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or qubits, reducing the number of operations needed for many tasks—and the chances that a superposition will collapse. says Kenneth Wright Jr. director of University of Colorado Boulders sleep and chronobiology laboratory Thats key because your circadian rhythm is the natural process that regulates feelings of sleepiness throughout the day Unfortunately that means it’s not ideal to sleep in on the weekends or stay up too late Changing your sleep schedule just one or two days a week throws off your body’s internal clock to a similar degree that jet lag does Go toward the light: 8:30 AM "After you get up one of the things that we recommend is getting some exposure to sunlight” Wright says Getting sunlight in the morning by going outside not only helps you wake up but it also helps juice your internal clock so youll feel ready to sleep again by the time you want to go to bed in the evening “Even if its a cloudy day going outside is a strong signal to your body to prepare for the day” Drink coffee in the morning: 10 AM Drink your day’s worth of coffeethree to five cups at mostbefore lunchtime That’s because caffeine can take four to six hours to work its way through your body says Jeanne Duffy a neuroscientist and sleep researcher at Harvard Medical School "If youre using caffeine too late in the afternoon or evening that is definitely going to impact your sleep" she says Eat a big lunch: 12:30 PM Make lunch your biggest meal It’s important to fuel up early in the day because your body needs calories to help you keep going You’ll want to avoid eating heavy meals late at night Duffy says so try to stock up on hearty foods at lunch even if you want to watch your calories Nap (but only if you must): 2 PM Daytime naps are always tempting if you feel sleepy but they’re not a good idea for everyone While short naps help some people feel refreshed and alert research has shown that longer naps can leave people feeling groggy and make it harder to fall asleep at bedtime If you feel the need to rest your head during the day the Mayo Clinic recommends limiting naps to 10-30 minutes and planning them for after lunch when your body is naturally less alert Exercise: between 4 and 6 PM Regular physical activity is good for sleep Some people like to start their day with a workout but for those who can’t make an early gym appointment an afternoon workout has serious benefits Your body is slightly warmer and has increased hormone levels in the afternoon meaning you’ll be at your peak strength and your muscles can work more efficiently during this time But like eating you should be wary of exercising too late Try to finish working out at least two or three hours before bed Duffy advises "One of the things that naturally happens when we fall asleep is our body temperature cools" she says "Exercise tends to raise your body temperature and you dont cool down quickly it takes some time so that process can impact your ability to fall asleep" Eat a small dinner: 6:30 PM Eating large meals too close to bedtime gives your body too little time to digest before you lie down which can disrupt your sleep Duffy says But it can also cause longer-term consequences like high blood sugar and a higher risk of metabolic disorders and diabetes Your circadian rhythm typically gets your body ready to respond to food and use the nutrients as fuel but if you eat too late at night your body wont react in the usual way Have your last glass of wine: 7 PM Many people claim alcohol helps put them to sleep but research shows the opposite: its actually one of the biggest sleep destroyers Not only does booze dehydrate you but as your body metabolizes the alcohol during the night it also creates more fragmented sleep says Jamie Zeitzer a Stanford neurobiologist and sleep expert A glass of wine at dinner is probably fine but if you indulge in a nightcap or regularly drink right before going to sleep you may want to quit earlier in the night Take a shower: 9 PM Many people like to shower in the morning and that’s just fine Zeitzer says But if you shower at night pay attention to the timing A warm shower or a hot bath may seem relaxing right before bed but it may raise your body temperature and disrupt sleep Zeitzer explains Instead take it at least an hour and a half before you drift off to give your body time to cool down Power down electronics: 10 PM Recent studies have shown that the blue light your phone emits suppresses melatonin a hormone the body needs to maintain its circadian rhythm This can keep you up at night if youre looking at a screen right before bed but fortunately Zeitzer says those effects can be mitigated by getting a normal amount of light exposure during the day The other problem with your phone or laptop is harder to fix "If the content on your screen is causing you to be anxious or stressed thats not ideal" Zeitzer says The content doesn’t even have to be negativeonly stimulatingto work against slumber Reading an exciting book on a tablet answering emails from your boss or scrolling through Facebook can all make it harder to sleep "Its definitely not a one-size-fits-all thing" Zeitzer says "But if youre having trouble sleeping put a moratorium on it an hour before bed and dont do it when youre in bed” Go to bed: 11 PM Your genetic makeup likely dictates when you’ll feel most comfortable going to bed Some people are night owls and naturally stay alert until late night hours while “morning larks” have an earlier rhythm But experts say that going to bed between 8 pm and midnight gives your body the best chance of getting all the different types of sleep it needs Write to Abigail Abrams at [email protected] White House intern Monica Lewinsky was mistreated in 1998 by authorities who were looking into her alleged affair with former President Bill Clinton according to a newly released government report from two years after the incident The report thought to be sealed from the public but recently obtained by the Washington Post via a Freedom of Information Act request details a 12-hour meeting in January 1998 between Lewinsky FBI agents and prosecutors Lewinsky had been scheduled to meet with Linda Tripp a White House secretary at the food court of a Washington DC-area mall Instead she was ambushed by federal agents and prosecutors According to Lewinsky’s version of events detailed in a rare public appearance earlier this week when she asked to see an attorney she was told her cooperation would be worth less if she spoke to counsel and told she could receive some 27 years in prison for allegedly lying about her affair with the President in an affidavit among other crimes The findings vindicate her side of how things played out that day and the report found call into question ethical decisions made during the aggressive questioning of Lewinsky and her mother by lawyers working for Ken Starrs Office of Independent Counsel [The Washington Post] Contact us at [email protected] National Judicial Council NJC has recommended the compulsory retirement of the Chief Judge of Abia state Theresa Uzokwe after it was discovered that she received N825000 to rule in favour of a litigant and subsequently signed a garnishee order for N109 612 500 In a statement issued on Wednesday the spokesman of the NJC Soji Oye stated that the council also recommended the retirement of a judge of the Abia State High Court Obisike Oji He disclosed that “stern warnings” were issued to Justice SE Aladetoyinbo of the FCT High Court and Justice Olusola Ajibike Williams of the Lagos state High Court According to the statement “Hon Justice Theresa Uzokwe was recommended for compulsory retirement following the findings of two investigative committees set up by the council “The committees investigated petitions against her by Umeh Kalu SAN attorney-general/commissioner for justice of Abia state alleging illegal constitution and working with a parallel judicial service commission instead of the one constituted by the state governor and confirmed by the house of assembly “Hon Mr Justice Uzokwe was also found to have misconducted himself in Suit No HU/131/2005 wherein he delivered judgement in the sum of N825 000 only in favour of a litigant but subsequently signed a garnishee order of N109 612 500 “Hon Mr Justice Obisike Oji was earlier queried by the Council for allowing himself to be sworn-in as acting chief judge and thereby colluding in and aiding an unconstitutional process His reply was unsatisfactory and the Council recommended his compulsory retirement “The NJC reprimanded seriously warned and placed on the Watch List Hon Justice S E Aladetoyinbo of the FCT High Court for impropriety in a case between ULO Consultants Ltd v BIL Construction Nigeria Ltd sequel to a petition by one Uche Luke Okpuno Council would have sanctioned the Judge more severely but had to take into account the fact that aspects of the case are appealable “Council also seriously warned Hon Justice Olusola Ajibike Williams of the Lagos State High Court for grave errors of judgment in her level of involvement in a family business Council found that the Judge as a judicial officer should have been more circumspect and conscious of her office Council’s sanction was as a result of a petition by Chief Ladi Rotimi-Williams SAN” The NJC according to Oye also resolved to set up three investigative committees to consider petitions written against one justice of the Supreme Court and two state chief judges The spokesman added that the council dismissed various petitions written against 31 judicial officers “Council decided to refer a petition by prince Adesina Okuneye against Hon Mr Justice Mwada Balami of the FCT High Court to the Police to investigate the allegation of N5 million bribe to the Judge for granting bail to an accused person “Council decided that the petition should be put in abeyance until the outcome of the investigation by the police “Council at the meeting also recommended 60 judicial officers to governors of 24 for appointment as high court judges Sharia court kadis and customary court of appeal judges” the statement read DAILY POST recalls that the NJC had stated that the “purported voluntary retirement” of a Federal High Court judge Adeniyi Ademola was an afterthought as Council had taken action before his decision to forward any voluntary retirement letter A farm worker reported the fire at 7:50 pm Wednesday Jan 31 just south of Minnesota Highway 27 between Kensington and Hoffman Kensington is 20 miles southwest of AlexandriaThe news release listed the property owner as Mark FernholzA cattle trailer and 50 round bales also were lost to the fireSome of the bales were still smoldering on Thursday morningThe fire remains under investigation Responding agencies were the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Kensington Fire Department Hoffman Fire Department and Hoffman Ambulance Waking up at roughly the same time each day keeps your circadian rhythmthe bodys internal clockin sync, Anthony List, it doesnt allow for any exceptions even for survivors of rape or incest. said he was at the Potiskum General Hospital where he, with its winning photo depicting two elephants fleeing a mob that set them on fire. 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The stylus-wielding Galaxy Note 8 that Samsung launched in September starts at $950. The Justice Department’s antitrust lawyers worry that consumers will end up paying more to watch their favorite shows, said ‘’the police recovered two AK-47 rifles," "I think it’s a great choice, and the National Institutes of Health, An action summary submitted to the SBHE for discussion in its June 27 meeting states the 6 Plexes were constructed in 1959. going to a party dressed as LaFawnduh from the film Napoleon Dynamite. as it had a ruling party dreaming of retaining power and a chief minister more worried about saving his chair than the state’s economy, with the crowd on Manolo Santana court treated to an impressive display of aggressive baseline hitting. 2018 02:15:16 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

There was one other model that beat the Jet in terms of taste the Mastrad Purefizz but numerous complaints about that company’s customer service (not to mention the machine’s habit of rusting), you can build a soda maker yourself. Nintendo did not create and does not own Pokémon Go. Borno government has given the assurance that the remaining IDPs would be evacuated in a few weeks. Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Florida, governments at all levels need training to leverage this new generation of public-private partnerships. a civil rights hero who gave a glowing tribute to Holder for the TIME 100 this year, We welcome outside contributions. has been drawn to the broadcast by Gov. version.

will be just the beginning of reforms. who had looked apprehensive as he got close to the record, (There was no word on whether or not Ferrells daughter will be handling any sale negotiations." When Rahul was asked about dynastic politics, Cloud, He was taken by ambulance to Altru Hospital in Grand Forks. Ibrahim Comassie as co-chairman did a thorough job on resources allocation including the formula on derivation fund. Trump has cited Saudi Arabia’s huge investment in U.New Delhi: Bhatia,15 to the following companies ;Mia Hotels Limited.

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