Humans by Mistake

first_img(Visited 12 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Scientists from Scotland claim to trace our origins to a genetic mistake 500 million years ago.In large bold print on Live Science, reporter Jennifer Viegas announced this headline: “500 Million-Year-Old ‘Mistake’ Led to Humans.”  The opening tried to dramatize claims made by scientists at the University of Dundee about a marine creature named amphioxus:Over 500 million years ago a spineless creature on the ocean floor experienced two successive doublings in the amount of its DNA, a “mistake” that eventually triggered the evolution of humans and many other animals, says a new study.The good news is that these ancient DNA doublings boosted cellular communication systems, so that our body cells are now better at integrating information than even the smartest smartphones. The bad part is that communication breakdowns, traced back to the very same genome duplications of the Cambrian Period, can cause diabetes, cancer and neurological disorders.It’s a long way from amphioxus, indeed.  PhysOrg called this an “evolutionary upheaval” that resulted in an “evolutionary leap” over 500 million years.  One of the scientists justified this storytelling by claiming it sheds light on the origin of disease: “Analysis of these gene families from an evolutionary point of view helps to navigate through the increasingly large data sets on protein interactions in a more focused and productive way, speeding the way towards establishing the links between particular proteins and diseases as well as highlighting new potential disease targets.”  He did not explain why comparative genomics requires the assumption of evolutionary common ancestry, nor did he give any measure of focus and productivity using the evolutionary point of view.Let’s be logical, here.  Professor, if we are the result of a mistake, then you are the result of a mistake.  Ergo, unless you can explain the evolution of truth, your claim about our origins is mistaken.  Consequently, it is a mistake to pay your theory any attention.  Q.E.D.This is a good one to keep for the day the Darwin idol collapses.  Enlightened philosophy of science teachers will have fun showing their students what professors with PhD’s once claimed was solid science.  The professor will hear gasps from the class when he explains that the media reported these things uncritically, and nobody laughed.last_img read more

Ten Things I Wish I’d Have Known When I Started Speaking

first_imgHere are ten things that I wish I’d have known before I started speaking.Use Toastmasters to write your keynote: I joined Toastmasters because I wanted to be a better, more polished speaker. As I completed the first manual, the Competent Communicator manual, I realized I had made a grave mistake. I wrote and delivered 11 speeches that were designed to entertain my Toastmasters club. I should have used each of those speeches to write one segment of my keynote. That would have been a better investment of time.Give the same speech as many times as possible: Back to Toastmasters. I gave each speech there only once. Huge mistake. The point of Toastmasters is stage time. You don’t have to treat your Toastmasters club to a new, entertaining speech. That isn’t the point. The point is to improve. The best speakers you will ever see will have you believe they are delivering their material for the first time. But in actuality, they’ve given the speech dozens—if not hundreds—of times before. It looks fresh because they’re professional enough to rehearse.Write every word of every speech: I missed my calling. I should have been a late night talk show host. I love to riff with people. I get a chance to do some of that in workshops. But just because you can speak extemporaneously doesn’t mean that you should. If you are giving a speech, write that speech. Rehearse every word. Memorize it backwards and forwards. Don’t worry about delivering it as precisely as you’ve written it; you won’t. But the fact that you have such great command of the material will allow you to bring in new ideas and real time events as you see fit. I spent too much time speaking off the cuff.Fearlessly tell your story: You have a story. You don’t think it’s a great story because you were there when it happened. We weren’t there, so we only get to live that experience with you if you share it with us. I used to think it was selfish to tell my story. But I learned that your story is what connects you to your audience. It also builds the foundation for the ideas that you share.Rehearse standing up: I used to rehearse my speech only in my head. I still do a lot of visualization before I speak. I go through the whole thing in my head. But I also go through the physical motions standing up. Rehearsing standing up, going through the physical motions, builds it into your nervous system. It also makes it way easier to memorize your speech.Record your rehearsal: This one is going to sting a little. Record yourself giving your speech. I used to hate to hear my recorded voice. But if you want to know what your speech is going to sound like to your audience, you need to record it. I record every keynote before I deliver it. I usually record it straight into my computer so I can move it to my iPhone and listen to them later.Your body language matters as much as your words: You can always tell how confident a speaker is by how they move. Unconfident speakers cover their genitals with both hands (I know, I know, but it’s true). Or they have trouble figuring out what to do with their arms. They hold their arms in front of them like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  It took me a long to time to learn to stand with arms at my sides. It also took me a long time to figure out how to figure out where to be and what to do with myself on a big stage.Your audience wants you to set them free: They are there for the experience. They want to be educated. They want to be entertained. They want to be enthusiastic. And they want to participate. I wish I’d have know sooner how true this is. The more real, authentic, and free you are, the more you give you audience permission to be real, authentic, and free. They want to give you their energy, but you have to help the release it.Hang around when you speak: I’ve always been pretty good about hanging around. But I see a lot of speakers show up right before they go on and disappear as soon as they’re done. If you hang around, you learn. You get to listen to other speakers. You get to listen to what other people have to say. You can learn a lot about speaking, and you can learn a lot about the organization to which you’re speaking.Watch the videos. Every time.: It burns! It burns! You have to watch the videos. I used to hate it. Here’s what I learned. When I thought I was giving tons of energy, it wasn’t even showing up as a blip from the audience’s view. When I thought I was being outrageous, it showed up as mildly energetic. You will not do anything that improves your speaking faster than watching yourself on video and making adjustments. I still do this. And I still don’t smile enough.last_img read more

Virtual court to deal with traffic challan to be launched today

first_imgDoing away with the need for the litigant to be present in the court and facilitate adjudication of the case online, the Punjab and Haryana High Court will launch its first virtual court on Saturday at Faridabad through videoconferencing.A Punjab and Haryana High Court spokesperson said the court would deal with traffic challan cases from across the State. The project will be launched under the guidance of e-Committee of the Supreme Court of India. The processUnder this project, the cases received in the virtual court can be viewed by the judge along with automatic computation of fines on the screen. After the summon is generated and the accused gets information on email or through a text message, the accused can visit the virtual court website and search the case by CNR Number, his/her name or even with the driving license number. Once the accused pleads guilty online, fine amount will be displayed and accused might proceed to pay the fine. On successful payment and realisation of the fine amount, the case would be automatically disposed of.The spokesperson said if the accused did not plead guilty, such cases would be remanded to the regular courts with the respective territorial jurisdiction. The Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court, Justice Krishna Murarihas shown keen interest in launching the project at the earliest for the benefit of all the stakeholders in the justice delivery system.To reduce burden The virtual court will reduce the burden on regular courts. The entire process of disposal will happen online in a few hours. Footfalls in the courts will reduce as the accused need not visit the court to plead guilty.last_img read more

T-series serves Rs 1 crore notice to CWG OC

first_imgMusic company T-series has sent a Rs 1 crore legal notice to the Commonwealth Games (CWG) organising committee (OC) for the alleged infringement of audio copyrights. Even as the company sent the notice to the OC on December 11 last year, the matter came to light on Friday, a day after some Australian firms threatened to file multi-million dollar lawsuits against the CWG OC for their unpaid dues. T-series alleged that the OC did not reply to its notice. It said the OC had obtained the ground license meaning that it had the permission to use the songs during the closing ceremony. But the OC did not take permission for the telecast rights of the songs, the company claimed. Apparently the songs of T-series were played during the opening and the closing ceremonies of the Games held in October 2010. It was however not clear which songs were used by the organisers that violated the copyrights. T-series had approached Wizcraft, which had organised the ceremony. But Wizcraft diverted the company to the OC since the rights were to be obtained by it.last_img read more