‘Renove Plan’ in June

first_imgReal Madrid faces next summer the start of the reconstruction of a team in which up to seven players are 30 years old or older (Ramos, Nacho, Marcelo, Kroos, Modric, Bale and Benzema). In the club they believe that it is time to start collecting the fruits of the bet they are making to capture the best young people in the world so that this transition when rebuilding the template is not traumatic. Gradually, without a total revolution. The example to follow is what is happening today with Mendy and Valverde, who naturally move two important players like Marcelo and Modric.AchrafThey finish their two years of assignment at Borussia Dortmund and at the club they are convinced that they are ready to perform at Madrid. Even more with Zidane on the bench, who was the one who opted for him to occupy a place in the first team when he was only 18 years old (in the 2017-18 season). They value the experience he has acquired in the Bundesliga: three goals and seven assists in the 28 games he played last season and six goals and seven goal passes in the 31 games he has played in the current one.The increase in their offensive contribution in this course is due to the fact that a large part of the games (21 of 31) have played them as an extreme, either in the left or right wing. However, in Madrid he will return to occupy his usual position, that of the side, since his ability to occupy both bands is also assessed when he acts as a defense.Madrid, in addition to recovering him, will negotiate with him an improvement of the contract to adapt his economic conditions to his new role. The player, however, wants to talk to Zidane because he wants to come back to be important. On the other hand, Borussia will make an offer to buy it (they already tried last summer), but Madrid does not value that option. OdegaardThe Norwegian ends his assignment at Real Sociedad and Madrid has the idea that he will be part of the white team next season. Although the intention of the Basque team is to stay another year in San Sebastian, Madrid has the last word, since the transfer that was signed is only one year and there is no penalty in case of not extending it for another season. .The white club, however, will communicate its plans to Odegaard and let the Norwegian player have the last word. Although they understand that Odegaard will not miss the opportunity to have a place in the first white template …ReguilónHis good year in Seville, together with the poor performance of Marcelo, make Madrid want to have him next season. However, the Real Madrid squad has doubts. His goal is to play on the team he formed, but not in any way. Understand that, after shining in a club of the requirement of Seville, will not return to have a secondary role. Zidane has never opted for him (he asked to be assigned despite his good performance last year). If he sees that he still does not fill his eye with the French, he will ask for a new assignment …CeballosThe board continues to have a lot of faith in him, but the arrival of Arteta after Emery’s dismissal has hurt him (he is now a substitute in Arsenal). In your case, as with Reguilón, the talk you have with Zidane will be key. The Frenchman has never given him minutes and the utrerano is not willing to stay in Madrid as a regular substitute.last_img

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