Bartomeu does not rule out Neymar and warns: “There will be exchanges”

first_imgDo they change the reinforcement policy?: “No, Abidal and Planes continue working to prepare a team, although in this summer window exchange operations are predicted, there will not be so much money, so much cash, but there will be more exchanges.”Market ambition: “Yes we do. We have to make a good team.” Messi Renewal: “Everything, Barça is the largest club in the world. The fact that income has been reduced, like everyone else, does not stop us from being the club that enters the world the most. When it comes to saying that Barça is fatal, I tell them that when June 30 ends, we will continue to be the one who enters the most, but less because they all go down. “Neymar and Lautaro: “I cannot speak of names. Barça will be in the market in a position to carry out the operations that it deems convenient. Of course we will have capacity. I say it again, we are the club that enters the world the most. I hear people say according to what and I think: But if we are the greatest, what do they say? “Talk to Messi: “Now we are very involved in this issue of the impact of the pandemic in the club and in what will happen in the Alert State. We have to do this, talk to the Leo people, but we will do it at the right time” .He’s busy?: “No, Messi has already said it many times. He wants to finish his sports career at Barça, therefore we are not worried. But we will have to sit down with him to reach an agreement.” Josep María Bartomeu has given an interview at Sport and Mundo Deportivo, in which in addition to talking about the ERTE that will affect all the club’s workers, has explained the consequences that the coronavirus crisis will have on the transfer market. The president of Barcelona does not rule out the hiring of players like Lautaro or Neymar, he exposes new ways of negotiation and boasts about the income of his club.last_img

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