ambassador.During the lecture, Šumiga emphasized the sentence: “If you want to understand how animals live, you don’t go to the Zoo. You go to the jungle. ”Digital trends in the hotel industry – Who will prepare hoteliers for digital trends and the improvement of the work system?The digitalization of the hotel industry was the top topic on the first day of the HOW Festival at the Falkensteiner Spa Hotel Iadera. Lecturer Sylvia Dudek, program manager of METRO Accelerator, talks about the METRO Accelerator program itself in the direction of taking advantage of what is already there. Users have smartphones and over 50% of them want to have service over their phone. Dudek notes that hotel reservations begin with digital availability and reviews. METRO Accelerator prepares and trains staff according to digital solutions, and the program itself is divided into four phases:Selection (marketing insight)Mentoring (competitive advantage)BIZ Construction (tested products with users)User successIt can be concluded that METRO not only follows the trends in the hotel industry, but is also far ahead of what our hoteliers, according to the program presented at the Festival, certainly benefit from.Digitization of business – impact on hotel operations – Is it time for a great revolution?  The young entrepreneur, owner of the Salzburg hotel, and founder of the software company hotelkit, Marius Donhauser, with his dynamic lecture on the first day of the Hotel Operations Weekend Festival showed how big the change of jobs will be. Hotelkit distributes its software in more than 400 independent hotels and helps them optimize their daily business. As Donhauser argues, we are facing a change in jobs in the hotel industry that we have not seen since the Industrial Revolution.We had the opportunity to see Google Voice Assistant, Sava the hostess as well as many other artificial intelligences that make the catering business easier. While everything we’ve seen looked exciting, Donhauser warns that one should be careful with new technologies. However, it is the man who gave this presentation today.The second day opened with workshops for the Reception and Food and Beverage Department. Piet Boogert, General Manager of Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, ​​General Manager Thierry Kremper from Novotel Sarajevo Bristol and Nenad Nizić, owner of Vestibul Palaca, presented how the reception can bring tourists closer to the local experience. Participants were also given examples of good practice on “How hotel bars can be profitable” and “How technology is implemented in the reception”. On the second day, 12 workshops were held, and the Festival, in addition to the aforementioned departments, also dedicated itself to the Departments of Wellness, Marketing and Sales, Technology and Household. The festival gathers over 500 participants, and hoteliers state that HOW, although organized for the first time, has aroused great interest and achieved great success.last_img

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