Vehicles older than 8 years will be disposed of – GRA

first_imgThe Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is reminding auto dealers of the new law restricting the importation of vehicles older than eight years.Government earlier this year announced legislative changes to the Customs Act that restricts the importation of vehicles that are eight years and older, from the date of manufacture to the date of importation, from entering Guyana. This new law took effect from May 1.However, despite notices to this effect already issued in the media, importers are still bringing the restricted vehicles.“The GRA therefore urges vehicle importers to desist from purchasing such vehicles and attempting to import same, since vehicles in contravention will be forfeited and disposed, thereof, in accordance with the provisions of the Customs Laws. Other fines and penalties may also be imposed,” stated a release from the taxation body on Tuesday.Meanwhile, Commissioner General of the GRA, Godfrey Statia, told Guyana Times that the Authority wanted to remind the public of the restriction, hence the release.“A few importers and individuals are still (importing such vehicles) and claiming ignorance so we just wanted to be pellucid that this is the law,” he remarked.Moreover, Statia explained that those importers who would have already purchased or had vehicles eight years and older at the wharf when the May 1 enforcement took effect, are given a “special concession”.The vehicle restriction does not apply to heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, lorries, vehicles used in the agricultural and industrial sector and special purpose vehicles.The highly-unpopular measure was announced by Finance Minister Winston Jordan, during the presentation of the 2016 National Budget in January, which he said was part of the coalition Government’s programme of ‘greening’ the economy and protecting the environment.The ban, seen by many as anti-poor and anti-business, covers cars, vans, busses, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), and pickups. The Government in the same vein had moved to remove the taxes on vehicles less than four years old as a cushion. The excise tax on 1500cc vehicles less than four years old was removed, while there was a 50 per cent reduction of the excise tax to 10 per cent on vehicles less than four years old between 1500cc and 2000cc.Several auto dealers had spoken to Guyana Times back when the announcement was made and noted that the ban will only benefit the upper-middle class and described the move as “jumbie economics” being implemented at a time when the Guyanese economy was struggling to “keep its head above water”.last_img

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