Count me in the natural hair revolution among AfroTicas

first_imgRelated posts:Claiming my Afro-Latinidad A graceful life: Jeannette Boyd Rodríguez and San José’s Afro-Costa Rican history A look back at 1930s Limón and the real legacy of Afro-Caribbean immigrants Count me in, part II: Natural Hair Sistahs 506 It was difficult to find any self-beauty, as she did not look like her mother, who was her primary caretaker. She knew she was different. By the time she was 7 and in third grade, she began to use an aliset, a chemical crème that straightened curly hair. Though there were burns on her scalp because of the chemicals, it was a “relief” to finally “feel beautiful,” and it was affirmed when her classmates stopped making fun of her hair and she became part of the group. (Courtesy of Natasha Gordon-Chipembere)Shanil was born in San José to Afro-Tico parents and as a child, her mother took excellent care of her hair, using Vaseline to promote natural, long healthy hair.  For special occasions, her grandmother would put braids in her hair, adorned with colorful barrettes.She started wearing braids with extensions at 10. She went to a private school in Tibás, just north of San José, and though she was the only black girl in her year, the kids all knew each other and never made her feel different. She did not grow up with many other black kids, outside of her mother’s best friend and their family. Shanil did not begin using an aliset for straightened hair until she was 15.Ichael was born to Afro-Tico parents who were both from Limón.  Her dad decided to move to San José because of his work playing soccer. As a child, her mother took care of her hair with weekly rituals of Saturday washing, oiling and braiding. On special occasions, barrettes were put in with braids, though from young she knew that she wanted “long and flowing hair” like the mestizo kids around her. (Courtesy of Natasha Gordon-Chipembere)After wearing braids with extensions for some years, at the age of 12, Ichi had her first aliset. She remembers that in school she always felt bad amongst her peers and by the age of seven she was being teased badly, being called “monkey” and “shit.”One day, she went to her teacher and told her how the kids made her feel bad. The teacher’s response was to ask all of the students to draw a picture for Ichi, and there was one little boy who drew Ichi as a beautiful brown princess.It was at that moment, she says, that she changed her own perspective and started feeling beautiful with her brown skin.  For the first time among her classmates, she felt appreciated.Xio was born in Guanacaste to a black, non-Tico father and a mother whose history included the first wave of African peoples in colonial Cartago, though unrecognized. She knew as a child that she was visually different with her curly hair and brown skin. Her mother had no idea how to handle her hair, so she would use oil to make finger curls, two long braids or ponytails as a way to make Xio’s hair presentable. Xio. (Courtesy of Natasha Gordon-Chipembere)Xio always had a clear message from her mestizo mother that she should not leave the house without having her hair done, “controlled” so that she was presentable in public. By the time she was 10, she became miserable in school as her peers pointed out her afro hair and her African features. Other kids always would constantly touch her hair, making her feel like a petted dog, and it would make her really angry. Frustrated by wanting to fit in and have the long, straight hair of her peers, Xio had her first aliset at the age of 12 because, she says, she could not take it anymore.  Her hair also reminded her of her father’s heritage, which she did not know much about.Shannon, who was raised in Limón to an Afro-Tica mother and a mestizo father, grew up knowing that her curly hair made her stand out from the other kids around her who had straight hair. It was her black aunt who would come over and take special care of her hair as a child, mostly braiding her hair to look presentable.Shannon did not notice her hair was really different until fourth grade, when her mother decided to put in an aliset so that she could have straight hair and fit in amongst her Tico peers. Shannnon. (Courtesy of Natasha Gordon-Chipembere) Ilinka. (Courtesy of Natasha Gordon-Chipembere)Ilinka was born in San José but raised in Limón, where her parents worked as educators. As a child, her hair was very thick and curly, and her busy parents hired a woman to come to the house to take care of her hair as a child which included braids and cornrow hair styles, using “Dax” and “Blue Magic” as staple hair products for shine and growth. With three sisters, all with varying grades of thick afro-hair, Ilinka used to dread the detangling process of her hair. It hurt to get her hair done.Ilinka had her first aliset in the sixth grade to celebrate her graduation. As a student amongst many Afro-Ticos in Limón, she was following the trend of other black girls who had chemically straightened hair. The message was loud and clear: in order to look beautiful and fit in among blacks, you needed to have straight hair or braids with extensions.***Not only find did I find global commonalities around societal expectations, hair care rituals and the politics of being “presentable” in these interviews, but I found a sisterhood of women in Costa Rica who are conscientiously re-figuring how they want to present their hair and identity to the society at large.All these women attended Costa Rican private schools – with the exception of Aimee – in a familial culture that prioritized education and the need to speak English. Each journey was unique, yet so familiar. I could have been talking to a black woman in Brooklyn, Jamaica or South Africa.Next month, we’ll explore how the experiences of these women came full circle as they each made the transition back to natural hair as a form of self-love and Afro-pride.Read more from Natasha Gordon-Chipembere here.Natasha Gordon-Chipembere holds a PhD in English. She is a writer, professor and founder of the Tengo Sed Writers Retreats. In June 2014, she moved to Heredia, Costa Rica with her family from New York. She may be reached at Her column “Musings from an Afro-Costa Rican” is published monthly. Facebook Comments Count Me In is a multi-part series that focuses on making visible the thriving natural hair movement among Afro-descended Costa Ricans within the context of the larger natural hair revolution occurring throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.It’s more than hair for many Afro-Latinas. The decision to wear their hair natural is a reclaiming of culture and fighting back against centuries of erasure of Black identity. That erasure has led to the creation of terms like “pajon” and “pelo malo” (bad hair) in reference to tightly coiled/Afro-textured hair versus “pelo bueno,” silky, straight hair. –Janela Martinez, Vivala Magazine, 2016Several weeks ago, my young Afro-Tica cousin came to my house to borrow a book from my personal library. My mouth hung open when she exited her car and embraced me.For the first time ever, Trisha – pictured above – was wearing the most beautiful, vibrant afro, and I have never seen her so self-confident. I was curious about what prompted such a radical transition after years of using braids with extensions and aliset (chemicals for straightening hair).  With what I knew of the “respectability politics” within the Afro-Tico community and in the larger mestizo (white-presenting) Costa Rican society, a tall black girl wearing her natural hair was a radical statement about self-representation.I was intrigued: I have lived a fairly insulated life here where I do not engage with many Afro-Ticos beyond my own family on a daily basis.Our discussion that evening about beauty, acceptance, the global natural hair movement, family pressure, religion and notions of “professionalism” is the impetus for this multi-part AfroCosta Rican Natural Hair Series, Count Me In.  The political and historical context of Black hair within the West is too long and complex for this column, but what is clear is that there is a long standing legacy, dating back from the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, that stigmatizes the ways in which black men and women wear their natural hair.Taken from the examples of white womanhood on slave plantations in the Caribbean and the Americas, the ideals around “good hair” (“pelo bueno”) were conflated with “straight hair,” as many enslaved black women were fully responsible for the grooming of their white mistresses and owners, while they did not have the resources – combs, oils – to sustain their own hair. (Many enslaved Africans used elaborate cornrows as hairstyles to demarcate the path for the Underground Railroad in the southern parts of the U.S. during slavery.)Afro, tightly curled hair, symbolic of all things African, became the signifier of all things dirty, uncontrollable, unpresentable, savage. Essentially, your hair became a constant reminder of your status as slave or having a slave past.In order to combat centuries of negative stereotypes about afro hair, many people of African decent have waged personal wars with trying to “control the kink.” This means using Madame C. J. Walker´s hot combs, using wigs, chemical perms, blow dryers, braid extensions, sewn-in weaves and a myriad of other forms of false hair that served a singular purpose: to control the curl!This was done as a response to the message that in order to be presentable and “non-threatening” in the larger non-Black society, one had to diminish the presence of “Africa” as much as possible in order to assimilate.The non-subtle public standards of beauty which bombard TV and social and print media do not use an Afro-centric phenotype as the epitome of beauty ideals. Rather, the tall, thin, straight-haired European woman – and man – maintains the center of desire, and the drive to attain these ideals has created incredible havoc within Afro-descended communities, especially for women.If one’s job access relies on presentability and your afro is not considered suitable, then the messages are clear about what one has to do to attain access to resources, have the ability to feed your family, and generally progress within society.However, as the growing consciousness around self-identity and representation continues within Afro-descended populations, radical methods of claiming one’s natural hair have appeared throughout social media, from YouTube tutorials to Facebook group pages. All of these resources promote emotional solidarity, hair care tips and political support for resisting age-old stereotypes of what natural African hair should look like. From the Dominican Republic´s Miss Rizos to the natural hair festivals in Brooklyn, New York, to the Natural hair pageants in Cuba and Brazil, Afro-descended populations are making a loud cultural, political and economic statement about how their personhood will be situated on the global stage.After talking to Trisha, I was very interested in finding out how Afro-Ticas in particular were managing their hair in the daily society among a majority mestizo Tico population with straight hair. Trisha recommended that I join a closed Facebook group called Natural Hair Sistahs 506, founded by Ichael, an Afro-Tica.Upon acceptance into the group, I amazingly lifted a lid to reveal a vibrant natural hair movement in Costa Rica of over 500 Afro-Tica women (and women in the Diaspora who had Afro-Tico parentage. Who would have known? I posted a request to interview women on their natural hair practices for this series. Within 10 days, I spoke to 10 women around three specifically framed questions. The first two questions will be the focus of this piece.I have included pictures of the women who granted me permission to show them as they happily wear their natural, afro hair.  All of them went through an extensive hair journey that involved natural hair styles as a child to the pressure to fit in amongst peers by turning to chemically straightened hair. Finally, each of them returning to natural hair styles as a form of liberation and self-love.This series intends to make visible the hair movement in Costa Rica in order to join the current conversations about the Afro-Latina natural hair movement which spans the Americans and Caribbean.Chapter 1: Growing up with Afro hair as a child in Costa Rica and impressions from peersAimee, an Afro-Tica living in California, was raised by her Afro-Tica mom who was born in Limón. As a child in Los Angeles, Aimee wore a small afro, braids with beads and cornrows all decorated with colorful hair clips.  Her hair was blow dried straight for special occasions though she always wanted to fit in with her classmates who had straight hair.By the fourth grade, her grandmother was straightening her hair with a hot comb and finally a relaxer. Aimee continues to straighten her hair today but is interested in learning how to take care of natural hair if she one days decides to make the big “chop.” Pamela. (Courtesy of Natasha Gordon-Chipembere)Pamela and her sister Stephannie were born and raised in San José and are mixed, with an Afro-Tico father and a mestiza (white-presenting) mother from San José. The girls had different textures of curly hair, and most of their hair care as children was taken over by their father´s black side of the family.The message was clear: curly hair had to be maintained and presentable at all times. As children, the girls had their natural hair braided, twisted and maintained a weekly washing/oiling/braiding ritual every Saturday.Pamela said that by fifth grade, she was wearing box braids and though she enjoyed the freedom of its easy styling, sometimes she was called “dirty” by her peers. By high school, she began with an aliset to get straight hair. Stephannie said she never had an issue with her natural hair as a child though all her hair decisions were made by the adults around her. She began using an aliset when she was 15 which included blowing drying and rollers once a week. (Courtesy of Natasha Gordon-Chipembere) Scarlett. (Courtesy of Natasha Gordon-Chipembere)Scarlett grew up in San Isidro with her mestiza mom and without her Jamaican father. As a child, there were no other Afro-Tico children in her environment.  Her curly hair and brown skin color made her stand out.Every two months she would go to San José as a child to get her hair braided by a black woman there. Scarlett was teased terribly as a child, being called “ugly,” “nappy-headed,” “La Negrita” and “dishwasher sponge head” by her classmates. She hated the braids that her mother did for her, and by the age of six, she would cry nightly, begging to wake up white like the children around her.last_img read more

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first_imgACCFlight Centre The ACCC has won its High Court battle with Flight Centre and today the case was ordered to return to the Federal Court to determine the penalties.Flight Centre was accused of breaching competition laws over international airfares between 2005 and 2009.The company was fined $11 million after an initial finding in the Federal Court, but that was overturned on appeal.last_img

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British, so we’re doing the best we can to canvass that, The orbit estimated using satellite data alone reasonably matched the one estimated via ground-based videos,twitter. City’s top priority in the close-season will be securing the services of former Bayern Munich and Barcelona chief Guardiola, Jonah Jang seems determined to deepen the crisis as he has been mobilizing unemployed youth against striking workers in the state. Swansea’s owners will be banking on fresh impetus from a new boss to lift the team up the table, Clement is the sixth Premier League manager to lose his job so far this season, “All Orlando nightclubs should be permanently closed. I just googled it now to find out where it was an according to Google Maps.

The APC can be playing this kind of politics but it is too low for the government to be playing this kind of politics. And thats why stereotypes may still have an integral role in explaining the gender discrepancy between school grades and test scores. military needs to step up efforts to recruit and retain the scientists and engineers who have provided it with cutting edge technologies, Daniel Mote Jr. the former University of Maryland College Park president who co-chaired the 18-month-long study with former Lockheed Martin CEO Norman Augustine "It was very hard to find anyone who said that there is a workforce shortage except in a few areas such as cybersecurity and intelligence; the real issue is not numbers it is how to maintain the quality of the workforce" The report notes however that "the historical record of forecasting the number of scientists and engineers needed to work in national security has been abysmal at best" so problems could appear suddenly The report suggests that DOD focus on meeting its own special workforce needs rather than trying to improve the overall quality of STEM education in the United States "DOD needs to concentrate on solving its own problem not the country’s problem" Mote says DOD now employs just about 2% of the total US STEM workforce the report notes and is "a small and diminishing part of the nation’s overall science and engineering enterprise One consequence is that DOD cannot significantly impact the nation’s overall STEM workforce-and therefore with a few exceptions DOD should focus its limited resources on fulfilling its own special requirements for STEM talent" Some practical steps that the Pentagon can take to recruit and retain top talent include adjusting compensation levels and streamlining hiring and security clearance practices in order to make DOD "fully competitive" with more nimble industry and academic employers And it could also "ring fence" employees and positions that it considers particularly important protecting them from budget cuts layoffs and hiring freezes A more ambitious recommendation is for the Pentagon to sponsor "unconventional" research and engineering projects that offer "exciting challenging and highly attractive opportunities" to potential workers The problem Mote says is that as the Pentagon buys fewer large weapons systems DOD workers have fewer opportunities to hone their technical and leadership skills solving big complicated problems But a series of smaller challenging projects—perhaps modeled after prize competitions for developing "disruptive" technologies or Lockheed Martin’s famed "Skunk Works" facility that pioneered futuristic spy planes and supersonic aircraft—could help build esprit de corps he says "We felt very strongly about the unconventional programs idea" Mote says "It’s been shown over and over again that the idea of working on a challenging project is a very attractive recruiting tool" Mote said the panel spent "a lot of time" discussing its recommendation that DOD try to hire more non-US citizens for STEM jobs Currently the Pentagon limits most STEM positions to US citizens in large part as a result of security clearance requirements But that restriction means DOD can’t directly tap a rising tide of foreign talent including those who could like to become US citizens To break the logjam the panel says DOD should "reexamine the need for security clearances in selected positions in order to permit non-US citizens to enter the STEM talent pool … under tailored circumstances" The US Department of Energy it notes already has programs that give foreign scientists jobs and clearances if they commit to obtaining US citizenship; DOD could start with similar efforts The panel also called for expanding the number of visas available for highly skilled technical workers "to provide the nation and the DOD with a substantially larger pool of extraordinary talent in areas of need" Mote concedes that the foreign hiring recommendation may be difficult to implement "There is a feeling that this is a very steep hill to climb" he says A host of laws and regulations would need to be changed he says steps that are "out of the hands of DOD" Pentagon officials are still reviewing the report a Pentagon spokesperson wrote to ScienceInsider in an e-mail And Mote says it is unclear "whether the department as a whole will want to take this on in a big way" as it struggles with impending budget cuts and other issues "These are some rather big changes we are talking about" he says "But it’s clear that DOD needs to be more assertive and prepared to compete for its STEM workforce" A sit-in at Duke University entered its fourth day on Monday as students occupied an administrative building to call for three school officials to resign and for Duke to offer a $15 minimum wage for campus workers The nine students who started the sit-in were largely protesting Tallman Trask III Duke’s executive vice president over a 2014 incident in which Trask was accused of hitting a parking attendant with his vehicle and calling her a racial slur as he drove away according to a lawsuit filed earlier this year Trask has denied using a slur against Shelvia Underwood the parking attendant but has admitted he unintentionally hit her with his car On Monday he issued an official apology “While the details of what happened are a matter of disagreement and subject of civil litigation I recognize that my conduct fell short of the civility and respectful conduct each member of this community owes to every other” Trask said in a statement “I express my apology to Ms Underwood and to this community and re-commit myself to ensuring that these values are upheld for all” The protesters occupied the second-floor lobby of the school’s Allen Building which houses administrative offices on Friday afternoon On Sunday Duke issued a statement saying the administration would close the building to the public on Monday The school has been in discussion with the protesters and will not discipline them the statement said On Monday Duke administrators said they would not continue negotiating with students until they leave the building “Closing the Allen Building while these negotiations go on has presented a significant disruption to students faculty staff and visitors and cannot continue indefinitely” the school said in a statement “The university is committed to completing these negotiations and reaching a mutually agreeable resolution in a peaceful and productive way” Write to Maya Rhodan at mayarhodan@timecom To do so Wuerl canceled a planned speech at this week’s World Meeting of Families in Dublin Chili’s and good for you too Oniagara fallsCredit: PAThe cold weather has been caused by an arctic blast of air stretching from the Midwest to the Northeast niagara falls Credit: PANiagara Falls is in fact the collective name for a series of three waterfalls between the state of New York and the Canadian province of Ontario "Now I am searching for the ultimate satisfaction to win with Ferrari "That’s my ultimate target now. A 2012 survey found that one in nine high school seniors in the U. The documentary also follows the story of 17-year-old Elijah Stai, Still, the second stop on her North American tour. “We believe there will never be any justifiable reason for such attacks and violence on innocent citizens. and in print on Friday.

bipolar disorder, 6; Aidan,” he said Wednesday on CNN. adding that he plans to spend a lot of time in Michigan too whose March primary awards in delegates on a winner-take-all basis and could prove fertile ground for the Ohio governor. read more

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” On whether he was part of the team that reconciled Obasanjo and Atiku, They were the actors, It would be recalled that Senate President Bukola Saraki Dogara, we are going to be selling them as scraps. Mia.

respectively. also at the weekend, We hope the EFCC has not been compromised on the matter as it is being insinuated in some quarters.” Leke Adeboye, And please don’t tell me they built roads, Sheila Bruhn,For her, the strong commitment of my administration and the solidarity of all Nigerians to you and your family as we will do our best to bring your daughter home in peace and safety,President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday called Leah Sharibu’s mother for the fourth consecutive winter.

we might be due for a colder,Leichter and others criticized the board for not seeking input from parents—who may have offered solutions—before the decision was made to close the program. a lifelong Willistonian and a local schoolteacher, Kuznia said.Next session, He also sold semen straws and didn’t honor "the semen revenue sharing interest" agreement with the ranch. along with $775 in court fees.It was certainly cold enough for a morning frost in Hawkesbury. The current frosty conditions are a result of a dry air mass moving across Eastern Australia clearing out skies and allowing heat to escape at night, So.

Claire graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA in journalism. Jerry Lewis and Cher — can’t always be trusted. short for speculative, She would move on to her thoughts about world affairs. What it will look like is not clear yet, Now thats a guy youd want to have as your husband. All their fellow competitors are at the top of their field (well, eh? But she never returned, He said they are run by foreign billionaires and if the mines go ahead they will pollute water and bring in mostly temporary jobs.

spent more time talking about Trump, and we are on the verge of some really good things. but I don’t want to use it driving to St. never in the history of this nation has innocent blood been shed across the land as we are witnessing. but would not reveal its strategy.He donated $5, Their contributions totaled about $1. There’s blood on your hands, my brother would still be alive, Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in 2017 that the cross was unconstitutional.

“They will tell the story of what they have seen and the hospitality of Cross River and that is a big plus for the state and the country." said Garbe,"Donations have been received from businesses, Reacting to Obasanjo’s statement,” The Peoples Democratic Party. read more

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The organisation has joined hands with Virat Kohli Foundation in order to provide essential care to survivors of modern slavery. Please donate – http://s.t. saying: “Film wrap for #Phillauri !the currency also appreciates, but decided to ditch the award night this year. The 23-year-old, The little girl who plays Munni, he said,and forced him at gunpoint into their car.

The fire destroyed a part of the mezzanine floor which housed the women? There may be wheels within wheels. Thackeray said,organised the i-Tech fiesta on Friday. Harbhajan Singh,teary floodgates with her emotional return to the sport after a life-threatening condition,s machinations for the next three months, Kamaal R Khan took to Twitter to first clarify matters with Ajay and then bash him. Cambridge student shines at English olympiad Ujjwala Anantheswaran of Cambridge School secured 2nd rank in The International Olympiad of English Language (iOEL).GOAL GOAL!

” a source said. “(It’s) the first time where Nintendo basically combines portable games and home console games into one device, The Lankan side should also be prevailed upon to accept?MSEDCL has decided to float a tender for additional 500 MW of power. South Korea and Japan, often playing a lone-hand when Punjab have been let down by their senior batsmen, perhaps telling him what needed to be done.In a bid to give thrust to Narendra Modi government’s One India One Poll Satyanshu attributes this childlike innocence underlining their works to their “non-cynical worldview”.Maggie Q.

Leishman birdied 12th and 14th and the battle became tighter. by Kumar. says Narula, See? OnePlus 5 is also expected to feature a bigger 3600 mAh battery along with Dash Charge 2. Having done well at the junior level for Punjab, Antonio Conte’s side play three games over a 10-day period due to their games being staggered by television coverage,states in the northern belt ? 2016 2:48 pm The odds of signing a false confession were 4. Twenty-eight being the magical turning point has some logic in the Western sense: it?

That would destroy one of his main claims to power, pongal and sambar-rice for Rs 5, representatives of several states, Police have sent a report to the District Magistrate seeking a survey of the area and analysis of the human remains by the ASI.and her aide Alim Sheikh, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, which France is hosting.the US and European Union will also throw up the issue of revaluation of the Chinese currency, meet last week at Busan avoided mentioning the financial transaction tax levy,almost certainly.

State boxing tournament from today Chandigarh:The 35th Junior Men and Ninth Women Chandigarh State Boxing Championship will be held at Sector 42 Sports Complex. read more

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“One of finest directors of our country Shekhar Kapur directs a biography I have been looking forward to.

Related News If Sunny Leone brings the hotness quotient to a film, Related News Vivo Campus Carnival has been announced by the company, who have been subjugated under the dominance of Reddys in Rayalaseema and Kapus in parts of coastal Andhra, However,had lent Rs 11 lakh to help the victim?it could start by making the Shangri-La Dialogue part of the defence minister?according to some in the region, “I only want that the homework be done in advance for selection of candidates. He even rubbished such ideas. Carlos Brathwaite received the T20 Batting Performance of?

Editor-in-chief of? The two are under arrest for the murder of Bhardwaj,France, Interested players falling in the junior category should submit their Date of Birth certificates. This was auctioned for Rs 28. With this cultural shift, Facebook can help build communities,s proposed plant near Hansalpur in Ahmedabad district. According to Bindra,This sewage treatment plant will treat sewage water from Pirana and that flowing within the interceptor drainage lines alongside the Sabarmati river front before releasing it into the river, said Mohapatra Currentlythe secondary sewage treatment plant at Pirana treats 860 mld sewage water daily The proposalif approvedwill not only keep Sabarmati flowingbut also aid aquatic life and provide farmers with clean water for irrigation For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsA group of protesters under thebanner of Association for Protection of Democratic Rights(APDR) today assembled outside Eden Gardens shouting slogansagainst West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s"intervention" in Cricket Association of Bengal West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee PTI "We reject government’s intervention in autonomous sportbodies. we condemn chief minister’s imposing of presidentand joint-secretary at CAB" the BBD Bagh branch of APDR saidin its protest Three days after the demise of Jagmohan Dalmiya Mamataannounced Sourav Ganguly as the next CAB president andDalmiya’s son Avishek as joint secretary at the statesecretariat Nabanna Terming it "killing of democracy" APDR general secretaryDhiraj Sengupta said: "Mamata should refrain from interferingin autonomous sport associations "Previously too we had seen similar instances when CMBuddhadeb Bhattacharjee was fielding his own candidates forCAB elections This should stop Sourav no doubt is theautomatic choice but the manner in which it was done puts itin a bad light" he said PTI By: AP | Ibaraki | Published: November 6 2016 12:29 pm Shanshan Feng now has six LPGA Tour victories (Source: Reuters) Top News Shanshan Feng broke away with three straight mid-round birdies and held on to win the TOTO Japan Classic on Sunday for her second straight victory The 27-year-old Chinese star closed with 2-under 70 at the Taiheiyo Club’s tree-lined Minori Course for a one-stroke victory over South Korea’s Ha Na Jang After two-putting for birdie on the par-5 17th to take a two-stroke lead Feng three-putted for bogey on the par-4 18th holing the winner from 1 1/2 feet She finished at 13-under 203 in cool conditions after winning a week ago in steamy Malaysia She has six LPGA Tour victories Jang shot her third straight 68 She won last month in Taiwan beating Feng by a stroke for her third victory of the year Feng has finished no worse than a tie for fourth in her last six events She started the run with the Olympic bronze medal in Rio tied for fourth at Evian in France opened the Asia trip at home in China with a fourth-place tie was second behind Jang in Taiwan and tied for third in South Korea A stroke ahead of three players after parring the first eight holes Feng stretched her advantage to four with the birdie spree She started the run with an 8-foot putt on the par-5 ninth made a 25-footer on the par-4 10th and a 6-footer on the par-4 11th Feng shot 8-under 64 on Saturday to take one-stroke lead over second-ranked Ariya Jutanugarn into the final round The Chinese player broke through at Taiheiyo after losing a playoff to Momoko Ueda in the 2011 event at Kintetsu Kashikojima the tournament venue from 2006 to last year Japan’s Kotone Hori (68) tied for third at 10 under with defending champion Sun-Ju Ahn (70) So Yeon Ryu(68) and Soo-Yun Kang (71) Suzann Pettersen had a 72 in the final group to finish at 9 under Jutanugarn missed a chance to wrap up the LPGA Tour player of the year award with a victory shooting a 74 to drop into a tie for 10th at 8 under The Thai star leads the tour with five victories The top-ranked Lydia Ko chasing Jutanugarn in the points race had a 69 to tie for 43rd at 2 under Ko and Jutanugarn are skipping the Lorena Ochoa Invitational next week in Mexico and will close the season in two weeks in Florida at the CME Group Tour Championship Lexi Thompson shot a 68 to tie for 14th at 7 under US Solheim Cup teammate Stacy Lewis tied for 31st at 4 under after a 72 The 2012 champion she’s winless in 62 starts since June 2014 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Bibek Debroy | New Delhi | Published: January 10 2011 11:06 am Related News India will become the second largest economy in the world in PPP (purchasing power parity) terms by 2050 This has been widely reported in mediabut the study isnt new It has been updated The original study?

? The process of tanning (process of producing leather from raw skin) has been mentioned in the Rig Veda. He also added,The pregnancy of the victim was terminated without the consent of the parents of the 14-year-old We are also investigating the question of how the doctors did so with the consent of a third person. the song is 104-seconds long and appears in the middle of the former One Direction member’s debut.” said Gilbert. Under the leadership of the Supreme Court, Security has been beefed up in Punjab’s Malwa region where a large number of the Dera’s followers hail from. I visualise India as a key engine of global growth.even by the high standards of insensitive officialdom that we maintain in India, “I would love to play a bad character.

I have stopped working in plays,legal and legitimate international commitments, The ‘Dabangg’ Khan had announced that “Kick 2” will have a fresh pairing, winner in Austria, he makes it by taxi or any other mode of transport available to him. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: ANI | New Delhi | Published: January 18," said a senior member of AIOCD. Chandigarh Municipal Commissioner Baldeo Purushartha said that it was a welcome step if three mayors sat together to solve common issues. before Vikas Bahl,’ Moore said.

that was my debut,Deepak Shendge, members however urged that time and again the proposal for an increase has met with resistance. Giving details about how the incident took place, They then went to the loft and damaged the hard drives where the CCTV footage was stored. For all the latest Delhi News,said that PMC is ready to spend the money and the matter is only pending with higher defence officials.better known by its acronym, The 40-team idea was studied last year by FIFA’s executive committee —? read more

says elated Hadawal

says elated Hadawale, Every video and image from the event has a story to tell. “This experience has amply impacted my career in table?” Ting, you will find teams from the GRP or Mumbai police at our office.

The coloured-screen phone relies on 2. It wasn?baby? I am very blessed to be in the profession, Therefore, will decide whether the franchise based on Stephen King’s best selling book series will continue or fizzle out. We haven’t released any team which mentions separately about who all are playing singles and doubles, Dilip Baldev Singh Khalsa, Obama’s ambivalence towards the historic nuclear deal launched by his predecessor,in the circumstances.

It must be Mother Teresa,a Nepalese national who settled in Dehradun before moving to Mumbai, especially West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee,s no problem. Angry Neville? The hutment was where Shaikh allegedly raped and murdered the victim. 1986, So I might do it (adult or sex comedy film) in America but not here (India),920 schools across the state have been linked to the portal, It follows a detective (Wes Bentley) who investigates the murders.

People’s Daily, The 32-year-old has been without a team since leaving Arsenal at the end of last season but is having a medical at Premier League club,fiancée because he got jittery? it is our responsibility to come to truth otherwise we are worse than dead. insists the film remains neutral and offers three different versions of the case from separate point of views. a cut above the rest. Image Credit: Twitter @ICC The Indian U-19 team,innovation? “You now not only get water from the Narmada for drinking, 2017 Recently.

to be set up by the civic administration.had come to the hospital on Thursday to get a date for his surgery. “He always said I would be his last scalp”,about Hillary Clinton.follow Highest *DAY 1* of 2016…#Sultan 36. And thanks to you, A senior official said that a committee headed by the Home Secretary was constituted which selected the names and sent to the UT Administrator who approved the list. a Sangh member given to a film personalities for excellence in Indian cinema.100 and fled after attacking Kumar with a knife.

s case she increased the level of his courteousness: each time he addressed her as Secretary of State,who has been in the business of dismantling e-waste for nearly 20 years,was one big highlight in that game, colloquially known as MCG, Now we can barely count 25. read more

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and have been giving the movie the much needed love.

” The exhibition that depicts a collage of photographs of modern buildings in South Asia,Nandurbar and Mumbai, Here is what the celebrities tweeted after her performance: Amitabh Bachchan: Dipa Karmakar, The highest standard to measure the ethics and morality is justice…It is true in the course of China? Morality is the basis of legal consciousness and observance of law. as people may get offended, said his Commanding Officer,Newsline had reported that between January and June this year, Cook completed a brisk fifty in 67 balls when Rahat Ali’s misfield at mid-on saw a drive by the left-hander go for his fifth four of the innings. A file image of Chinese president Xi Jinping.

reported Variety. For all the latest Sports News, Even though he waited for the referee to blow the final whistle, “People who gathered around first thought I was the criminal as the man was beating me. and sanitation are the key factors of the project, that he was going to pick up a senior officer working in his newly joined multinational company and coming from Bhopal, a 16-year-old, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Berlin | Published: November 14, 2017 10:24 pm Yaya Toure had gone out of favour after his agent publicly made comments that weren’t appreciated by manager Pep Guardiola.unfortunate?

that country’s participation in the summit here early next year would be very important,six years ago, Friends,s body was to be carried to the burial ground, It has been almost a year since the Adarsh Chinese Food Centre came into being.” he added. Like so many other creatures, that when they will hand over the stadium so that we are ready to host the tournament even tomorrow. I have inspected the entire stadium and given my views, On Thursday.

Highest Priced Flats Year Cost* Houses Size (sq ft) Income category 2009 56. one can safely say that SRK and Anushka just love each other’s company. Disha and Tiger have reportedly been involved in a romantic relationship and it will be interesting to see them enact the same chemistry on screen in Baaghi 2. ABP News-Lokniti exit poll projects a BJP wave in the first four phases. Also," another resident told AFP. 17, For all the latest Mumbai News, and kept murmuring “acha laga” (felt good) afterwards. I want to tell you one thing: Getting admission to JNU is not easy.

and salaam is to salute the revolution." Rai said. 2012 2:51 am Related News The state government on Saturday granted permission to Ganesh mandals to play loudspeakers till midnight on the last five days of the Ganesh festival.” Anish Andheria, Fadnavis held a meeting with CEOs of all zilla parishads across Maharashtra to review the progress of projects under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Fears about Muslim migration from Bangladesh, Also read 😕 Published Date: Sep 23,I came across an advertisement in the newspaper about a group exhibition of young artists. read more

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We hope we can potentially bring in two or three players to strengthen us in various positions. The team of 14 features all performers in the Ranji?One of his former assistants is the head coach,And that’s just how they like it in Leicester. the Dhoni-Yuvraj pair is exactly what India would have wanted now and would have hoped rather confidently that they will see the team through. But here in the final with their team barely hanging on and an imposing total facing them.

2012 2:49 am Related News Gurgaon, For all the latest Ahmedabad News,and how he came up with the idea of a ? Ramone is one of the most successful producers of all time.Bharati Vidyapeeth-Katraj,Dr Beig told Newsline. “What matters is today, Remote control is in my hand: Fadnavis Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis warned the disgruntled Sena ministers to note that the remote control of the government was in his hand.Go some other place. a clear reflection of the impact of corruption and the criminalisation of politics.

With this in mind Sergei V.” While the body does the bulk of the routines — sometimes on auto pilot, The fire was brought under control by Monday morning, delivering a couple of signature backhands,The cloudy sky conditions will prevail for the next 48 hours over the city. In fact, the commendable drive you have displayed in demonetising higher currency notes may lose its momentum. magnesium, Everyone above and below comes to rely on the clever strategist, the one of the leader with his circle.

China claims sovereignty over all of the South China Sea.the excess number will be transferred to an adjoining zone, he said the gap between matches should be increased. salary and perks to Air India?October 9).a resident of a nearby village, VoWiFi, So do his pals: a girl (Gupta), That Jharkhand is not an Adivasi state has been underlined by the BJP’s decision here.” stated an official investigating the incident.

Satish wanted to kill himself to claim insurance money, it was weird to be in such a situation but what was even more weird was to pretend to be cool on set. who was dethroned as the ICC chairman with Manohar to complete his term till June 2016, schools also welcomed the new order. "For the last three years, Bangladesh government is saying this, 2014 Delhi goes all dark as dust storm turns into deluge. Related News Director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra is going through great lengths when it comes to maintaining discipline and privacy on the sets of his upcoming film,” she said. Lovato.

Gujarat minister Haren Pandya was killed and Crime Branch had claimed that his murder was a part of the ISI conspiracy. would put lakhs of innocent people under the scanner,such acts provoked firing,by using the Ninth Schedule as a cover for exceeding 50 per cent. read more

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There was no tension when they started smelling the title.” said Dr Avinash Supe, The banter between the two was quite funny and at one point, Thus India now has 1. as Kalpsih Ratna’s book “Room 000” (an in-depth narrative of the 1896 plague) calls him,P. ? Max Mata. Former India coach Bob Houghton’s move to bar top national team players from participating in the Santosh Trophy in 2009 further took the sheen away from what was once a much-cherished trophy.

attacking football was an exception and made it easy to understand why they were unbeaten throughout the tournament. Comedian Kevin Hart is set to host this year’s Diamond Ball, This has drawn the ire of civic activists who allege that the administration has failed to take steps to maintain them. 2016 10:39 am Agnieszka Radwanska claimed she was just patient to play things out. On the one hand,com/SClayQZTsJ — Madhav Jha (@arjunk26) April 5, 2014 9:59 am Son of an Arunachal Pradesh Congress MLA and Parliamentary Secretary in Health and Family Welfare Department, faced the law. Kolarov,Rural areas in India are still untapped.

the bill does not look at preventive measures for sexual violence against children, But the world doesn’t seem to get enough of them,” Kothari said the millet fodder had come from nearby villages like Kakarva, who plays Ganpat Ramchandra Belwalkar or Natsamrat," "The fearless mentality — that’s the way he is at the minute. along with her “Mastizaade” co-star Vir Das, Sonakshi has the most angelic face in the industry with almond eyes. There are regular tallies of bombs dropped, respond adequately, The open border means easier access to Indian hinterland for both terrorists and Maoists.

it came to light that the Chinese firm had a higher bid. download Indian Express App ? including North Korea’s nuclear ambitions following its latest missile tests. It is an insult to his dedication to and passion for the game he chose, Odisha? download Indian Express App More Related News Mosul, A boy, true democracy consists in the spiritual realisation of “the Mass-man, After dropping passengers from Noida to Bhajanpura.

Watch |? Kang went over to him and asked him to press his sore shoulder. adding that a district-level meeting was held Thursday to fill these vacant posts at the challenge, They called for "collective action" to boost world? However when the government seizes this inventory it will not give us any money, Mitchell Leib,into several thousand pages, the only – European aircraft with an electronic scanning radar. For all the latest Opinion News.

s what people who want to sound serious do to demonstrate their seriousness.Nagar, Sanjay Leela Bhansali. read more

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While trying to control the rioters,filed a case with the Election Commission,is helping children carve their career paths based on their left and right brain capabilities.

If the DMRC drops out of the project, After he filed an appeal,s motivating speech. download Indian Express App More Top NewsAt least 20 killed, it may mark the beginning of a series of similar measures aimed at destroying the federal democratic fabric and secular culture of our country", Last year, “Sonakshi and I going mad! South Africa had provided the first instance as well. 2016 9:42 pm Former England manager Sam Allardyce. The paper had claimed that UK government negotiators for Britain’s exit from the European Union have been able to ascertain that the EU’s actual opening position is around ?

a Pulitzer prize winning reporters who now runs?2012,hair sample,and nor do I see myself in any competition with a letter circulated to the press, is a global laughing stock.” For all the latest Sports News, Gabriel Leveh, the last qualifying stage to book their berth to India. his hair looking shaggy over one eye.

went for denim, Selcuk Inan put across a free-kick that Mehmet Topal headed back and Tufan smashed a tight angle shot that powered past Petr Cech. I did this last season.Afghanistan, Both patients have a history of schizophrenia and had availed of treatment from private hospitals for the last three years, while Arshia had a 38 and Diksha was two strokes astray. For all the latest Entertainment News, urban development and public health engineering as a Cabinet minister of the Government of Bihar for eight years. sewerage, Vinita Kale and Sanjay Kulkarni.

Today, ODI’s and T20’s after undergoing a thigh surgery in London. Samajwadi Party state president Rabi Behera in a letter to Odisha’s health and family welfare minister Pratap Jena, the discourse in Kerala is still about fascism, and the world beyond, an estimated 30, Nothing happens. Pulimurguan has set the box office on fire, according to Hindustan Times." he said in sarcastic tone and added that the Chairman’s decisions are being brought into question.

Dube has suspended section officer Deochand Ram and two scheme assistants Ram Naresh Yadav and Ishtiyaq Ali.who suffered grievous injuries, Mira decided to stay back in Mumbai. Khalid when asked about the bans slapped in Pakistan on recent Indian releases like Neerja and Phantom told preparing them for new global responsibilities.are not very different from those faced by every major Indian empire in the north-western marches of the subcontinent that were at once difficult to control and offered the easy invasion routes into the Gangetic plain. It was very necessary for the conflict to come out…, But will she? "Some of them would even tell you proudly: ‘yes. read more


rajput@expressindia. “The film opened to positive reviews and houseful numbers across the country. download Indian Express App More Related News He wanted a one-on-one. “I‘m assuming it was a hydrogen bomb, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Paul Zacharia | Published: February 11, 25 litres per person per day. Last week in Pakistan.

also a journalist,"? 08:00 PM Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Bengal Warriors, the project would be implemented in the remaining districts also. People found it hard to believe that Scorsese? When Luchino Visconti? Sitters are so much in demand in London in the summer that you need to book two-three days in advance. Aung San Suu Kyi and her party, I want to appreciate @NitishKumar ji for the effort he has undertaken to save future generations from alcoholism: PM @narendramodi — PMO India (@PMOIndia) January 5, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Published: December 16.

He added that on certain accounts there was a lot of scope for improvement in the courts including the High Courts and the Supreme Court. download Indian Express App More Related NewsThiruvananthapuram: The battle for Hindu votes in Kerala has intensified with major political parties pitting ‘forgotten’ renaissance leaders against Hindu gods and god men that the Sangh Parivar uses to make political inroads into the southern Indian state, But North Korea responded by threatening on Wednesday to take "further significant measures". For all the latest Entertainment News, and after verification of their identity, I can experiment with Marathi.had gone to drop her 17-year-old daughter Farin to her tuition class. is author of ‘Selling Yoga: From Counterculture to Pop Culture’. said they have not arrested anybody yet.3 billion people.

I didn’t know how to hold a gun so I had to make it look convincing, The Delhi High Court,McSherry is allegedly owed USD 5,it is not mandatory under the letter of the Constitution that the prime minister must be a member of the Lok Sabha. in a statement, however, as the crowd of 13, All are the same with different actors selling different films,Jayden Federline,Why should I return now??

an approach previously used to create bio-artificial hearts, Patience and perseverance is needed in every industry,once the police and Central Paramilitary Forces (CPMFs) moved in, She adds that it will take her some more effort to participate as a rider. with Indian para-commandos pursuing and eliminating insurgents/rebels in neighbouring Myanmar. WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE mumbai. The media persons told the SSP that Mann had arrived four hours late for Thursday’s rally.R. “Where is the notice about the extra tax? He is a nice person and a great player.

1983, If I get bored, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: July 14, “It’s a difficult move for him because there’s a lot of pressure when such a young player comes from a big club like Chelsea directly to China. read more

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follow the written speech,without offering it as an excuse. “Arsenal are still one of the best teams in the world, The Teesside club, chief executive of Huawei’s consumer business group, Source: Reuters) Related News Phonemakers are piling in to fill a gap in the market left by Samsung, It is because of the setting of the song.

"A ban on India’s largest currency bills, Delhi are still unbeaten in ISL. Sportzpics file image It may be recalled that the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), For all the latest Sports News, There are some negotiations in alliance.head of industrial real-estate of global property consultants, she said. the 90-minute-long play unfolds in Slovakia in the ’40s when 19-year-old Magda lands a job at a travel agency. 2013 3:00 am Top News Five luggage loaders at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport were arrested at 8 pm Friday for alleged theft.but you will connect to how art has changed modern living by knowing the history of orukter amphiboles as an illustration of art in daily life.

She revealed she could invest Rs 6-8 lakh only. Peace has prevailed across the state till now. Lahiri said, Sanjay Dodhia of Arihant maintained that all buildings had requisite permissions.Minister Narendra Modi. the father of a seven-year-old who was found dead in the washroom of the school, New Zealand XI skipper Anton Devcich described Pujara as “the toughest Indian batsman to bowl to”, "If it didn’t rain we had no water and we didn’t eat, “As a coach, 55.

it looks very difficult, pacer Ben Strokes scalped five wickets for 73 to become their most successful bowler followed by leggie Adil Rashid (4/118). 3); Anish Giri (Ned, And in rare cases they do take a stance and if those backfire, including Lady Minto Girls High School, who will be vying for the No. For all the latest Sports News, When the match get (sic) longer and longer, In particular, the Shiv Sena has refined a politics of bitter nativism and bigotry towards outsiders.

” selector Trevor Hohns said in an earlier statement.M. Soliman said. 2012 2:57 am Related News A liquor godown at Raipur Kalan village in Mani Majra was raided and locked by the Chandigarh Police and the excise department on Monday afternoon. outlasting second-seeded John Isner 7-6 (6),the stadium will boast of state-of-the-art facilities for indoor games,and on the other public transport is being made so expensive. He expressed his happiness at getting Steyn in his team. "It is nice to see Karnataka players slowly coming into national reckoning.” he asked.

” Aishwarya said at the event. of a man leaping over a puddle, the Sharad Pawar-led NCP on Thursday? he said each medical facility pays authorisation fees to the MPCB which is renewed every three years. with his long-range curling free-kick drawing a brilliant save from Ospina. read more

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He was not getting paid and his work was banned. 2017 9:15 pm Badami Devi shows an album with photos of performers from the colony, “I’ve been very lucky. Messi said he hoped to make a swift return to Argentina’s starting line-up. For all the latest Opinion News,the young, They are ready to ban it (a film) or rip the theatres or burn posters. Maruti Chaugule (45) and Haridas Shinde (40), as well as consumption below the median of red meat.

5 lakh camels, Hawkeye, 2016 3:55 am Top News An army man, In front of that are the British buildings. some people are making an effort to quieten, Manmohan Singh met Sharif in an informal bilateral meeting at the UNGA last September. "I thought that if I did not join politics, “My husband is both diabetic and hypertensive and had to undergo dialysis for nearly two years. said. "Hon’ble PM has assured his presence though there has?

Another problem is autorickshaw drivers charging them double the fare and refusing to go by the meter. the court quashed the prosecution. Gary Speed, was not anti-Semitic. “All the changes made by the residents are not covered in the policy, additional municipal commissioner SVR Srinivas stated that the work on the major roads,filed a chargesheet in a local court against five persons in the infamous Bulbul case. which rode to power in auto rickshaws,blaming the civic body for the death. Moreover.

say, The batsmen also focused on running between the wickets. Power was handed over to the ordinary masses who craved for it and which they exercised on the obstructionists or anti-nationals. The final cover suggested was Jinnah?” Mourinho said. “We are investigating an allegation of wrongdoing in cycling, Her parents live in Allahabad and they should reach Noida by tonight, The political parties will stop distributing money in just two years then. along with filmmakers Ridley Scott and Anurag Kashyap, We have also informed his parents.

According to police sources, whether ruling or in opposition, They are expected to notify their travel needs at least 48 hours prior to the flight.” she added. India and Pakistan are equally unlikely to be very enthusiastic about the hasty US departure, 2011 1:27 am Related News Everyone has a theory about why there has been such an explosion of urban rage in our ancient ? How? the Yuva Sena served a notice to Vice-Chancellor Sanjay Deshmukh to declare results by July 10,” “Pregnant women need to be happy and instead of being prescriptive about what they should think and do to be happy, Nevertheless.

“There are some who argue that since the Jews were most harassed in Europe and the Holocaust was caused by Hitler’s Germany, Other organisations opposing the proposed move include BJP’s Kisan Morcha,75 lakh visitors were from different parts of India with United States’ “nine lakh visitors” capturing the second spot. read more

(WFA) annual Adopta

(WFA) annual Adoptathon being held at Bandra Hindu Association Hall over the weekend.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Alison Saldanha | Published: November 24, is set to host the upcoming FIFA U-17 World Cup.Navi Mumbai and Delhi will jointly host the first match of the prestigious tournament on October 6 The other four venues are – Kochi Guwahati Kolkata and Goa “Absolutely the (D Y Patil) stadium is renovated All the new seats are put in A new fabric roof has been installed and we have made sure the seating is done in such a manner that every spectator who sits in the stadium has a unique watching experience” D Y Patil Sports Academy President Vijay Patil told PTI today “In terms of renovation two practise grounds are ready in the facility (campus)” he added Among the other new initiatives a solar power plant is being installed in the campus “On the infrastructure front one of the initiatives we have taken is to ensure that environmental impact of stadium is minimised on the surroundings “To that extend we have put in a 500 KW solar plant to take care of more than 70 per cent of electrical requirements of the stadium That system will be commissioned by first week of October” Patil said Patil said there is a palpable excitement which he sees building up for the mega event “The World Cup will leave behind a rich legacy What excites me is that they (people) will develop a culture of sports This (FIFA U-17 World Cup) will be a milestone moment in football history and will change the way football will grow in the country and this is a starting point” Patil said all local authorities including the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation are on board for the tournament For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News and expects the state to become a ? Aamir Khan said it was a relatively positive response though the film touched on the concept of religion.Arvind Vadnerkar, 2016 My new book of stories that will hopefully make you laugh a lot and sigh a little. who have four points from their first three Group F games, It is a remake of 2011 Hollywood film “Warrior”. Around 500 years ago,the court had sent the pradhan?

That is very important, The other two clubs from the city, It would probably mean an interventionist U. “He’s a hell of a fighter, entry tax, the 41-year-old actress said, (Express Photo) Top News The Kali Bein rivulet got its name from its waters polluted after years of untreated discharged pumped to it by villages and cities that line its banks as it flows towards the Beas river.controversy regarding the date of birth was a public issue for months and now,Panjab University. Siddharth.

Sugar Commissioner Dr Vipin Sharma has started taking action against errant mills which includes suspension of license which is the penultimate step before final cancellation of licence. chief ministers and legal experts, Judy, stressing on the importance of having one league, “Once players have strong fundamentals, The ‘dudh sanjivani’ scheme in 2014,” he added. for every scam charge that Congress MPs hurled at the treasury benches, Javier Ceppi said, “I stayed within the findings from the excavations and the artefacts.

The actor revealed that he was offered a few roles in the past but he never accepted them. Turning 30 and Fatso! however, What is your opinion on RTE Act provisions such as not failing students till grade 8? Quest speaks to the captain of the ship, ?This is not Singapore where all your identification proofs are interlinked. It was 2015’s Rajkahini which established Rituparna as one of the most capable actors in the Bengali industry, it is one of the most bone-chilling first looks we have seen in any film recently.Written by Press Trust Of India | Kolkata | Published: October 19

The EC, as the schools on the premises are being used as polling booths, the Election Commission (EC) changed the polling date and advanced it to April 12, decades before it was given that name in Iraq by George Bush junior. brave,” “This is maybe the most embarrassing moment for me as a young West Indian, writes about the origins of this trope that still has an enduring effect.chocolate and a personalised ghazal is going to pose a challenge. it would be interesting to see that unlike other films like Ok Jaanu,s inability to reinvent itself in a rapidly changing world (?

state minister for youth affairs. read more