‘Do Away With Divisive Politics Post Elections’

first_img-Defeated candidate for Montserrado Electoral District #6 warnsA candidate for representative of Montserrado Electoral District #6 who, judging by the National Elections Commission (NEC) results reported so far from the district, is set to lose to Samuel Enders, has warned Liberians to desist from what he calls the ‘Congo-Native Liberian’ divisive politics.Reginald Taylor’s warning comes in the wake of his observation during the elections that candidates and their supporters were using the divisive ‘Congo-Native’ rhetoric, which he said has the potential to cause division among people, most especially during the critical presidential election.Taylor stressed that “regardless of our political differences, Liberia remains our national identity.”He said: “Liberians elect leaders based on tribal lines. If Liberia must move forward, then Liberians should vote on the basis of their children’s future rather than bringing division among themselves.”Although the general elections have come and gone, Taylor said it is important “to flag some illnesses in the Liberian society that have been creating problems over the years,” adding that “it is about time that Liberians put away tribalism.”“We are going for a runoff election as  the National Elections Commission has made clear. Let us make a decision that will benefit our younger generation,” he cautioned.Mr. Taylor told the Daily Observer newspaper that Liberia as a nation over the years has not gotten the kind of leadership it deserves because Liberians have been voting on tribal lines, which he said has contributed to massive corruption and bad leadership in the country.“Corruption tears our country apart because we don’t know our primary objectives for voting.  If we continue to vote on sentiments in this country our children will have no future. The legacy of our forefathers was to fight and gain a better land for us that we call Liberia today. They were never divided and it was their togetherness that made Liberia the land that ‘the Love of Liberty brought us” to.Speaking via telephone from the district on Sunday, Taylor cautioned young Liberians that for the runoff presidential election, “one should be voted for based on what he has to offer the country and its people and above all, he should have the fear of God and be patriotic.”Taylor  expressed appreciation to Rev. Samuel Enders, who according to NEC preliminary results, has taken the lead so far in the district. Mr. Taylor said he is willing to work with whoever wins, saying “Liberia is our common denominator, as such Liberians should work together as a team.”“When the elections are over, it is important as patriotic Liberians to rally around the persons who are victorious in order to move the country’s agenda forward. Liberia today needs to improve by building industries, increasing vocational institutions across the country that will bring on board more skilled laborers instead of unskilled that will keep us in hardship.“We can be more united in our ideas than to be divided and have differences which will not allow us to move ahead as a country. Leadership is from God at the appointed time. Therefore, I am not disappointed, my leadership does not begin with a position; I still have the vision for the people of my district and Liberia at large.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) – Advertisement – Mr. Taylorlast_img

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