Huskies to host Par 3 Golf Tournament on September 22

first_imgTo register, and for more information, you can visit Lone Wolf’s website. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – This September, the Fort St. John Huskies will be hosting their Par 3 Golf Tournament.This tournament will be a great event for the whole family featuring a shortened course but not short on the fun.The Tournament will tee off at noon and every participant will have a chance to win a hole in one prize on every hole.- Advertisement -The cost to register for the Tournament is $25.00 for Juniors and $75.00 for adults which includes golf, cart, dinner and a chance to win prizes.You can also sponsor a team for $200.00.The Fort St. John Huskies Par 3 Golf Tournament is taking place September 22 at Lone Wolf Golf Club.Advertisementlast_img

Scientific Progress Is Spelled “Bio-Inspiration”

first_img(Visited 27 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Need fundamental insights into physics and technology? Look no further than the living world.Flexible Robo-Legs Could Help Helicopters Stick Tricky Landings (Live Science): In research funded by DARPA, “Helicopters of the future could use insectlike robotic legs to land in unlikely places — like the slopes of steep hills or the decks of rocking boats.”Making batteries with portabella mushrooms (Science Daily): Here’s a new organism for biomimetics aficionados: the big flat fungus vegetarians use as substitute hamburger. Researchers at UC Riverside “have created a new type of lithium-ion battery anode using portabella mushrooms, which are inexpensive, environmentally friendly and easy to produce.” Who would have dreamed this? The high porosity of mushroom tissue makes it ideal for anodes in batteries—environmentally friendly, too.‘Hedgehog’ Robots Hop, Tumble in Microgravity (Astrobiology Magazine): A picture of tumbling robots on Mars begins this story about a new concept for robots. “Hedgehog” robots have no wheels or legs. Instead, spikes on a cube shape allow them to hop, tumble, and work in any orientation. The article doesn’t say if experimenters from JPL, MIT and Stanford were inspired by actual hedgehogs, but their choice of name betrays some level of comparison with England’s furry mammals that can tuck into a ball shape and roll away from hazards.Deep-diving whales could hold answer for synthetic blood (Science Daily). This is a whale of a biomim report out of Rice University: “The ultra-stable properties of the proteins that allow deep-diving whales to remain active while holding their breath for up to two hours could help biochemists and other researchers finish a 20-year quest to create lifesaving synthetic blood for human trauma patients.”It’s Part Tank, Part Salamander, and Ready for Combat (Live Science). Amphibious vehicles take their inspiration from – what? — amphibians, of course. Salamanders are at home in water or dryness. Soldiers need to operate in both environments, not stopping when their vehicle climbs out of a river into irregular land. “While the primary purpose of Lockheed’s ACV system is to build a new generation of vehicles for the military, the company also said it believes the salamanderlike machines would be great at search-and- rescue missions, as well.”Molecular motors: Pirouetting in the spotlight (PhysOrg): Nano-engineers can’t hold a candle to the abilities of molecular machines found in living cells, but they’re trying their best. “German scientists have developed a new class of molecular motors that rotate unidirectionally at speeds of up to 1 kHz when exposed to sunlight at room temperature,” this article reports. About all they can brag about is controlling which direction the thing spins. “Given the complexity involved in the design of such motor molecules, it is really astonishing to [sic] that we gained complete control over the direction of rotation at the first attempt.” They admit they have a long way to go. Biological ATP synthase performs a function in either direction. The bacterial flagellum can stop and reverse direction in a quarter turn.Researchers design ‘biological flashlight’ using light-producing ability of shrimp (Science Daily): From the University of North Carolina: “Using the natural light-producing ability of deep-sea shrimp, the team of scientists developed the new imaging tool to help cancer researchers better track tumor development and treatment responses.”Need directions? Ask a lizard (PhysOrg): Lizards remain underutilized sources of bio-inspiration. We’ve seen a lot about geckos and chameleons, but what about garden-variety lizards? Able to walk on most surfaces from sand to rock, scamper about quickly with splayed limbs, and climb vertically up or down, they surely have additional secrets for scientists. This article tells about a Penn State biologist curious how plain lizards understand the limits of their territories without GPS. She developed a theory that “side-blotched lizards do possess the ability to engage spatial memory when navigating to a goal.”How orange peel could replace crude oil in plastics (PhysOrg): Plastic that pollutes the world’s oceans is a huge concern. If scientists could make biodegradable materials with the benefits of plastic, it would be a huge development for the environment while simultaneously reducing our dependence on oil. In orange juice manufacture, almost 50% of the fruit is discarded, but there’s gold in them thar peels. Limonene, a simple hydrocarbon in orange peel, is showing promise not only for plastics, but for pain relief drugs and many useful polymers. A fruitful strategy for extracting this substance looks very appealing.Magnetically assisted slip casting of bioinspired heterogeneous composites (Nature): This paper discusses progress in developing “bioinspired heterogeneous microstructures” that mimic the durable traits of oyster shells and teeth. Summarizing this paper, PhysOrg describes the difficulties researchers had trying to mimic nature. The authors have arrived at the proof-of-context stage toward manufacturing dental prostheses and other beneficial devices possessing the benefits of biological materials:There are few tougher, more durable structures in nature than teeth or seashells. The secret of these materials lies in their unique fine structure: they are composed of different layers in which numerous micro-platelets are joined together, aligned in identical orientation.The world’s nitrogen fixation, explained (Science Daily): Agriculture could benefit immensely from cracking the secret of nitrogenase, the bacterial enzyme that “fixes” nitrogen by breaking its tough triple bond so that it can combine with other atoms. Nature is much “friendlier” than industrial methods of producing fertilizer, which require high heat and pressure. Solving the mystery requires deep research into physical chemistry. This article describes how a group of Yale chemists “designed a new chemical compound with key properties that help to explain nitrogenase.” Next step: “With this insight into how nature fixes nitrogen, Holland and his colleagues hope to design synthetic catalysts that turn nitrogen into ammonia, the main fertilizer produced in the natural system.”Bio-inspired electron-delivering system for reductive activation of dioxygen at metal centres towards artificial flavoenzymes (Nature): If you make it past the abstruse title of this paper, you can learn that the chemical industry is looking into the liver for environmentally-friendly, sustainable chemical technology. This is not some kind of divination, but rather an attempt to understand how enzymes in the liver and in bacteria manage to transfer oxygen atoms to C-H bonds. This ability to “reduce” dioxygen (O2) as easily as living cells do it would be very useful for “bio-inspired oxidation catalysis” at ambient temperatures, leading toward green, sustainable technology.Environmentalists!  Get a load of this!  Biomimetics is knocking the wind out of the Darwin industry. Leave it breathless; it was generating pollution, anyway. The future is in green design inspired by green design, bringing more green into the pockets of good environmental stewards. This is a way for true environmentalists to join hands with intelligent design advocates, free-market entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and research scientists for the good of the planet.last_img read more

Africa’s branding challenge highlighted

first_imgA youth panel discusses their vision of AfricaBrand South Africa chairperson Anitha Soni, speaking at the Brand Africa Forum in Johannesburg on Thursday, challenged African nations to co-operate in developing strong country brands to improve the continent’s global competitiveness.Soni told a gathering of more than 300 government, business and civil society representatives at the Sandton Convention Centre that this would require better cooperation and information sharing among African countries.David Haigh, Founder and CEO of Brand Finance PLCHosted by Brand South Africa and the Brand Leadership Academy and featuring several high-profile local and international speakers, the 2nd annual forum sought to harness African and global wisdom and experience to find home-grown solutions to improving the continent’s image and reputation.Brand Africa founder and chairman Thebe Ikalafeng, addressing the forum, said that a key to increasing Africa’s growth was to be found in “in stimulating and growing thriving African and global businesses and brands in Africa,” which in turn required a better understanding of local environments.Founder and Chairman of Brand Africa Thebe Ikalafeng‘Brand equity’ counts in tough timesBrand South Africa CEO Miller Matola said that, in times of economic uncertainty such as the world is presently undergoing, “brand equity” would attract direct foreign investment.“The return on risk is obviously a factor which will be taken into account, but a country’s reputation for financial excellence and maturity will be the real driving factor,” Matola said.Zimbabwe Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara told delegates that the benefits of nation branding were immense, “as they have both financial and non-financial implications.“But it is critical to ensure that the country brand transcends political affiliation,” Mutambara said. “Our politicians need to be aware that, as nation brand ambassadors, they have to sacrifice political gain in lieu of the greater brand, the country.”Mutambara said that in order for Africans to gain international respect, the continent as a whole had first to excel.‘Country branding is not by accident’“Country branding is not by accident. It is a strategic, holistic engagement which is a long-term commitment, at least 20 years. Only then can we claim success on all levels, personal, national and continental.”He also highlighted the need for African countries to create pockets of excellence both to foster economic growth and development and to improve international competitiveness.Other speakers at the forum included international economist Dambisa Moyo, author of Dead Aid and How the West was Lost, Malik Fal, managing director of Endeavour, and Vijay Mahajan, author of Africa Rising.Dr Vijay MahajanDuring his keynote address on the BRICS group of fast-growing emerging economies, Vijay Mahajan stressed the significance of Africa as a new market that could not be ignored.“Africa is richer than you think, and it is certainly not a ‘media dark’ continent,” Mahajan said. “In light of this, the BRICS economies [Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa] have both a direct and indirect role to play in Africa’s continued growth and development.”SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

The Scariest Time of the Year: The Holiday Season!

first_imgDay 359 The strawberry Santa Army Dec. 25, 2013By Robin Allen MSPH, RDN, LDNHalloween but for some people the scariest time of the year is “The Holidays”, especially if you are struggling with obesity, diabetes, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.  Cocktail parties, office parties, dinners, entertaining, and “forbidden” foods are everywhere!  The temptation is sometimes too much to overcome.  Holidays can be wonderful or can be a time of great anxiety for people because it is so focused on food.People often do gain weight during the holidays, but how much weight? In 2000, a study of 195 adults showed an average holiday weight gain of between .75 pounds (lb.) and 1 lb.  However, 14% of those studied gained 5 lb. or more! In this study, those who were overweight or obese gained more holiday pounds than those who were normal weight.  Another study indicated the average weight gain between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is between .4-1.5 kg (.8 lb. to 3.3 lb.).  Some people reported gaining up to 4.1 Kg (9.02 lb.).  The range of weight gain was large and increased in adults who are already overweight or obese.  Compounding this seasonal weight gain is the tendency not to lose the weight despite those New Year’s resolutions.  Holiday weight gain is one factor contributing to the obesity epidemic.There are many resources that give tips for facing the holidays.  I have gathered some of my favorites that I have used with patients and clients over the years and added some other interesting ones I found.  Maybe these tips will help you in your practice or with your own family.Keep exercising. A study indicated that those people who participated in 150 minutes/week of moderate exercise were less likely to gain fat mass. Lack of physical activity is one reason that people have problems managing diabetes and weight during the holidays. Off from work or school? Use this extra time to do some physical activity.Treat all evening events as your Dinner. Don’t plan on going out to eat later.  No matter what your good intentions are you will always eat more calories than you intended according to Brian Wansink.Don’t go starving to a party. Have a protein rich snack before a party that keeps you feeling full, more satisfied and in control.Scan the buffet before you begin. Only choose your favorites.  You do not have to sample one of everything, especially if you can get it any time of year.Use smaller plates. Research has shown that the bigger the plate, the more food you will eat.  You can reduce your intake by 15%-45% by using smaller plates or even just a napkin.Fill your plate with veggies, skip the dip, but enjoy the low-calorie salsa.Don’t hover around the buffet. Enjoy the conversation, not the food.Go easy on the beverages especially the ones containing alcohol. Alcohol can lessen inhibitions and induce overeating. Eggnog contains an average of 340+ calories per cup and even more with alcohol. Alternate alcohol with water.Bring sugar-free mints, gum or your toothbrush. Clean, fresh breath can slow down or stop those food cravings.Bring your own healthy dish to a holiday gathering.Go for the passed Hors d ‘Oeuvres. People tend to eat more from buffets than from passed trays, and the best food is usually passed.Choose lower-calorie and healthy festive foods. Go for crudités, lean deli meats, chicken kebabs, boiled shrimp (22 calories for four large shrimp), and vegetables.Try healthier versions of your favorite holiday foods. Many times the casserole will taste just as good with fat-free or light sour cream instead of regular? Can you steam green beans instead of sautéing in butter?What are your tips for navigating the holidays?  What tips do you give to your patients?ReferencesWansink, B. Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions. HarperCollins Publishers, New York, N.Y. 2013Roberts SB, Mayer J. Holiday weight gain: fact or fiction? Nutr Rev. 2000;58:378-379. Accessed November 16, 2015.Nutrition 411 Accessed November 16, 2015Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating by Greta Macaire R.D.  Accessed November 16, 2015 Accessed November 16, 2015 Accessed November 16, 2015 Accessed November 16, 2015 Accessed November 16, 2015This post was written by Robin Allen, a member of the Military Families Learning Network (MFLN) Nutrition and Wellness team that aims to support the development of professionals working with military families.  Find out more about the MFLN Nutrition and Wellness concentration on our website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and LinkedIn.last_img read more

10 Free and ‘Name Your Own Price’ After Effects Scripts

first_imgBuild up your AE script library! Check out these FREE and ‘name you own price’ After Effects scripts.Add power to After Effects with scripting. Scripts add additional functionality to AE and can be used to automate and simplify repetitive processes. Whereas expressions can only be applied to a single composition/layer, scripts can handle multiple composition and layers.For many AE users the ‘code’ aspect of scripting may be a bit intimidating, but luckily there are many existing scripts online that you can quickly integrate into AE. In this post, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite FREE After Effects scripts. Note: Some templates in the list are “Name Your Own Price”. If you find them useful be sure to show the author some love!Want to create your own AE scripts? Check out our previous post: Introduction to After Effects Scripting1. Decompose TextDecompose is a cool script that allows users to break up text into individual layers. Instead of having to track and kern individual text layers by hand you can simply layout your text how you want it, activate the script, and you’re done. Decompose also gives users the ability to break up their text by characters, words, or lines. [From aescripts + aeplugins]2. Ease and WizzEase and Wizz is an extremely useful AE script that helps with interpolation between keyframes. The script uses complex math to ease values between keyframes. Instead of using the graph editor to smooth out your keyframes you can easily use this script to get similar results. Definitely a must-have if you do a lot of motion graphic work. [from aescripts + aeplugins]3. Auto CropWhile this script may seem a little niche it actually adds a really cool functionality to After Effects – the ability to crop your composition. Now of course you can simply go to the composition settings and crop there, but AutoCrop2 actually automatically crops to the size of the contents in your composition. This is useful if you are working with elements that have a very specific resolution, or if you’re simply trying to save space by not rendering out unused pixels. [from BatchFrame]4. Move Anchor PointIf you do a lot of motion graphics work in After Effects than you have probably ran into the problem of adjusting your anchor point after you’ve already set keyframes. Normally when you try to do this your position will shift causing you to reset your keyframes. Using this ‘move anchor point’ script you can move the anchor point even after you already set your position keyframes. [from BatchFrame]5. ParaventWhile the Paravent script may seem gimmicky the results are pretty darn stunning. Paravent is an unfolding script that allows users to created folding and unfolding animations with just a few mouse clicks. These unfolding animations also work in 3D space so your lights will effect your scene. [from MotionBoutique]6. CollageIt doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what Collage does! As the name implies, Collage is a script that quickly creates collages from selected layers (a major timesaver over doing it by hand). Collage even has a few customization options like border, where you can set your border width based on you composition size. [from MotionBoutique]7. Content Aware Fill ScriptIf you’ve ever worked with the content aware feature in Photoshop than you’ll be familiar with how the Content Aware Fill Script works. In short, the script intelligently replaces a selection in your image with pixel data surrounding the selection. So if you had an object that you needed to remove, you can easily get rid of it using content aware. [from MotionBoutique]8. DuikIf you do animation, Duik is the free script for you. Duik gives animators key features not included in After Effects like inverse kinematics, bones, and auto rigs. While it will take some time to get used to the script, it is incredibly powerful and a must-have for anyone into character animation. [from DuDuF]9. Dojo ScreenshotThe built-in screenshot tool in After Effects is a great way to share your work with others during production. However, the downside is it only creates JPEGs (which do not include alpha channels for compositing tests). To fix this problem you could simply export at PNG or PSD, but an even easier way is to use the Dojo Screenshot Script. The script takes PNG screenshots of your compositions making it easier to test them out with the added alpha channels. [from CreativeDojo]10. Translate ExpressionsIf you create templates or projects that are shared worldwide you need to make sure that all of your expressions are language proof. For example, just because your projects expressions work in an English version of After Effects, doesn’t mean they work in a German version. The Translate Expressions script fixes this. Using the script you can be sure that your projects will work in any After Effects language worldwide. [from aescripts + aeplugins]Technically you can download and install all of these scripts for free, but if you like them why not throw a little money to the author? They deserve it!Here are a few places where you can find more free AE scripts:aescripts + aepluginsCreative DojoBatch FrameDuDuFKnow of any other awesome free After Effects scripts? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

Rajasthan Cabinet clears loan guarantee to farmers

first_imgIn a populist move ahead of the State Assembly elections, the Rajasthan Cabinet has decided to provide a guarantee to the State Apex Cooperative Bank to take a loan worth ₹ 5,000 crore from the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) for funding the State government’s crop loan waiver scheme for farmers. The Cabinet has also relaxed the two-child norm for government employees.In its meeting held here on Wednesday, the State Cabinet extended the time for organising camps to give loan waiver certificates to farmers till August 15, and approved 13 proposals for investments in different sectors. The waiving of loans to the tune of ₹ 5,077 crore in the cooperative sector is set to benefit over 16.5 lakh farmers.Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje presided over the Cabinet meeting. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Rajendra Rathore said the clause in the government employees’ service rules for compulsory retirement on the birth of a third child would be deleted, thereby relaxing the two-child norm introduced in 2002.Thirteen proposals for investments worth ₹ 6,000 crore in different sectors across the State were approved, said Mr. Rathore, while claiming that the projects would create thousands of jobs. The investments would be made in the sectors such as cement, mining, textiles, agro-processing, plastic manufacturing, business process outsourcing, distilleries and beverages, and auto parts.Moreover, additional benefits will be extended to individuals and institutions investing money in the State’s backward regions. Among other decisions, land was allotted to six community-based organisations for housing schemes, a proposal for giving houses to the families of martyrs in the Armed Forces was cleared, and a committee was appointed for recruitment to the Home Guards.last_img read more

Virtual court to deal with traffic challan to be launched today

first_imgDoing away with the need for the litigant to be present in the court and facilitate adjudication of the case online, the Punjab and Haryana High Court will launch its first virtual court on Saturday at Faridabad through videoconferencing.A Punjab and Haryana High Court spokesperson said the court would deal with traffic challan cases from across the State. The project will be launched under the guidance of e-Committee of the Supreme Court of India. The processUnder this project, the cases received in the virtual court can be viewed by the judge along with automatic computation of fines on the screen. After the summon is generated and the accused gets information on email or through a text message, the accused can visit the virtual court website and search the case by CNR Number, his/her name or even with the driving license number. Once the accused pleads guilty online, fine amount will be displayed and accused might proceed to pay the fine. On successful payment and realisation of the fine amount, the case would be automatically disposed of.The spokesperson said if the accused did not plead guilty, such cases would be remanded to the regular courts with the respective territorial jurisdiction. The Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court, Justice Krishna Murarihas shown keen interest in launching the project at the earliest for the benefit of all the stakeholders in the justice delivery system.To reduce burden The virtual court will reduce the burden on regular courts. The entire process of disposal will happen online in a few hours. Footfalls in the courts will reduce as the accused need not visit the court to plead guilty.last_img read more

Ronaldo & Benzema are back as Madrid go goal crazy

first_imgUEFA Champions League The boys are back! Ronaldo & Benzema show it’s wrong to write them off yet Ben Hayward Last updated 1 year ago 06:04 11/22/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(69) Ronaldo and Benzema APOEL Getty UEFA Champions League Karim Benzema Cristiano Ronaldo APOEL v Real Madrid Real Madrid APOEL Opinion The two under-fire forwards have been struggling for goals of late, but usually save their best for the Champions League and scored two each at APOEL It has been a complicated campaign so far for Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema. The two Real Madrid forwards have only scored one goal apiece in La Liga, and that came in the same game, a 2-1 win away to Getafe. But at APOEL on Tuesday, they were both back to doing what they do best.Los Blancos 11/2 to win CLBenzema had only netted twice in the entire season up until the trip to Cyprus – once in the Spanish Supercopa win over Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu and again in that victory against Getafe. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Ronaldo, meanwhile, led the scoring charts in the Champions League prior to this fixture, but has been notably frustrated in the Primera Division and trails Barcelona rival Lionel Messi by 11 goals already – albeit after missing four Liga games through suspension. “He [Benzema] is the first one who knows he can give more,” Zidane said on Monday in the pre-match press conference. “Because of the confidence issue, especially his confidence in front of goal. When one goes in more can follow. Let’s hope tomorrow [Tuesday] is the day to end the streak.”APOEL Real Madrid scoreAnd that is how it turned out. After Luka Modric had fired Real Madrid ahead with a fine volley, Benzema netted twice (along with Nacho) to give Los Blancos a commanding four-goal lead at half-time in Nicosia.Ronaldo, meanwhile, has had his own problems in front of goal and cut a frustrated figure once again in the Madrid derby on Saturday as Atletico held Real to a goalless draw at the Wanda Metropolitano.”When I fail to score goals, my mum asks me, and my son, my brother and my sister… they all say: “But what’s wrong with you?” Ronaldo revealed in an interview earlier in the week.But they will not have to ask him after the game against APOEL and, unlike last season at this stage, when he was scoring in La Liga but not in Europe, this time the Portuguese is netting in the Champions League but not in the Primera Division.Cristiano Ronaldo Real MadridRonaldo now has 10 to his name this season and the goals are bound to come in La Liga sooner or later. In the meantime, his assist for Benzema also saw him reach a new record for the most goals set up in the Champions League over the past 10 seasons (27).Perhaps more significantly, Madrid’s comprehensive win means Zinedine Zidane’s side are through to the last 16 of the competition they like to think of as their own as they chase an unprecedented third successive title and a 13th European Cup crown overall.They will have a lot of fierce competition in order to achieve that, while they also risk a tough draw in the first knockout round having finished second in the group behind Tottenham, who clinched top spot by beating Borussia Dortmund in the other game on Tuesday. However, with Benzema and Ronaldo on goalscoring form, Los Blancos will be among the candidates for the trophy once again.last_img read more