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Rey . these are your first steps" Abrams told EW The scene takes place midway through the movie during Reys dreamlike flashback "The idea of the voices was we wanted the audience to feel but not necessarily be presented right in your face this idea that familiar Force-strong voices were connecting with her At least as well as they could" Abrams said "Heres the cool part" he added "We asked Ewan McGregor to come in and do the line And he was awesome and we were very grateful He was incredibly sweet and handsome and all that stuff Then he rode off on his motorcycle Literally the coolest voice-over actor ever" [EW] Contact us at [email protected] migrants from sub-Sahran Africa Libya was a destination even before Muammar Qaddafi fell in 2011 and the country turned itself in a boat launch to Europe The dictator fancied himself as a munificent overseer of the continent below When liberation struggles were underway against colonial masters Qaddafi sent guns and money and when the newly independent nations set out to organize themselves as a bloc he not only helped fund the African Union but proposed an even more ambitious configuration The United States of Africa It never went anywhere not least because the dictator was of course more Arab than African (The north African expanse of the Mahgreb which includes Libya is part of Africa on the maps but separated from the sub-Saharan African region where migrants hail from by both desert and culture) But Libya has oil and therefore money so those who had neither set off across the Sahara to get what they could More than a million Africans were working in Libya when Gaddafi was deposed in 2011 They didn’t make much but it was enough to send something back home and endure the resentments of Libya’s Arab population much of which persisted in regarding blacks as their inferiors In 2000 more than 600 African migrants were killed at the hands of Libyan mobs shouting “blacks must go” Read More: Between Two Worlds: Libya Has Devolved Into a Brutal Marketplace of Human Lives All of which sets the stage for what Libya is today: A trading floor for African lives Since Gaddafi’s demise no coherent government has taken control of the country The political void has been filled by armed groupsincluding Islamists affiliated with ISIS and al Qaedacompeting for territory But in terms of economics Libya has devolved into a primitive state In addition to oil it now trades in humans “I came to Libya to document the migrant crisis the humanitarian crisis of migrants trying to reach Europe through Libyan territory” says Narciso Contreras an acclaimed photojournalist who made three trips to the country this year “But actually what I found going in Libya is a market” Images of Contreras’ discovery appear in the Oct 31 print edition of TIME and in the LightBox photo gallery online at Timecom They show despondent men and women confined in warehouses prisons and courtyards migrants reduced to chattel and sold from smuggler to militia to trafficker and back again and often paying for the privilege Eventually many will be placed on a boat pointed toward Europe But that’s often only after months even years in the purgatory of Libya Half of migrants who reach southern Italy report having been held against their will inside Libyaoften for ransom according to a new study by the International Organization for Migration released Oct 18 For more than a third their journey took more than six months Inside the Libyan Detention Centers Where Humanity Ceases to Exist Women refugees and migrants queue in the prison yard as they are loaded onto buses to be transferred to another detention center They were sold by a militia group ruling the Surman detention camp Libya Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac Sub-Saharan migrants and refugees begging for their release in a detention center in Surman Libya Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac Sub-Saharan migrants and refugees reach through the window of a cell in a detention center in Garabuli Libya pleading for water cigarettes food and their release Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac The bodies of Sub-Saharan migrants lie in a morgue in Sabha City Libya Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac A young woman migrant suffering from scabies sits in the female section of a detention center in Surman Libya Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac Migrants rest on mattresses in the male section of a detention center in Surman Libya Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac Sub-Saharan migrants and refugees wait on the shore in Tajoura after they were arrested by the Libyan coastguards in the Mediterranean Sea Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac A woman migrant waits to be transferred to another detention centre after she was sold by a militia group ruling a detention center in Surman Libya Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac A Sub-Saharan migrant complains as he waits to be transferred from a detention center in Surman after he was sold by a militia group in the northwest of Libya Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac A migrant waits after she was arrested by Libyan coastguards on the Mediterranean Sea near Tajoura Libya Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac What remains of a rubber boat floats in the Mediterranean Sea after having been set ablaze Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac A vigilante group carries out surveillance operations on the Zawara shore looking for the corpses of migrants and refugees that have washed up during the night 226 bodies were found after their boats sank in the Mediterranean Sea 26 pregnant women and one toddler were among the dead Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac Libyan coastguards escort a boat back to Zawiyah after it was intercepted carrying out illegal activities Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac The Zawyah refinery seen from a boat during surveillance operations carried out by Libyan coastguards Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac Coastguards inspect a boat in Zawiyah after it was intercepted during surveillance operations in the Mediterranean Sea Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac Bundles of bills confiscated by intelligence police officers during a raid against smugglers in Tripoli Libya Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac The bodies of dead migrants are lined up for burial at an improvised graveyard in Abu Kammash Libya Narciso Contreras for Fondation Carmignac 1 of 17 Advertisement Those journeys begin at home typically in West Africa (though in recent months a third of African migrants arriving in Italy began their journey in the Horn of Africa many fleeing political persecution in Eritrea Ethiopia Somalia or Sudan) West Africans typically migrate for economic reasons setting off from Senegal Nigeria Ivory Coast The smugglers they pay to bring them north are part of an interlocking network frequently extending all the way to the coast The business of moving humans has overtaken goods smuggling in Libya since 2011 “I’ve seen very widespread racism and xenophobia in Libya” says Hanan Salah senior Libya researcher for Human Rights Watch “Dark skinned people in general face discrimination If you’re a Syrian Arab who speaks the language you’re definitely better off” Contreras supported by the Carmignac Photojournalism Award spent weeks in the country’s lawless south cultivating contacts with the desert tribes that move the migrants from neighboring Niger via “unofficial routes”including the dry river beds that double as smuggler’s roads according to a May study for West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center At one point the photographer arranged to meet a convoy carrying 1500 migrants at a pass in Libya’s border If the number sounds large Contreras says one UN official told him that 3 million migrants have come into the country Perhaps 60 percent end up staying often as indentured servants earning their way out of detention centers or passage on a boat They are vulnerable both to their controllers and to militiamen who stop them at a checkpoint and deliver them to detention centers that double as clearing houses Read More: Inside the Libyan Detention Centers Where Humanity Ceases to Exist “This is not just smuggling migrants It’s a market where migrants are bought and sold on a daily basis” Contreras says “And detention centers serve as distribution points” Nominally under control of one of two competing interim governments the centers are in fact controlled by militias according to human rights activists So if under Gaddafi the country was a destination for economic migrants it has reverted to something from the mercantile era with Arabs trafficking in black bodies “It’s a kind of slavery” says Contreras “It is something from the past” He describes meeting Rasheed a Ghanaian who had been a taxi driver in his home country and had been unable to produce the $200 to $700 bribe that would release him from detention in Zawiyah on the northwest coast Rasheed had then become the property of a militia commander who had him serve coffee to the photographer as the commander looked out at the sea which militias also control “Since 2011 the Libyan economy has been in freefall” Contreras later wrote “There is no money in the banks public sector workers go unpaid and the black market is booming People fetch a high price” Contact us at [email protected] "This taking Black Friday to Thanksgiving night is just so frickin’ greedy I can’t believe it. 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