International Fireworks Festival on the list of the most recognized pyrotechnic shows in the world and this year at Bundek

first_imgThis year, too, the International Fireworks Festival will decorate the sky over Zagreb.In pyrotechnic circles, the Bundek Fireworks Festival is recognized worldwide and believe it or not there are already waiting lists for teams that would like to participate in it. The Fireworks Festival has turned into an excellent tourist product, followed by a huge number of citizens as well as tourists, and is visited by more than 30.000 people every year.One of the most visited events this year has prepared magical light surprises, which will surely delight audiences of all ages.The venue is the bank of the Sava along Lake Bundek, where from 29.6.2018 to 01.07.2018 to gather the best and most imaginative world-renowned deminers, and to organize a party to remember, show their skills and illuminate the Zagreb sky with thousands of projectiles.This year it is being held for the 18th time, and at 17 festivals held so far, renowned world fireworks performers from many countries – Germany, China, Austria, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Russia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Romania , Philippines, etc. This time we will be introduced to three top teams that have an enviable world rating. These are companies that have already won many international festivals:  “Bolshoy Prazdnik” Russian masters of sky painting, Fire Event from Austria known for its fascinating choreography and depiction of the sky in the form of a magical fiery backdrop, and HC Pyrotechnics – Belgium, who introduced themselves to the Zagreb audience 4 years ago, and are known for their passion for painting the sky, and as true artists combine traditional baroque with a touch of modern technology.Fireworks are fired in accordance with the music, and what is interesting is that all three teams will have a given theme for the first two minutes, ie a song from the Zagreb region. And this year, the three teams will present their skills with spectacular 10-minute fireworks, which will include countless projectiles. By the way, these are specially designed fireworks in which the firing of fireworks is synchronized with the musical background.The host Mirnovec Pyrotechnics already has an enviable career and so far they have performed fireworks around the world (Montreal-Canada, Berlin-Germany, Moscow-Russia, Kaliningrad-Russia, Macao-China, Pohang-Korea, Hanover-Germany, Warsaw-Poland, Courchavel -France, Rome-Italy, Muscat-Oman, Valletta-Malta, Vilinus-Lithuania), and what is interesting is that they are also engaged on the tour of Enrigue Iglesias and are currently working on effects at his concerts in Lisbon and Copenhagen.During all three days of the festival, a colorful music program and entertainment content for all ages and tastes is provided: children’s fireworks are prepared for children every day at 22 pm, and there is a large amusement park, a rich gastronomic offer and the launch of lanterns to help associations Krijesnica and Veliko srce malom srcu. In the past five years, around HRK 600.000 has been collected and handed over to the mentioned associations!Certainly, for a complete experience, it is necessary to look closely at the fireworks and thus through music experience the complete magic of a fiery fairy tale over Zagreb. Tourist employees in Zagreb, introduce your guests to this unique and top tourist experience. Even better, visit the Fireworks Festival in Zagreb together with your guests.See the full program of events herelast_img

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