Pedro López: “This running of the bulls is unnatural for an athlete”

first_imgPedro Lopez (Aguilar del Campo, May 6, 1980) attends Ace from home, where he lives this confinement with his wife and his first-born with the illusion of the arrival of his second son, which will be in the next days. The U19 and U20 coach has not stopped working and he has called all his players one by one to see how they were going these days. It practically takes his entire career at RFEFwhere did it come from angel Vilda’s hand, and always working for women’s football, which she has seen grow very closely. With a silver in it Sub 20 world and several Europeans in his record, Pedro López wants to continue enjoying what he likes the most …-How do you carry the confinement?-I’m not bad, I can’t complain. We just came from a concentration in La Manga and we were watching an Under-19 tournament in Cartagena. It had a lot of material. Also, enjoying with the family, that within my work as we spend so much time away from home, it is not normal to have spent Father’s Day or my wife’s birthday with the family. You have to be positive -What does a coach do when there is no football?-I had material. Analyze the four games we play for the next call, shape the U-20 team and also the U-19. We analyzed the rivals of the U19, but that has fallen because they have canceled the European U19. With the cancellation, call all the players to encourage them and that they do not lower their arms, because to take away that illusion attached to this situation that is opposed to sport, could demotivate them and lower their arms. I convey to you that if they are with us it is because they are the best and the best have to be prepared for all kinds of challenges. Even if they take the European away from us, they have many challenges to motivate themselves every morning, from taking advantage of this time at home to study, or when they return they have to be the best to have a place in their team and continue in the National Team. That they demonstrate in these conditions that they are also the best.-How are the players in this situation?-There is everything. There are some who do well and others less well. It is unnatural for an athlete to be locked up at home for a month without practicing the sport that you have been practicing for many years. None of us who do sports had lived a month without going outside and without being able to practice it. It is extreme and it is very important psychologically and mentally how to deal with it. You have to look for the positive things that this confinement can have to focus and focus attention on those positive things.– At the moment, the European U19 has been canceled, how can it affect the players?-One of our strong points is the baggage of final stages that carry plays. In recent years we are going far and that makes them better players. The players from 2001, who finish the stage, who were covered last year by 2000 players and could not go to Scotland, to have this championship taken from them, it is clear that it does not add up, it remains. It also remains to be out of competition for a month and a half. You have to see how to overcome and seek other goals. Especially for the 2001 players who last year were more covered and in this they will not be in the final round. You have to change the chip and orient your motivations to other things and show why you are one of the chosen ones. Not only do you get to the national team for playing football well, you have to have your head in order to overcome all the inconveniences, from the coronavirus to a crusader injury.– That generation of 2001 that they had to play this European is, in addition, one of the most successful generations, the U-17 World champions.– Players from that generation mix, if I am not mistaken it is from 2001-02, and those from 2000 also enter, then it is true that I have spoken with them, because I have not spoken to all of the Sub-20, the World Cup is the main concern they have and, if it is delayed, if they would continue playing the same ages. Playing a World Cup is a special motivation. There are also players who have never played a World Cup like Rosa Márquez, Teresa … and there are more. Above all, they can postpone it, change the date or whatever, but do not cancel it. It is one of their biggest goals.-Do you think that the generation that would play in this 2020 should go?– For me it is logical because they are the ones that have played the classification.-Spain, in addition, arrives at the U-20 World Cup as runner-up in 2018 in a team that players who have been in France may repeat. -In the World Cup there were already Cata, Pina, Candela, Eva Navarro, Aleixandri … they experienced it with a second level of prominence. In that World Cup he went runner-up without Aitana, Ona, Lucía García and with Lucía Rodríguez played in the final. Spain is a power because it has shown it in the last championships.-You were also in Uruguay in the U-17 World Cup that La Rojita won in 2018, how did you experience it?-It’s something to remember a lifetime. I have been to three U-17 World Cups and two U-20s. The World Cup is special, it is an unforgettable experience. It can not be explained with words. You enjoy it because you don’t know if it will be the last time, because hundreds of countries participate and you are the one who are … you feel lucky and you want to give it your all. It is not normal what we are doing in recent years, reaching all the finals, we are getting used to it badly. You just have to enjoy it in case you cannot go in the following seasons.-It has to be a pride that the players he has taught and directed are now triumphing in the national team …-You feel identified, like all the trainers they had when they were girls or the territorial ones. I enjoy when I see Lucía score a goal … I live it as if I were scoring it. Every time they catch the ball, all your muscles tense.-The Spanish quarry seems to have no end, how do you work to achieve so many successes?-It is the sum of many factors. It is like when you start a talk and you have to thank everyone, as someone is missing you look bad. The team is everyone’s team and is showing the evolution of women’s football in our country, from schools to territorial federations, coaches, parents … everyone. And the clubs, which are putting much more resources than before so that the players can develop as footballers. It is the sum of all those who have touched each player, from the time they were born until the medal is hung.-And that is reflected in the absolute, which is getting closer to the great powers …– It is the reflection of everything: of a great technical work, good preparation of the soccer players, who now live guiding their lives to soccer, before they could not, and are showing the development of women’s soccer in Spain. You have good material and you are getting a good performance.– Before it was difficult for a player to only think about soccer.– Before I think that they could not. The players could not direct their lives exclusively to soccer nor did they have all the means as now. There were countries that beat us and we did not compete on equal terms.-It has become more professional.-The more professionalized and the more means they have, the more we can take advantage of talent. They are showing that they have talent and the more means you have you will not go to a war in inferiority.-It shows, above all, in the physical differences.That physical difference was insurmountable, today it has been reduced. And when the day comes the team is working well to get the most out of it.Do you think that in the First Iberdrola there should be a limit of foreign players?-Each year it is being shown that the Spanish players are, if not the best, of the highest European and world level. You have to give them opportunities and that the players come, and there have been many cases that come to add. Given equality, I would like those opportunities to be given to Spanish women and young women.-What do you think about the suspension of the First Iberdrola?This pandemic is making us develop at the level of finding solutions. It is making us think. There are many people looking for the best solutions that are healthy and fair to save this pothole. There are many people working to solve everything. This virus is going to make us work wit. The more you work, the better you will be working for the following situation.-How did you get to the Federation and women’s football?I came to Madrid to work at a school to be a teacher of physical education. I had taken the coach courses and my hobby was soccer. I did it in my free time and I entered the CD Canillas. There I met Jorge and Ángel Vilda. There I was a coordinator, a physical trainer, a coach … I spent there afternoons because I arrived in Madrid and didn’t know anyone. Since I had nothing to do after work, I would go there. Ángel signed for the Federation and does a project in which Jorge and I are incorporated. At that time, I did everything that was required of me: physical trainer, analyst … After four seasons working with all the teams, I was appointed U17 coach, later I became U19.last_img

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