ASK-Guyana grade 140 students

first_imgSOME 140 karatekas were on Sunday last graded by IKD Chairman and Chief Instructor, 9th Dan Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai, at the YMCA, Thomas Lands, Georgetown.He was ably assisted by Sensei Amir Khouri (6th Dan) and Sensei Roger Peroune (4th Dan).Students from the Association do Shotokan Karate-Guyana (ASK-Guyana) Dojos in Linden, Albion, Blairmont, Land of Canaan, Canal Number One and Georgetown were examined and graded.Meanwhile, ASK-Guyana congratulates all the students and instructors Amir Khouri and Roger Peroune (YMCA), Hazrat Ali (Albion and Blairmont), Laurence Lowe (Georgetown), Parmeshwar Persaud (Land of Canaan), Nathalie Gibson (Linden) and Mahadeo Ramotar (Canal Number One).According to ASK-Guyana, Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-A-Tai held Instructors training last week and continued on Monday (July 17) to today (July 19) from 18:00hrs to 20:00hrs.“Thanks to all the parents who attended and those who assisted to make the examination a success, including Vanessa Profitt, Seema Sookram and team at the fund-raising sale table,” ASK-Guyana said in a release.Below are the results.Second Dan Promotions: Matthew Alexander Gurahoo (YMCA)First Dan Promotions: Harikirtan Singh (YMCA), Orlando Giddings (YMCA), Joshua Parasram (Blairmont), Aarti Ramgolam (Land of Canaan), Alex Nandram Benjamin (Land of Canaan), and Sean Paul Wesley (Land of Canaan).Outstanding Kyu Grades Promotions:10 Kyu to 8 Kyu: Javy Archibald, Daniel Cox, Jelani Jones, Brandon Foo, Alexander Singh, Kenetha Fraser, Cleon Brisport, Javari McKenzie, Rasheed John, Shoaib Majid, Robert Gittens, Emily Ramlochand, Fardeen Thomas, Benjamin Best, Eshan Brij, Ronald Arjune, Paul Albert, Jaden Clarke, Bibi Farook, Immaunel Griffith, Leonardo Totaram and Thamishwar Dyasindoo.10 Kyu to 7 Kyu: Amara Nandan, David Bissoon, Jasmine West, Ricardo Narine, Meshach Sullivan, Saarah Majid and Maheshwar Dyasindoo.10 Kyu to 6 Kyu: Kejin Wan, Ya Meng Wan and Shaquan Barrow8 Kyu to 6 Kyu: Yi Jun Huang, Bohan Cao and Piya Parasram7 Kyu to 5 Kyu: Mark McCalman, Brandon Lewis, Joslyn Abraham, Bradley Fenty, Demian Dhanraj, Ramzan Singh, Crystal Itwaru and Krisendat Phagoo.6 Kyu to 4 Kyu: Aldo Melendez, Danielle Persaud and Emily Santana-Leon.5 Kyu to 3 Kyu: Cecil Dasilva, Jerry Santana-Bain, Arya Ramessar, Raphael Isaacs and AvaKoosial.TOTAL KYU GRADES PROMOTIONS (133)24 students to Yellow Belt (8kyu)38 students to Orange Belt (7kyu)21 students to Green Belt (6kyu)12 students to Blue Belt (5kyu)10 students to Purple Belt (4kyu)18 students to Brown Belt (3kyu)4 students to Brown Belt (2kyu)6 students to Brown Belt (1kyu)6 students to 1st DAN (Black Belt)1 student to 2nd DAN (Black Belt)last_img

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