Álex Fernández and his family, hit by the coronavirus

first_imgIf the situation were to lengthen, as predicted by Madrid, the competition would be complicated, “It is difficult to do the exercises. And that we have a garden that somehow helps. But in the end you do not train at the level you need and were doing before. We try to move and work so as not to lose shape, but in the end when it comes back we will not be as is the desire and we will have to do a mini preseason. “Despite this, the Alcalá de Henares confident that the competition can be resumed and get the promotion he has fought so hard for all season. “I don’t know what will happen. If we continue, if they cancel it … The truth is that I have no idea. I think that theirs is for the competition to continue because we want to advance, which is what we have been earning throughout the year. We don’t have the last word and we will have to be prepared for the decision that is made. “At the moment, Álex admits that he is psychologically well, but begins to value having the freedom to make plans outside the home. “I am psychologically strong. The fact that I usually like being at home, where I play and am with my son, helps me. For me it is not a tremendous difficulty, but it is true that now you value aspects such as going to the movies or having a drink with a partner. “Lastly, the playmaker dedicated a few words to the people who have to continue at the foot of the canyon working outside the home and exposing themselves to the virus. “The people who have to work on the street, who are forced by that situation, make me very sad. They are the ones who are going to end this situation in the end but, at the same time, they are the most exposed. Our problem is quite different. You strip films, books, you have time to play with the children and be with the dogs. They, those who have to face the day to day on the street, are risking everything. When everything is over, I will give you my particular and more than deserved applause. “ Álex Fernández is suffering fully from the consequences of the coronavirus. Yesterday he recognized Diario de Cádiz that He has a family that has tested positive for the COVID-19 and has also suffered the loss of a relative. The Madrid footballer lives from the isolation of his home in Cádiz the terrible situation that the country is going through due to the pandemic, but above all, his hometown, where the player from Cadiz has family and friends, “I am in daily contact with my family and, except for what happened to that elderly relative, we are all safe, at home.”The footballer claims to be living this whole situation as if it were a dream, “I am living it like everyone else, under a strange situation. It is super strange everything. But I carry it in the best possible way and with my family.”Also, insist that it is something that never seems to touch you until it arrives. “You are never prepared for such a situation; it is impossible to imagine it. What I most want right now is that a very large number of people are not taken ahead. We are in that fight and we contribute our commitment to being at home fulfilling what they recommend “.Álex Fernández continues, like the rest of his teammates, training at home, but the man from Madrid is convinced that the quarantine will exceed the 15 days originally planned. “We are going to have to stay at home two more weeks. It is the feeling that I have for what I read and for the news that reaches me.”last_img

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