Zlatan Ibrahimović: A great Player and a great Man (video)

first_imgThe best football player in France and one of the best footballers in the world is, without a doubt, Zlatan Ibrahimović. However, Ibrahimović is not only a great player – he is a great man as well, which he demonstrated once again.As a reminder, last year Ibrahimović said that he performed at the match with Caen with 50 names written on his body, which he dedicated to hungry people around the world.“People recognize me everywhere, they call my name and cheer for me. But there are names that no one tries to remember. Nobody cheers for them. There are 805 million people in the world starving right now,” Ibrahimović said after that match,On Wednesday, Ibrahimović made another gesture to cause the admiration of the entire world. Prior to the beginning of the match with Sait-Etienne, one man tried to switch positions of children who were supposed to be taken onto the field by the players, favoring one boy over another one. After seeing what is going on, Ibrahimović returned the repositioned boy next to him, and talked to him afterwards.(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)last_img

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