Van Persie remembers how Van Gaal fired him: “I am the coach and you are the player, your time has passed”

first_imgThe former Dutch footballer explains how hard the journey back home was: “It was painful. How do you react to that? So relentless, so hard, so direct … When the preseason started I was not allowed to participate in games eleven against eleven. They gave me a ball and told me to do something by myself. You try to stay calm, but it happens a lot. You play macho, you pretend that it doesn’t hurt you, but of course it does. It affected me, my family and my career.Van Persie felt lonely when he could not discuss his situation with anyone from an environment less close to his family and in 2015 he decided to go to Fenerbahçe, while the coach was fired a year later, at which time Manchester United would sign José Mourinho: “Maybe it would have been nice if I could have talked to someone outside my own circle, but I was too stubborn for that. Looking back, there have been more moments in my career that would have benefited me.” The former player also tells how he reacted to the news that his compatriot gave him: “After such a message many things come to mind. I still had a contract, my family was happy in England and we had been there for 11 years at the time. Now what? My children went to school here, they even had a partner. We would see what happened. It was his opinion, but I had a contract and I was happy in England and in the United States. Then I got up, I shook his hand and left. “ After the 2014 World Cup, in which Louis van Gaal and Robin van Persie worked together in the Netherlands, the coach signed for Manchester United, where he coincided with the striker who, until a year ago, when he retired, was active in the Feyenoord. But what seemed to be a prolific partnership for both of them ended in disaster. The footballer’s season was not too good and the coach decided to find him a substitute. Voetball tells from the mouth of Van Persie the conversation he had with the coach when he told him that he had to leave: “I had a conversation with Van Gaal and he said ‘Robin, our paths are going to separate. I am the coach, you are the player and you must go. Your time has passed.’ I replied that I still had a contract, but Van Gaal said that He didn’t care. It was relentless. He had seen something like this come, but he didn’t expect it to be so brutal. “last_img read more

Eric Myers Challenges Cooper Gotteh, for LAFASA Presidency; Harrison, Bleglay for Asst. SG Job;…

first_imgAt least two aspiring candidates for the Vice President for Administration, (VPA) and Assistant Secretary General, are out of this afternoon’s Elections of the leadership of the Liberia Amputee Sports Association Football and Sports Association, LAFASA.The two candidates are Mr. Cooper Gbatan, for the VPA and Richard Duo, Assistant Secretary General.The elections are scheduled at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.Another contested area is the presidency, where incumbent Cooper M. Gotteh is being challenged by vice president Eric B. Myers.The two men have worked together to build the association and Myers feels it is time he assumes the leadership. However, President Gotteh believes he has worked for the association and he must continue. He believes in continuity, LFA, CAF and FIFA style.During Gotteh’s administration, the Lone Star Amputee team made significant progress, and even President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has been won over as the association’s major sponsor.Today, Lone Star is respected throughout Africa, for winning their brand of Cup of Nations, three times.In the vice president for operations position, incumbent Dennis F. Parker is going unopposed, as well as Samuel Eastman, the guy who insists he is the most dynamic secretary general of the association.However, with Richard Duo out in the assistant secretary general position, there are two more candidates: incumbent and star player Festus Harrison and Oliver M. Bleglay are gunning for the post.Remember, Festus Harrison is the Most Valuable Player, voted twice in Ghana and in Kenya when Lone Star pitched its tent that eventually won them victories in the African Nations Cup.Even Liberia’s proverbial Most Celebrated Player, James Salinsa Debbah was recently moved to express appreciation when Harrison led Lone Star to defeat the visiting Kenyan national team 2-0 in an impressive match that moved Debbah to show his appreciation.Another position that is also going unopposed is the treasure position where incumbent Anthony S. Doe is simply smiling to the end of the elections today. I don’t blame him!Liberia Football Association’s technical director, Henry Browne will supervise the elections.A recent press release said the voting will be done by secret ballot and in the event there is a tie, a second round of voting will be held until a simple majority is obtained.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Red Cross Teams up with Immunization Campaign

first_imgThe Liberia National Red Cross (LNRC)has for the past two weeks joined forces with the Ministry of Health and its partners in administering measles, polio and de-worming vacinations to over  600,000 children from zero to 5  years old across the country.Speaking Tuesday at the Ministry of Information regular press briefing on Capitol Hill, Red Cross secretary general Fayiah Tamba said LNRC has been involved in transporting the vaccination teams to remote villages to adminster the measles vaccine to ensure that the targeted number of children are fully vaccinated.“In some counties, including River Cess, Gbarpolu, Grand Gedeh, Cape Mount  and Bomi, we supported the county health teams in reaching remote towns and villages due to the importance of the measles vaccine for the children and the country at large,” he stressed.More than 3,130 Red Cross volunteers were active in various communities, providing information on the immunization campaign and addresing concerns and misinformation about the vaccinations in those communities.“Our volunteers were also involved in active case search of unimmunized children and encouraging mothers to take their children under five to the nearest vaccination points. During the process, a total of 2000 children whose parents or guardains could not take them to be vaccinated were identified by the active case searchers and transported for vaccination,” he explained.Mr. Tamba further stated  that some mothers had planned to stay away from the vaccination campaign due to their farming activities and also the fear that their children would be used for testing of the Ebola trial vaccine.  But  the volunteers were able to  explain the importance of the measles vaccine and convince mothers to have their children vaccinated.The SG further discosed that the 3,130 volunteers deployed for this campaign were able to reach more than 500,000 community dwellers through one to one visits, excluding mass awareness sessions in market and worship places.The Liberia National Red Cross Society has a unique ability to provide social mobilization across Liberia’s fifteen counties and has trained volunteers in each county to mobilize quickly to provide critical information to communities.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Wienco to Invest US$5M in Cocoa Production

first_imgAn agronomist at Wienco Liberia Limited (WLL), Eric Asante Antwi, has said that the company is poised to invest US$5m in Liberia’s cocoa sector to help boost the production of the crop in the country.Antwi said this amount will be invested in the next couple of years in order to empower cocoa farmers with the requisite fertilizers and other agriculture inputs that would help increase production in the sector.Speaking with newsmen in Monrovia upon the arrival of some Liberian cocoa farmers from Ghana, who went on a week-long knowledge seeking field trip, Mr. Antwi said Liberia has all it takes to become successful in cocoa production in the West African region.He said his company wants to see the sector boom as it has the potential to improve the country’s economy.“I think that with our last meeting our country director said that we are bringing in US$5m to improve the cocoa sector. We want to see a significant improvement in Liberia and this is already being visible,” he added.“All over West Africa, everybody is looking at Liberia in terms of cocoa production. We have the land and our land is good for tree crops production. Our target is to help our small farmers to improve and run this sector.” Mr. Antwi is craving for the establishment of a Liberian version of the AGM in the country, where regional or county leadership would be elected to steer the affairs of cocoa farmers in the country. “This process will be spearheaded by the farmers themselves. They will elect their executive that will head the Cocoa Lela (a cooperative venture),” he noted.“The AGM was open and our farmers were introduced to their Ghanaian counterparts. About 12,000 farmers from all over the country attended the AGM.”In this knowledge gaining trip, the Ghanaian agronomist said the farmers learned a lot of things which will be of great help to them as they go about their farming business.One of the most important things they learned, he said, was about cross pollination. “We have two forms of pollinations; the one that is physically done by our hands and the one we allow the insects, beads, bugs and other flying insects to do. We make them to understand that the hand pollination is the one that we can use for planting. “I don’t know whether any of them in this room had any prior knowledge on that. Not all of the cocoa pods are meant for planting. You may be given some imports to use, but if you don’t know the varieties after planting you may realize nothing. This is why we have gone on this trip to teach our local farmers these technical things so they can have better yields,” he said.He referred to the returning farmers as ambassadors for cocoa farmers across the country. He said they are now going to be used as Trainers of Trainers (TOT). “We are going to make sure that they share their experiences with others who were not able to make the trip.”WIENCO currently works with one thousand registered farmers in three counties: Bong, Nimba and Lofa and is currently extending to two others: Grand Gedeh and River Gee. The company is also providing assistance and technical support to an additional three hundred farmers.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

‘Do Away With Divisive Politics Post Elections’

first_img-Defeated candidate for Montserrado Electoral District #6 warnsA candidate for representative of Montserrado Electoral District #6 who, judging by the National Elections Commission (NEC) results reported so far from the district, is set to lose to Samuel Enders, has warned Liberians to desist from what he calls the ‘Congo-Native Liberian’ divisive politics.Reginald Taylor’s warning comes in the wake of his observation during the elections that candidates and their supporters were using the divisive ‘Congo-Native’ rhetoric, which he said has the potential to cause division among people, most especially during the critical presidential election.Taylor stressed that “regardless of our political differences, Liberia remains our national identity.”He said: “Liberians elect leaders based on tribal lines. If Liberia must move forward, then Liberians should vote on the basis of their children’s future rather than bringing division among themselves.”Although the general elections have come and gone, Taylor said it is important “to flag some illnesses in the Liberian society that have been creating problems over the years,” adding that “it is about time that Liberians put away tribalism.”“We are going for a runoff election as  the National Elections Commission has made clear. Let us make a decision that will benefit our younger generation,” he cautioned.Mr. Taylor told the Daily Observer newspaper that Liberia as a nation over the years has not gotten the kind of leadership it deserves because Liberians have been voting on tribal lines, which he said has contributed to massive corruption and bad leadership in the country.“Corruption tears our country apart because we don’t know our primary objectives for voting.  If we continue to vote on sentiments in this country our children will have no future. The legacy of our forefathers was to fight and gain a better land for us that we call Liberia today. They were never divided and it was their togetherness that made Liberia the land that ‘the Love of Liberty brought us” to.Speaking via telephone from the district on Sunday, Taylor cautioned young Liberians that for the runoff presidential election, “one should be voted for based on what he has to offer the country and its people and above all, he should have the fear of God and be patriotic.”Taylor  expressed appreciation to Rev. Samuel Enders, who according to NEC preliminary results, has taken the lead so far in the district. Mr. Taylor said he is willing to work with whoever wins, saying “Liberia is our common denominator, as such Liberians should work together as a team.”“When the elections are over, it is important as patriotic Liberians to rally around the persons who are victorious in order to move the country’s agenda forward. Liberia today needs to improve by building industries, increasing vocational institutions across the country that will bring on board more skilled laborers instead of unskilled that will keep us in hardship.“We can be more united in our ideas than to be divided and have differences which will not allow us to move ahead as a country. Leadership is from God at the appointed time. Therefore, I am not disappointed, my leadership does not begin with a position; I still have the vision for the people of my district and Liberia at large.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) – Advertisement – Mr. Taylorlast_img read more

Nimba Development Agenda on Course

first_imgChiefs and elders at one of the Nimba County sittingsWith Series of District Sittings OngoingDespite the ongoing “missing or not missing L$16B financial saga” that has held the majority of Liberians’ attention, citizens of Nimba are busy putting their development agenda forward in a series of district sittings across the county.About seven of the nine electoral districts in Nimba have had their sittings and have formulated development plans for the fiscal year.In the County Council Sitting, held in Sanniquellie in late August and September, the county allotted US$50K as development package for each district and US$10K as financial aid for students.With this proposed budget, every district is meeting in a community sitting to come up with their development plans in line with the budget.In Nimba District #7, a development committee comprising of all institutions was instituted for its development agenda in order to look at key areas in need.On September 23 and 24, District #7 embarked on constructing a US$40K clinic in Gbar Beypea and an annex to Gbanquio Public School in Wea & Gbehye, while US$10K is to be used as financial aid for students seeking higher education in various universities and colleges across Liberia.District #7 comprises of two administrative districts, including Zoe Gbao and Wee Gbehye, and is represented by Representative Roger Domah.District #8 met in its County Council Sitting in Flumpa on September 27, 2018 and agreed to construct a modern market building in Karnwee, near Saclapea, which will cost about US$25K. A junior high school will also be constructed in one of the towns in the Meinpea Mah Administrative District (Lao and Zahn chiefdom) as well as a chief compound, among others.District #8 is represented in the Legislature by Representative Larry P. Younquoi, who presided over the District Council Sitting. The district was one of the most heavily contested districts in the last election, when the Supreme Court came up with the final verdict in favor of Younquoi. The district is also receiving about 10% of money for the affected communities, which is about US$26K. It is believed that some money will go for feeder road projects in the district.District #9 comprising Doe, Gbei and Doru and Yarwin Messononh administrative districts, met in Zekepa on September 29, 2018 and finalized to construct a bridge worth US$50K, to connect two of the districts as a means of easing referrals to Tappita Hospital from Zekepa and its surroundings.Yarwin Messonoh and District #9 is faced with road connectivity, something the District Council decided to embark on in order to create a road network before focusing on other areas.District #1, which comprises Ganta, embarked on water and sanitation as well as rehabilitation of schools, with a key priority placed on road connectivity in the district and Ganta. Although the County Council Sitting was held in the absence of Representative Jeremiah Koung, it was well coordinated by his office staff and local chiefs and elders.District #4 held the County Council Sitting in Garplay Town, while in Tweh River Administrative District Representative Gunpue Kargon embarked on the construction of a clinic in Gbor Administrative District, which will cost about US$30K, and a market building in Soe Kpeaplay in Tweh River.Feeder road rehabilitation was also high on the agenda, and several stretches of road were identified for rehabilitation.District #3 was the first to hold its sitting on September 21, 2018 but is yet to make public what it plans to do within the budget year. The district comprised of Gbehlay Geh and Yarmin administrative districts, represented by Joseph Sonwabi. Currently, Representative Sonwabi is in the United States along with Rep. Roger Domah.Districts #2, 5 and 6 are yet to have their sittings, while the time set aside by the Nimba Project Management Community is said to have almost expired.Nearly all the districts constituted a local committee known as “Project Management Team,” to supersede the affairs of the development of their respective districts and make a report to the council next year.The scholarship allotment made for each district remains as it is for every district sitting and the committee was set up to manage it and ensure that every student benefit from it.There have been good responses from across the county over the ongoing district sittings, where citizens can make a decision on the development of their respective districts.During the 53rd Legislative Assembly, there was no district sitting held to discuss the Legislative Support Fund, an annual budget of US$72K allotted to every lawmaker to carry on development in his/her district.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Mother of 5 charged for attempting to murder reputed husband

first_imgMavva Kenswell, a mother of five, on Friday appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan to answer to the charge of attempted murder.Kenswell, a farmer of Kumaka Water Front, Mabaruma, Region One (Barima-Waini) was not required to plead to the charge which alleged that on March 17, 2019, at Kamaka Water Front, with intent to commit murder, she wounded Winston Lewis.Facts presented in court detailed that the victim was under the influence of alcohol when the couple got into a heated argument at their home.The woman, who became annoyed, armed herself with a cutlass and dealt her reputed husband several chops about his body.Police Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield did not object to bail but asked that conditions be attached. As such, Kenswell was released on her own recognisance and was ordered to report to the Kumaka Police Station every Friday. She was also instructed to seek counselling.The case was transferred to the Kamarang Magistrate’s Court for June 17, 2019.last_img read more


first_imgBarcelona delivers on all accounts as the perfect family break with its combination of beach, fun park and enough edgy architecture to wow everyone.A short flight time from Belfast International Airport and the holiday starts after a thirty minute ride on the express airport bus into the heart of the city at Plaça de Catalunya.Amid the teeming hub of tour buses, cafes and bars, you can buy a coffee and simply sit in this famous square and people-watch against the backdrop of the illuminated fountains. The kids will enjoy the jugglers, musicians and street theatre as well as watching the gymnastics of the skateboarders although they might have to negotiate a path through the flocks of pigeons that have made the square their home.Just a short distance away is Barcelona’s famous pedestrianised street – La Rambla.Lined with gift shops, human statues, food outlets and hotels, it is a must-do on the tourist trail simply because of its energy and atmosphere.You will also find one of Europe’s famous food markets along this route – La Boqueria. After a stroll around the many stalls of fish, hams and fruit you may have a chance to try the fine tapas at market bar El Pinotxo. Dining out in this part of the city is expensive but you can still get tapas, pizza, falafel, noodles and other street food without blowing the budget.Our tapas experience was excellent and some highlights included the traditional Catalan tomato bread, cuttlefish stew, patatas bravas, spicy prawns and salted cod.We were saving the other traditional Catalan treat of churros and chocolate for another day.The easy-to-use transport system of metro, buses and trains makes Barcelona a true family-friendly city.However, walking does give you the chance to stand awestruck at the masterpieces of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. We passed Casa Batlló and La Perdrera every day and every day the kids had to take a photograph.But staring at the work-in-progress of La Sagrada Familia was definitely a wow moment.“And it’s not even finished yet,” declared the youngest.It’s said that when asked why it was taking so long to complete the Bascilica (under construction since 1882) Gaudi replied: “My client is not in a hurry.” After a couple of days sight-seeing, it was time to see another side of the region so we caught the train and an hour and a bit later we arrived at Port Aventura.This was our first time at the theme park but I know we will be back.Walking through the resort with its Hallowe’en decorations in gorgeous sunshine was bliss.The park was filled with pumpkins, giant spiders and there were specially-themed Halloween shows taking place.The lack of queues for any rides was a huge advantage of travelling at this time of year.Despite the Aqua Park being closed for the season, there were enough water rides and heart-thumping roller coasters to keep everyone happy.Screams from the Shambhala, Europe’s tallest roller coaster, were warning enough for the faint hearted to avoid.Our only disappointment was the hot chocolate and churros were not the bestAfter a day of full-on fun, the train home was a chance to catch up on some sleep.One of the best ways to discover Barcelona with children is a hop on/hop off tour bus.There are other fantastic tours including a literary tour, Gaudi tour, Gothic Quarter by Night or you could combine your sightseeing with your workout and do a running tour.For us, the Barcelona Bus Turistic was perfect. It was a chance to relax on the top deck in the sunshine and take in this colourful, exciting city.We hopped off at Park Güell, bought some picnic food and spent a sunny afternoon wondering around this artistic playground with its giant ceramic lizard, columns, mosaics and catacombs.The bus route also included a stop at Camp Nou, the hallowed ground of FC Barcelona.We were also able to change routes and take another tour along the Port area of the city.Tickets for the bus tour for a family of four cost €84.00 but this was a full day of sightseeing and one of our holiday highlights.When and how to go: We went in Halloween week and booked flights well in advance with EasyJet from Belfast International to Barcelona. Two adults and two children for less than €360 return.Book well in advance at and you can save even more. Watch out for sales periods for even better offers.Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Barcelona and Portadventura. There are fewer people around at those times, cutting queues to the main sites. And it’s cooler!If you are planning to go in the autumn, there’s more here on Portaventura’s Halloween week. is Ireland’s favourite tourist destination. But there’s more to the country than a beach holiday.You can visit and browse through hundreds of great ideas about where to go and what to see.Where to stay: Check for the best deals and advice from other travellers. Expect to pay €100 per night for family rooms.You can get various guided walking tours of Barcelona – including a gothic tour, and a chocolate tour. All reasonable and a must.Visit to find out more.TRAVEL: HOW BARCELONA DELIVERS THE PERFECT FAMILY BREAK was last modified: January 19th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:BarcelonaBelfast International Airportcity breakeasyjetfamily holidayGuideSpanish tourist Boardlast_img read more

Council wants residents’ input on how much to spend on old cemetery

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBasketball roundup: Sierra Canyon, Birmingham set to face off in tournament quarterfinalsChecking for burials outside the cemetery fence and securing the property against vandals who knock over and steal grave markers, dump trash and do other damage could cost as much as $630,000, Swain said. “I would feel better if we had public input,” said Mayor Pro Tem Mike Dispenza. “We’re going to have to take that money from somewhere else. I want to make sure our citizens want us to spend the money like that.” One possibility is turning the cemetery into what state statutes refer to as a “pioneer memorial park.” That would involve the city declaring the cemetery abandoned and that there is a need to clean up the site to protect public health, safety and welfare. After necessary repairs and improvements are made, the site would be maintained in its natural state. At Councilman Steve Hofbauer’s request, city staff was directed to include public outreach efforts as they pursue options for the site. The goal is for a large public turnout to discuss the issue once staff has proposals for the council’s decision. The cemetery is a legacy from the early settlement known as Palmenthal, founded in the 1880s by German and Swiss immigrants from Nebraska and Illinois. City officials said a search of records indicates the Jonas family, one of the pioneer families that settled in Palmenthal, donated 20 acres to the church for a cemetery. The city has acquired 14 acres adjacent to the cemetery with the idea of establishing a historical park there. The community’s first school – a one-room schoolhouse built in the 1880s and now in McAdam Park – might be moved to the proposed historical park, where there also could be exhibits detailing the railroad’s impact on Palmdale’s development. PALMDALE – City officials said they want to try to restore dignity to ill-kept, vandalized Palmdale Cemetery but also want to hear comments from citizens on how extensively the city should be involved. Council members ordered staff members to come up with a proposal for cleaning and securing the 120-year-old cemetery and with options for future city involvement. Staff was also directed to try to reach out to civic organizations to seek public input on what should be done with the cemetery at 20th Street East and Avenue S. “I think we need to restore dignity to what should be considered a sacred place,” said Councilman Tom Lackey. Cleaning up debris, trash and overgrown vegetation could cost about $20,000, plus $30,000 annually for upkeep, said Leon Swain, Palmdale’s director of public works. The cemetery could be a good fit with the park, city officials said. One of the issues is ensuring all burial sites are accounted for. Only 2.5 acres of the original cemetery is fenced and appears to have been used for burials, but there is a possibility a search might yield burials outside the fenced area, city officials said. According to records, there may be as many as 203 burials, although there appeared during one examination to be only 187 marked graves within the fenced area. Far fewer than 187 markers are still there. The last burial of record was Jan. 17, 2001, city officials said. The cemetery no longer accepts burials because of the possibility of disturbing unmarked graves. “I would like to know what’s going on inside and outside the cemetery,” Ledford said. “We don’t have to X-ray the whole 17 acres, but you might have people buried outside the boundaries.” Ledford said he would also like to see some type of barrier to protect the property from car crashes, which he said seem to be regular occurrences. Part of the block wall along the front of the cemetery was knocked down by a vehicle earlier this month. james.skeen@dailynews (661) 267-5743160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_imgThe St Michaels U 18 Ladies team which defeated TermonBY JAMES TREARTY: Roisin  Curran  with  a whopping  nine  points  powered  St Michaels  to victory at  the  bridge  on  Sunday.Curran who wore  the  number  thirteen  shirt, but who  played  as  a third  midfielder  was  the  star  as  Termon struggled  in  all  quarters of the  field.Termon   got  off   to  the  perfect start with  Holly mc Daid  opening  with  a point  before  Emer  Gallagher had  a goal. Sinead  Steward  raised a green  flag  for  St  Michaels  following good  work  by  Maria  Carr.  Roisin  Curran  levelled  matters  on the fifteen  minute mark. Curran  then  added three more  points . Dara  Kelly reduced  the  margin  with a point for  Termon to  leave  HT St Michaels  1–6 Termon 1–2  .  On the  resumption Dara  Kelly  fed  Emer  Gallagher  for a  Termon  goal , but  that was  as  good  as  it  got  for  Termon . Maria  Carr  added a St  Michaels  point before  Curran added  three  further St  Michaels  points. Orla  trearty  reduced  Termons   six  point  deficit with a point  on the  twenty  minute  mark. Evelyn Mc Ginley  added  a  further St  Michaels  point , but  this  was cancelled out by  Dara  Kelly  for  Termon.  Roisin  Curran  had  the  last  word  with  a St  Michaels  point as  the  close  of  play  before  efficient  Referee  Sinead  Coyle  from  the  Fanad Gaels club  called  time.This  was  a  game  that  St  Michaels  was up for  and  the hunger  was  evident  from the off,  and  with  a player  the  calibre  of  Roisin Curran  were  in the  driving  seat. Best  fro  Termon  was  Nicole Mc Laughlin,  Emer  Gallagher, and  the Mc Daids.St  Michaels were best  served  by Evelyn  Mc Ginley, Tara  Ferry,  Grace  Trearty and person  of  the match Roisin  Curran. St  Michaels  team  was  Mary  B  O  Donnell, Marie  o  Reilly, Evelyn Mc ginley, Danielle  Steward, Elenor Trearty, Lisa Gallagher, Tara Ferry, Maria Carr, Roisin Curran, Lisa Mc kinley, Grace  Trearty, Leanne Keavney, Jessica  Rodgers, Sinead  Steward, Hannah  o  Grady.Termon  team  was  Caroline  Gallagher, Meabh  Mc Daid, Nicole Mc Laughlin, Shauna  Kelly, Aisling  Ryan, Rosleen Gallagher,  Anna  Gallagher, Emer Gallagher, Celine  Mc Daid, Holly  Mc Daid, Shonna  Connaghan, Brona  Tinney, Dara Kelly, Orla  Trearty, Molly  Callaghan.Send your match reports and results to RESULTS:Milford 2-5 St Michaels 4-7St Michaels 1-14 Termon 2-4Mc Cumhaills 4-2 Four Masters 3-12The Termon U 18 Ladies team which was defeated by St Michaels on Sunday  LADIES GAA: ST MICHAEL’S SEE OFF TERMON IN U-18 CLASH was last modified: October 8th, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:LADIES GAA: ST MICHAEL’S SEE OFF TERMON IN U-18 CLASHlast_img read more