Southeast Should Be a Serious Focus of Our Attention

first_imgThe cogent (strong) question can be asked, Who can afford to ignore Liberia’s Southeastern Region?We raise this question   not simply because that is where the trouble came from in 1980; but more so because it has long been one of thenation’s most neglected regions.A young woman named Chris Tah was Assistant Minister of Justice for Rehabilitation in the late 1970s.  She visited  to the Southeast inconnection with the establishment of the National Palace of Correction in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County.  When she returned to Monrovia, she warned that the government pay more attention to the Southeast because she found the people very angry of neglect.  If any trouble ever came to the country, it would come from there, she warned.  But in typical Liberian fashion, no one took her seriously.  Everyone knows what happened a short while later–and ledby whom.Daily Observer Agricultural Correspondent Judoemue M. Kollie recently toured the Southeast and returned with an even more alarming report.In his story, “Economic Situation Appalling,” he reported that five major sectors of the Southeast were at once in desperate need: agriculture and food, in which most Liberians are self-employed, farmland  scarcity, education, healthcare delivery and housing.Reporter Kollie quoted Bannie Brown, president of the Maryland County Farmers’ Cooperative Society who complained of “inadequate supportreceived toward food production in various Southeastern counties.”Kollie recalled that early in the Ellen administration she made agriculture the center of her Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS).  But after a decade of sustained peace in the country, many southeasterners still live in thatch houses and are finding it difficult to afford even daily meals.Was this issue of HOUSING not the very point to which this newspaper in a recent editorial called the attention of Finance Minister AmaraKonneh? Reporter Kollie quoted Bannie Brown lamenting that the  thatched huts which they still inhabit constituted one tangible indication of the “economic stagnation” still gripping the Southeast.Food was another subset of the Agriculture problem: the people are hungry and have serious difficulty finding daily food to eat.  The 30,000 hectares of land which the government gave to the Callava River Company (CRC), said Mr. Brown, has robbed the people of sufficientfarmland to grow food.  This is aside from the fact that the Agriculture Ministry seems to have forgotten that these people exist. When last did Florence Chenoweth send an Agriculture Extension Agent to Maryland, or anywhere in the Southeast?Another most serious   agricultural problem is that the ONE cash crop on which these people depend for survival is rubber.  But there is noone to buy their rubber since Firestone pulled out of the area. The people say CRC is neither buying their rubber nor employing them–sothey are in a terrible triple FIX–no food, no jobs, no money because they’re unable to sell their rubber.All of this is compounded by the steep rise in the foreign exchange rate, making it even more difficult to buy anything with the little money they have.Then there are the problems with the schools: no books, no well trained teachers, no libraries and no laboratories.  And finally, efficient and reliable HEALTHCARE DELIVERY is unreliable–or absent.What must be done?We strongly advise that Presdident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  immediately dispatch to the entire Southeast a fact-finding mission to look into the people’s suffering and deprivations and DO something quickly and long-lasting to ease their distress and pain.  The mission should comprise experts from the  Agriculture,  Education, Health and Social Welfare, Land and Housing sectors.  The mission must carefully study the people’s plight and return with answers and solutions that can be immediately applied to redress this desperate situation.It is so sad that several years ago when the  Rubber Planters Association (RPL) ran the CRC and were doing a good job at it, they were summarily removed by then Agriculture Minister Chris Toe.  Since that time things took for the worse, and his successor, Dr. Chenoweth,seems to have done nothing to fix the problems.We pray that government will revisit its Poverty Reduction Strategy and DO something alleviate the desperation in Liberia’s beloved butforgotten Southeast.It seems to us that the Legislators, instead of targeting the Central Bank, should be targeting the plight of our people in Southeastern Liberia.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Mary Broh, Thanks for Saving State Properties

first_imgUnscrupulous officials of the outgoing Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration have reportedly been attempting to turn vehicles belonging to the state into their personal properties.This thievish act was inherited by the incoming Sirleaf Administration in 2006, wherein factional heads serving the National Transitional  Government of Liberia (NTGL) got off with huge sums of money, vehicles, generators, etc. that the incoming government should have started on.The same thing happened in the 1990s during the period of successive Interim Governments manned by political parties and warring factions. At the end of each tenure, officials of these governments made off with vehicles and other equipment belonging to government.The same thing happened in 2003, when Taylor was forced out of the presidency. Many officials took away most of the computers, furniture, vehicles, etc. When Dr. C. William Allen moved in as Minister of Information after Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) took over the government, Minister Allen found only a wooden chair in the Minister’s office. That is all the former Minister, Reginald Goodridge, left behind.As a transition from one elected government to the other is expected to take place on January 22, we are again witnessing with grave concern unscrupulous officials attempting to change license plates of state-owned vehicles to private; a roguish and criminal act for which the culprits should be prosecuted.Our reporter quoted reliable eyewitnesses who testified that the license plates of most vehicles used by the Ministry of Transport have been changed to private plates. The eyewitnesses also informed the Daily Observer that two users of state-owned vehicles attempted removing the plates and were booked by General Services Agency (GSA) security officers that have been deployed in strategic locations.Some have even gone as far as stripping cars assigned to them of their engines, seats, tires and undercarriage and parking them as empty frames, with the excuse that the vehicles were involved in accidents and there was no money to repair them.Two common practices are responsible for the behavior of our public officials. First, there is a culture of impunity in this outgoing administration, whereby public officials will offend public policy and go without punishment for their action. Office procedure requires that upon leaving an office for any reason, the employee must turn in all properties of the entity. The GSA is an agency of government responsible to purchase and assign all public properties, including vehicles, to officials and civil servants and to retrieve same when needed.Instead of government officials respectfully turning over state properties assigned them, they cheat the state by removing license plates and even spraying the cars with different colors.  What a high degree of dishonesty and unpatriotic deportment! If the government were sincere to get an official to account for his/her action, the habitual stealing in the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration would not have grown so rampant.The practice of free-rein leadership whereby the leader will leave workers without proper supervision and accountability is the other factor giving public officials the chance to steal state-owned properties with impunity.This is why we do not hesitate to laud GSA Director General Mary Broh for the exercise she is carrying on with backing from the Liberia National Police (LNP). As one public servant in this government recognized for her diligence and patriotism, Madam Broh is recognized and highly respected for her exceptional performances in the Passport Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Birth Certificate Department, the Ministry of Health and at the Monrovia City Corporation as a Mayor. She has cleaned up the mess everywhere she has served. She even transformed Broad Street, Monrovia, beautifying it with flowers and tree planting.It was in recognition of these outstanding performances that the Daily Observer named her Person of the Year, 2012.We thank Madam Broh and the LNP for their determination and resilience to strive to retrieve public vehicles from those roguish officials whose minds are set to defraud the state of properties it used millions of dollars to purchase.The Daily Observer recognizes this exercise as a way of saving the state from collapse and lessening the burden on the next government that is already set to inherit over US$1 billion in debts.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

“It’s not too late to reconsider” – workers

first_imgRose Hall Estate closureWorkers attached to the Rose Hall Sugar Estate in East Berbice have, in a bid to save their livelihoods, said it is not too late for Government to reconsider closing the estate at the end of the crop.The workers addressed the media on Wednesday at a press conference organized by the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) at the union’s New Amsterdam office.Reading a prepared speech, Glen McCloud, one of the workers’ representatives, declared the workers were hopeful that there would have been a relook at the intention, recognizing the obvious hardship that would result from the estate’s closure.Some Rose Hall Estate workersEver since announcement of the estate’s imminent closure, the workers, backed by the unions GAWU and NAACIE, have taken to the streets in several protest demonstrations to signal to Government the negative impact that closure would have on workers and the economy as a whole.However Government, three weeks ago, said it was a done deal, and that it would proceed with the closure.“For us of Rose Hall, closure can be seen as a death knell for so many hardworking people and their families. For us of Rose Hall, closure means that our plans for life, our dreams for a better tomorrow, and our aspirations for our children and grandchildren have all but been dashed. For us of Rose Hall, closure will bring about uncertain times and many difficult, misery-filled days ahead. For us of Rose Hall, closure can be seen as a death knell for so many hardworking people and their families.”Another worker pointed out that for families of Rose Hall, the closure means that their life plans, dreams for a better tomorrow, and aspirations for their children and grandchildren have all but been dashed.“For us of Rose Hall, closure will bring about uncertain times and many difficult, misery-filled days ahead.“For us of Rose Hall, closure brings about real questions, like where would our next meal come from? How would our children and grandchildren go to school? And how would we earn and meet our obligations?“For us of Rose Hall, closure means difficult choices have to be made. Would we eat, or would we pay the electricity bills? Would we send the children to school, or would we buy clothes? Would we starve, or do we have to do something not necessarily right to put food on the table.”According to the workers, they were hoping that decision-makers, recognising the difficulties which now face the people of Wales, would have harboured second thoughts.“Rose Hall’s closure brings about real questions, like where would our next meal come from? How would (our) children and grandchildren go to school? And how would (we) earn in order to meet the obligations, which include electricity and water bills?” the worker said.Meanwhile, three weeks ago, GuySuCo announced plans to retrench 2,500 workers by the end of this year.GAWU said the downsizing and subsequent closure of sugar estates would lead to the loss of more than 15,000 jobs and the potential threat of poverty for between 50,000 and 100,000 people.Responding to reporters, McCloud said the Government has made no provision for the workers who will be sent home.He said there is nothing that they can believe, since they have been told several different stories of plans for displaced estate workers, including that they will be absorbed in the NDIA drainage crew.Inderjeet Bhopaud, another workers’ representative, told reporters that in East Canje, the economy has almost come to a standstill, even though everyone is still on the job and receiving their wages.The workers are calling on the Government to put in place competent persons to manage its resources, claiming that the sugar company is currently headed by persons who have a vendetta against sugar workers, who were instrumental in those persons’ dismissal before they were rehired under the current administration. (Andrew Carmichael)last_img read more

Mixed reactions shared as 1st day of NGSA exams concludes

first_imgOver 14,000 pupils in the primary school system on Wednesday wrote the National Grade Six Assessment – an entrance exam into secondary school for the new academic school year.As the first leg of the examinations kicked off, mixed reactions came from students. The examination commenced with the sitting of English Language papers 1 and 2 and Science papers 1 and 2.Guyana Times visited three schools around Georgetown –Stella Maris, NorthStudents of Stella Maris Primary SchoolGeorgetown and St Margaret Primary Schools.The students, even though they shared different reactions, were eager to speak with this publication and most were in high spirits.Quincy Greenidge of North Georgetown Primary School, who is aiming for the top secondary school in Guyana, Queen’s College, noted that to him the examination was not difficult.“The examination was really great and I think that I did really well, I am hoping to gain a place at Queen’s College and I hope that I worked hard enough for that,” the lad said confidently.Tatianna Abrams, also of North Georgetown Primary, said she also found the examination quite simple, adding that she prepared by devoting her free time to studying.Students of North Georgetown Primary School“I was studying all the time for the exams so I am hoping that I will get the Bishops High School,” Abrams articulated.Azaria (only name given) of St Margaret Primary School proudly revealed that sheis trusting in God for the success that she hopes to see come results day.“I have been studying and asking God to give me the wisdom that I needed so I am praying that I can get Queen’s College because that is where I want to go”.Trevorin Greene of Stella Maris Primary was the first to say that the examination was difficult.According to the student, paper two of each subjectStudent of St Margaret Primary Schoolproved difficult for him; however, he noted that he tried his best.“I did try my best but I didn’t find the exam too easy. I want to get St Stanislausthough, so I hope that I did well enough and that tomorrow will be better,” Greene revealed.Today the pupils will take on the Mathematics and Social Studies papers commencing at 08:30h.last_img read more

Inconnu swimmers set personal bests at Peace River swim meet

first_imgPEACE RIVER, A.B. – The Inconnu Swim Club sent 27 swimmers to Peace River for their first swim meet of the new year a week and a half ago.The majority of the swimmers the club brought were from their novice and junior groups, which had previously had the entire Christmas break off.  These swimmers were well rested as they had only been back in the pool for a couple of weeks.  The older swimmers that attended the meet had spent the second week of their break in the pool and working very hard. For those swimmers this was going to be their last chance at qualifying for upcoming provincial meets.Many of the swimmers were able to make best times in the majority of their events. Many times this can be difficult when travelling to an unfamiliar pool that has many subtle different nuances than what they are accustomed to.- Advertisement -Leading the Inconnu at this meet were first place aggregate winners Juilen Kemp (U10), Owen Lang (11-12), and Cole Crook (13-14). While third place Ethan Scoullar (U10) and second place Kade Schwarz (11-12) were not far behind their teammates.The club’s swimmers will be back in action in a few weeks’ time, when they head to AA provincials.last_img read more

Valley’s Iranians celebrate Norooz

first_img Naz Banoo Pahlavi is a freelance writer living in Santa Monica. Write to her by e-mail at THE diversity of the San Fernando Valley leads us to unexpected finds – none of which is more beautiful than the view from the top of Mulholland, where all four corners of the Valley glitter in one breathtaking patchwork. Tuesday night, this lighted landscape was even brighter due to the observance of a fiery ancient Iranian tradition by the purported 200,000 Iranians who call the Valley their home. Chahr Shanbeh Souri, or feast of Wednesday, is marked by jumping over pots of fire, a symbolic act that represents purification and renewal. This is the first event celebrated in anticipation of the spring equinox, or Norooz, the first of the Iranian New Year. Norooz pre-dates both Islamic and Iran’s indigenous Zoroastrian religion by about 15,000 years. The holiday has origins in the principal pagan belief systems of the Persian and Mesopotamian areas. The spring equinox was particularly significant to the ancient Persians because of its agricultural significance. Spring marked the coming of the harvest. For Olga Geevargis, a manager at Macy’s in Sherman Oaks, life in the Valley mimics the diversity of growing up in Iran. In Teheran, Olga spoke Assyrian at home, Farsi at school and Armenian with her best friends. In addition to the setting of the Haft Seen, or customary Norooz table, Geevargis makes traditional Assyrian dishes and reads passages from the Bible with her family. Mina Najmi, a recent Valley migr who works as a beautician in Encino, observes Norooz within her Bahai faith. This includes a 19-day fast that culminates in two celebrations – one that marks the end of the fast, and one that marks the start of the New Year. Pastor Ershadi is a female Christian convert who leads a congregation of about 70 Iranians in the Church of the Way’s Van Nuys campus. “Some think that (since) we are Christian, we aren’t Iranian. We are Iranian. We honor Iranian soil and the Iranian flag, although not the current Islamic one.” There are also some general customs common to most Iranians, including cleaning house, giving alms to the poor, visiting elders and exchanging gifts. Most important is the setting of the Haft Seen table. This includes seven symbolic items each beginning with the letter “s”. This time of year is especially busy for local Iranian grocery stores that stock up on supplies for the Haft Seen. Q Market in Van Nuys, for example, sells sumac, hyacinth flowers, garlic and trebizond dates, all of which are required “s” components. They also sell extras such as imported pastries from Iran and eggs painted with the face of Haji Firooz, the red-dressed and black-faced messenger who welcomes Norooz with the jingle-jangle of his tambourine. One of the most important items of the Haft Seen is the sabzeh, or sprouted wheat. This tradition dates back to ancient times when Iranians harvested wheat, barley or lentils and waited 13 days after Norooz to determine the best crop to harvest in the new year. The tradition continues when Iranians gather at Lake Balboa on Sunday, April 1. This is a gathering open to the public where revelers enjoy friends and family, good food and music while exchanging wishes of good health and prosperity. The event culminates the celebratory events of the Norooz season. last_img read more


first_imgRelay for Life Donegal was unveiled to the public across Co Donegal last night with over 170 people attending a public information night in the Mount Errigal Hotel for the inspirational initiative due to take place in Letterkenny in May.Irish Cancer Society CEO John McCormick revealed it was the biggest turnout they have ever had at a Relay for Life Public meeting. Highland Radio’s Charlie Collins was Master of Ceremonies and introduced members of the committee who gave their reasons for being involved in Relay For Life, including their own experiences of cancer and their hope that this event will raise funds to help find a cure for this dreaded disease.At one point Committee member Garvan McCloskey asked all those who had been affected by cancer themselves or those near and dear to them to stand – how poignant it was to see only two people left seated in the large audience.Irish Cancer Society CEO, John McCormick, told the gathered crowd how monies raised from this event, and the other 7 Relays to be held in Ireland in 2012, will help fund research and such services as night nurses for cancer patients, Travel2Care and Care to Drive where volunteers bring cancer patients from their homes to receive treatment in local hospitals.Relay for Life Donegal will be held in the LYIT on May 26th and 27th and is a 24 hour relay – 24 hours to highlight that cancer never sleeps. Sixty teams will take part, being on the relay track in shifts for the whole 24 hours. Survivors, who are the special guests of the event, will do their lap of honour before being joined by carers and then the sixty teams take to the track.At dusk on Saturday, Candles of Hope will be lit and illuminate the relay course – candles in memory of those who did not survive or candles for those who are undergoing treatment or who have survived. Throughout the night and following day there will be entertainment with celebrities calling in to help with the event. The aim is to raise €100,000 so if you can help…………How can you help?Register as a survivor, register as a volunteer………. As we speak, the interest in entering teams has surpassed all expectations and it looks as though we have the 60 needed.But you can help at the event, you can help sell Candles of Hope before Relay weekend, you can volunteer to give general help at the event – there is so much that needs to be done. Have you an idea that might help provide entertainment during the 24 hours – can you provide sponsorship/prizes – are you a hairdresser/therapist that could provide services to survivors during the event?? Anyone who would like to volunteer or has an ides – contact RELAY FOR LIFE IN DONEGAL HITS THE GROUND RUNNING! was last modified: January 24th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Relay For LIfe Donegal launchlast_img read more

USL: Farren away the best as Cathal nets hat-trick for Derry Reserves!

first_imgTOP GOALSCORERSCathal Farren (Derry City Reserves) 5Mark Moran (Cockhill Celtic) 4Aidan McLaughlin (Bonagee United) 3Gerard McLaughlin (Cockhill Celtic) 3Max Karner (Derry City Reserves) 3Darren McElwaine (Letterkenny Rovers) 3USL: Farren away the best as Cathal nets hat-trick for Derry Reserves! was last modified: November 7th, 2016 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) A HAT-TRICK from Carndonagh man Cathal Farren got Derry City Reserves back to winning ways tonight against Finn Harps Reserves in the 4 Lanterns Ulster Senior League.Finn Harps Reserves 1 Derry City Reserves 3At a chilly Finn Park, Farren proved red hot with a deadly treble to secure the win for Hugh Harkin’s men in the first meeting of these teams since Harps’ recent return to the Ulster Senior League.The Inishowen teenager netted on 19, 43 and 55 minutes to give the Candystripes the three points with Joe Boyle’s battling Harps having gone level through Dylan McCroary on the half-hour.It was a year to the day yesterday since BJ Banda’s heroics for the Harps first team with that memorable play-off goal against Limerick and the Letterkenny man was called upon for the last half-an-hour here.Banda did have one attempt that wasn’t far off troubling the target, but Derry had done enough by the time of his introduction to see out the win.The opening goal came after Derry goalkeeper Dylan Doherty had made a fine save to deny the Harps captain Kealan McDermott. Doherty got down well to block McDermott’s powerful shot and Derry quickly turned the play, the move ending with Farren sweeping past Jamie Bell.Both sides had their moments early on with Derry going closest when Farren flicked wide from six yards after getting a toe onto a dangerous free from the left-hand side.Harps left-back Nathan Clifford opened the possibilities when he slalomed his way through, but the end product was a shot to nothing.Harps had a timid penalty claim waved away when Luke Nelis went down under the challenge of Doherty, but Harps drew level when McCroary curled home into the far corner from the edge of the box.Derry hit the front again two minutes before the break when Farren wonderfully controlled Shane McNamee’s pass on his chest before riffling past Bell from 12 yards.Gareth Doherty curled a free off target for the hosts and, on the blow of Marty Quinn’s half-time whistle, Alex Carolan blasted into the side netting after taking control of McCroary’s ball across.Both sides came into the game on the back of heavy losses, Derry having been beaten 5-1 at Cockhill last Sunday on a day when Harps went down 4-0 to Fanad in Triagh-A-Loch.But Derry moved into a position of real authority when Farren turned home in style after Stephen Duffy made the incision down the right channel.McNamee teed up Matt Doherty for a chance, but he couldn’t keep his shot down, while Harps saw Luke Nelis denied by replacement goalkeeper Mark McElhinney, who turned his free-kick around the post. Finn Harps: Jamie Bell; Liam Doherty (Ryan Finn 62)), Ciaran Kelly, Paul Ferry, Nathan Clifford; Alex Carolan, Kealan McDermott, Jeaic Mac Ceallabhuí (Aaron McCready 62), Luke Nelis; Dylan McCroary (BJ Banda 62), Gareth Doherty.Derry City Reserves: Dylan Doherty (Mark McElhinney half-time); Paul Doherty (Sean McBride 56), Sam Todd, Lee McColgan; Adrian Delap, Dean Power, Shane McNamee, Matt Doherty, Sean Toland (Matthew Duffy 75); Cathal Farren, Stephen Duffy.Referee: Marty Quinn.FixturesSunday, November 13, 2pmBonagee United v Cockhill CelticDerry City Reserves v Fanad UnitedSwilly Rovers v Finn Harps Reserves last_img read more


first_imgWhy not join us in Dungloe and the Rosses this weekend. A number of varied guided walks are taking place as part of the 3rd Walking Weekend, Sat, Sunday and Monday. Daniel O’Donnell’s new centre is opening Sunday  and  charity concert shall be held during the afternoon. Also opened to the public for the first time this weekend is the Burtonport Welcome Centre, a treasure trove of historical photographs, art works, and historical documents about the area. Everyone is welcome to visit the Rosses this weekend. Tá Fáilte romhat uiilig!NOTICES: DUNGLOE AND ROSSES WALKING WEEKEND was last modified: May 5th, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:NOTICES: DUNGLOE AND ROSSES WALKING WEEKENDlast_img read more


first_imgBY GERARD O’KANE, Donegal Photographic Tours: Radiating from near the bright stars Castor and Pollux in the constellation Gemini the Twins, the Geminid meteor shower is one of the finest meteors showers visible in either the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere.Your best bet is to watch on the mornings of December 13 and 14, from moonset until dawn.This was captured by Justin MacLochlainn whilst out enjoying a Donegal Photographic Tours night photography workshop at Fanad Light House on the Night of the 13th Dec – fellow photographers where not so lucky as the weather turned cloudy shortly after he captured this fantastic shot. Also captured was a magnificent example of a lunar corona Moon Ring Weather FolkloreFolklore has it that a ring around the moon signifies bad weather is coming, and in many cases this may be true. So how can rings around the moon be a predictor of weather to come?The ice crystals that cover the halo signify high altitude, thin cirrus clouds that normally precede a warm front by one or two days. Typically, a warm front will be associated with a low pressure system which is commonly referred to as a storm. WOW! PHOTOGRAPHER’S STUNNING IMAGE OF METEOR SHOWER IN DONEGAL SKIES was last modified: December 15th, 2013 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegalMETEOR SHOWERlast_img read more