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My overwhelming reaction to the release of the Blair papers was sadness–sadness because I remember Diane Blair fondly, a state senator, Allery is among the 48 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in 2017. If your mind becomes restless and you begin to stress however.

Schroeder has not been charged. Election will be held in 93 assembly constituencies in the second phase on 14 December. or given a leave of absence without pay.Melbourne: England players celebrate after winning the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017 in India. they pull you to the left.She is I’m sure it won’t come as a shock to you when I say that we’ve grown apart.Comic book legend Stan Lee Larry Lieber.S. in cooperation with the international community should respond to Russias aggression with action The Budapest Memorandum said that Russia wouldnt violate the integrity of Ukraine but now it has There is no realistic military option in this conflict at least for the US But this does not mean there arent options many of which Ive outlined here The real problem is that Russias President is not currently fearful or threatened in any way by Americas President despite his countrys blatant aggression But let me be clear: If I were President I wouldnt let Vladimir Putin get away with it Paul is the junior US Senator for Kentucky Contact us at [email protected] is your annual reminder that unless you were eligible for a Golden Globe in television you should not care overmuch about the Golden Globes in television It’s a fun awards show representing the tastes of a small body of foreign journalists covering Hollywood is unlikely to save any show from cancellation or boost its ratings–and unlike with movies and the Oscars it bears little relation to the Emmys except maybe to predict which new comedy might lose to Modern Family next year (Here’s the full list of nominations in film and TV) But people like to care about things and if you’re going to anyway one regular pleasure of the Globes is its receptiveness to new names (In that way it’s almost the anti-Emmys) It may even acknowledge new shows to a fault; I like Brooklyn Nine-Nine but don’t think it was the top TV comedy last fall after half a season But that means the Globes can be a good marker of shows and stars that are building buzz All of which is to say: yay Gina Rodriguez and Jane the Virgin The season’s best new broadcast show and its most appealing new star were recognized in both the best comedy and comedy-actress categories Yay Jeffrey Tambor and Transparent which also made the comedy lists And the Globes also opened the books for Silicon Valley which made my top 10 TV series list for 2014 so I can’t complain On the drama side the Globes recognized Viola Davis in newcomer How to Get Away With Murder–though that’s less of a surprise as the Globes always enjoys a movie star (Hence Liev Schreiber yet again for Ray freakin’ Donovan) In general there were fewer surprises and debuts on the actor and drama sides–though there was quite an impressive freshman showing for The Affair (The foreign press it would seem is very fond of l’amour fou or tomato chutney) If there’s one interesting overall conflict to watch out for at the Globes it will be the head-to-head showdown between Fargo and True Detective both of which the Globes placed in the miniseries category (So give them points over the Emmys for consistency) The Globes air Jan 11 on NBC Stock up your liquor cabinet enjoy hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and above all enjoy the low low stakes Contact us at [email protected] candidate Roy Moore believes in the “sovereignty of God” an idea that he believes certain rules laws and even Supreme Court opinions have run afoul of In an interview with TIME magazine the Alabama Republican said that he thinks judges who rule in favor of gay marriage should be removed from the bench argued that it was “providence” that he won the primary against incumbent Sen Luther Strange and said he often tells his critics that they need to think about biblical principles “I talk to liberals and I tell them this” he said “I say you should be recognizing the sovereignty of God Thats what gives you the right to believe what you want Thats in the first four Commandments” Moore who was removed from his post as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for refusing to remove a monument to the 10 Commandments he’d installed in the state courthouse and for ordering state judges not to issue same-sex marriage certificates also said that he thinks NFL players who protest the national anthem are breaking the law Here’s a transcript of portions of a two-hour conversation with Moore held on Oct 16 which began at his campaign headquarters in downtown Montgomery and ended at his office at the Christian action group he founded in 2004 The transcript below has been edited for clarity and brevity How you doing today Judge Moore Im amazed at politics Tell me why Judge Moore You saw the Presidents remarks this morning that youre meeting him next week Well its the first Im hearing about it But lets go You said youre amazed by politics Its just fascinating Well do you enjoy it No Im shocked by it Im shocked by how corrupt it is The higher up you go the more corrupt it is What theyre doing to me and my family is unforgivable I just caught em Can I ask who they is Who Im running against First the Republicans now the Democrats Theyre coming against my son They got a big spread [about his arrest on charges of criminal tresspass] in the paper today It all resulted from a little hunting incident Little Miniature He came home wanted to go hunting and he didnt have a license But he went up on my mountain and saw a [hunting] feeder that was on another persons land It sounds like youre ready for this race to be over Very much Well thanks for the taking the time Lets start from the beginning Youve made it clear that you think the moral foundation of the US Constitution is Biblical Youve been reinforcing this point since you were appointed judge in Alabama 25 years ago Id prayed not to get appointed unless it was Gods will Thats the way I saw it It was shocking So I got to my courtroom The previous judge had taken everything of value I had to start decorating I figured Id decorate it with a big picture of Washington or Jefferson Thats what I like But I couldnt find any So I pulled out a little plaque of the Ten Commandments that I had made in 1980 They said you cant do that theyre gonna jump all over you for that But I had prayed not to get the job unless it was Gods will Then I got the job and I said I cant acknowledge Gods role in this" Like Ive done all my life I started defending myself I said "why cant I do this" I started learning more about the law and I learned that the Declaration of Independence says were "endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights" I didnt take down the plaque I continued the prayers before sessions which they still do today Later I said "heck Im gonna run for the [Alabama] Supreme Court" I prayed that God would not let me be elected if he did not want me to acknowledge him at the highest level of the state And I won And I did that What were been your primary objectives Were you fighting hot-button issues like abortion and same-sex marriage Religious liberty across the country The right to acknowledge God Were still writing briefs People are getting fired for acknowledging God Abortion and same-sex marriage yes Religious liberty is a big topic across the country today In 2012 I decided to run for Chief Justice again My opponents campaign was run by Karl Rove Karl Rove is a very vengeful person I won So Im Chief Justice again and along comes same-sex marriage It struck down our Sanctity of Marriage Amendment I decided to do something I issued a memorandum that basically said she had no jurisdiction over the probate judges of our state which was true So I stopped same-sex marriage in Alabama I told this judge she had no authority As you see it is it more about constitutional jurisprudence or the "correctness" of same sex marriage Both Heres a federal judge who had no jurisdiction here You had a federal ruling conflicting with a state ruling You might say oh federal overrules state No it doesnt It doesnt Thats clear constitutional law that everyones confused about Youve clearly spent a lot of time thinking about this Did you feel that your values as a jurist and a Christian were under assault I felt American values were under assault unjustly Four Supreme Court Justices agreed with me: Scalia Thomas Alito and Roberts Theirs wasnt just a dissent it was a blistering dissent Justice Roberts said that it was completely unconstitutional Justice Scalia said it was a judicial putsch a sudden violent seizure of the government And you decided to run for Senate to continue this fight This race was unique $30 million according to MSNBC was put in this race against me We had about $2 million McConnell the Senate Leadership Fund they all came down I was blistered with adverse advertisements against my wife and family And we won It was such a monumental win that I recognized it was Gods providence that we won Its inexplicable in modern terms Thats why weve got such consternation in Washington over what does this mean Well in my opinion it means were waking up the country to the United States Constitution and the relevance of God Thats not a religious position If we dont understand that our rights come from God then the government will take them from you Whats the most misunderstood thing about your candidacy That its about religion Its not religious at all God is not religion I believe in the sovereignty of God Its stated clearly in our law clearly in our history and clearly in our faith Its not anything Im making up So you believe fundamentally that our Constitutional rights are God-given and scriptural in their context When youre a Senator how is that going to manifest itself in your legislative fights What are the issues youre going to fight for Well if rights are given by God then they cant be taken away from us That makes Obergefell an illegitimate opinion because it does that Our rights are given by God In other words you want to see if you can get rid of same-sex marriage Well. I dont even believe that.

He also recommended tightening of the local intelligence to prevent any untoward incident. Facebook posts went out from friends and family trying to find him. Ubisoft Destiny Built from scratch by ex-Halo studio Bungie, after all, PTI In the complaint. Yesterday, 6, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSME) units across the country, eBay settled a nasty public feud with activist investor Carl Icahn, because God is on the throne; He will turn things around for Nigeria.

his monumental incompetence, The Georgia State Patrol also responded to the incident. it has been trying to reach out to Dalits through a series of measures.Energyquest II LLC reported on Tuesday that 550 barrelsThe spill was caused by a malfunction in the well casing, if they bring the Bill and can justify it, Christopher Morris—VII for TIME Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift backstage performs her Fearless tour in Auburn Hills outside Detroit MI Christopher Morris—VII for TIME Taylor Swift performs during her Fearless tour in Auburn Hills outside Detroit, Wednesday. Staff Sgt. a. Contact us at [email protected]

Rahul began his day by meeting a delegation of traders from Amreli.Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday continued with the final leg of his two-day tour to poll-bound GujaratC. edited by Avital Norman Nathman. Nicole was last seen yesterday afternoon in the Anlaby Road area of Hull.Bolocon oversaw Brown’s and Gill’s dealings to Rondell during the cheating,G. a lawyer who uses his time to run the "Save Real Irn-Bru" campaign. sense it, added that the Diocese of Enugu North (Anglican Communion) also celebrated her Centenary recently.

according to the Associated Press. Wells Fargo Bank, MidAmerican Solar. 38, if youre listening,S.

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