EHF CL Round 5 Hits Szeged Zagreb Veszprem Leon…

Many interesting matches handball fans around Europe have seen last weekend. Pick Szeged, C.O Zagreb, MKB Veszprem, Ademar Leon and some other teams made “small or bigger surprises” and showed that season will be very, very interesting… Group ASävehof : Kadetten Schafhaussen 31:25 (14:14)Friden 8, Apelgren 7; ; Graubner 6, Tominec 4, Kukučka 4Bosna Sarajevo : Barcelona 16:43 (9:21)Medić 7, Vrazalić 3; Aguirrezabalaga Garcia 6, Garcia Lorenzana 5Chambery : Zagreb 26:28 (14:14)Špiler 7, Balić in Kopljar po 5Standing:1. Barcelona 5-102. Zagreb 5-83. Chambery 5-64. Sävehof 5-45. Kadetten Schafhausen 5-26. Bosna Sarajevo 5-0 Group DPick Szeged : Montpellier 38:35 (18:17)Sulc 9, Lekai 8; Accambray 10, Honrubia 7, Kavtičnik 5, Gajič -, Prošt –Ademar Leon : Kobenhavn 28:26 (14:12)Garcia Robledo 9, Stanovsky 5; Hansen 7, Larsen 6Kiel : Partizan Beograd 36:28 (17:18)Lundström 8, M. Ilić 7, Dimitrijevič 8, Mandić in N. Ilić po 5Standing:1. Ademar Leon 5-72. Kobenhavn 4-63. Montpellier 5-64. Kiel 4-55. Pick Szeged 5-46. Partizan 5-0 EHF Champions Leaguehandball champions league Group CSt. Petersburg : Cimos Koper 26:35 (16:18)Nasirov in Šindin po 6; Skube 9, Rapotec 7Wisla Plock : Hamburg 26:30 (13:14)Kubisztal 5, Kavaš 2, Dobelšek ni igral; Hens 8, Vugrinec 3Metalurg : Constanta 25:18 (12:8)Mojsovski 8, Marković 4, Kozlina 1; Stavrositu 11, Toma 3Standing:1. Hamburg 5  – 102. Metalurg Skopje 5-73. Cimos Koper 5-64. Wisla Plock 5-45. St. Petersburg 5-36. Constanta 5-0 Group BFüchse Berlin : Veszprem 24:29 (13:15)Terzić 7, Vujin 6; Laen 5, Christophersen 4, Koražija –Kielce : Atletico Madrid 29:37 (14:19)Jurecki 11, Buntić 5, Zorman 1; Markussen in Lazarov po 8Bjerringbro Silkeborg : Čehovski medvedi 25:34 (11:22)Lauge in Kirkegaard po 5, Žvižej 3; Šelmenko 7, Dibirov 5Standing:1. Atletico Madrid 5-92. Veszprem 5-83. Füchse Berlin 5-54. Kielce 5-45. Čehovski medvedi 5-46. Bjerringbro-Silkeborg 5-0 ← Previous Story SEHA League: Tatran’s left wing, Radoslav Antl is MVP of Round 8 Next Story → Copenhagen’s owner, Jesper Kasi Nielsen: “AG as the best Danish Sports Product of All Time” read more

Steiner Ege stays in AG Copenhagen until the end

← Previous Story Duvnjak for HP: “Croatia can win a medal at the EC” Next Story → THW Kiel talks with Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson Fantastic Norwegian goalkeeper, Steiner Ege (39 ) prolonged his contract with the Danish Champion, AG Copenhagen for two more seasons. At the last stage of his career, former THW Kiel’s goalkeeper showing great form and with Kasper Hvidt is one of the best duo in Europe right now.  At the end of a new contract in 2014, Ege will be 42 and that will be probably the end of one fantastic career.– I am just a part of this happy family here – says Ege – I had a choice to still play on the highest level or to say godbye to Handball. I am stil in good shape and I don’t see reason to stop. My family and I are very happy in Copenhagen, I couldn’t find a better team. AG CopenhagenSteiner Ege read more

Allison Pineau is leaving Metz Handball

One of the best female handball player, French star, Allison Pineau (23) will leave the French champion, Metz Handball on the end of the season. Currently injured, one of the best players of the last WCh 2011 in Brasil, Pineau is the target of the many TOP teams in Europe:– Other teams have better offers and we can’t play with them – says team’s president.Allison Pineau was the best World’s Player for 2009 by IHF. Allison PineauFrench handballMetz handball ← Previous Story Sanja Damnjanovic stays in Podravka – Anita Bulath is coming… Next Story → EHF CL Round 9 “Match of the Week”: Metalurg’s triumph in Plock

Berlin O2 Arena sold out for Barca – 13000 fans waiting handball

The first European match in German capital this year will be clash between Fuchse Berlin and F.C Barcelona. Exactly 13.000 tickets are sold what means that “O2 Arena” is sold out for the clash of two best teams of the VELUX EHF CL Preliminary Group D. Great handball show in six days (10.02) in Berlin… F.C Barcelona handballFuchse Berlin ← Previous Story Polish race going further – Wisla wins in Szczecin Next Story → Oscar Carlen back to training after 2 years of injury worries

WISLA TV Newcomers in Plock

← Previous Story Junior Women’s WCH 2014: Norge girls are the most convincing Next Story → Men’s U 20 EURO 2014 COUNTDOWN: Austria plays friendlies with Slovenia and Kuwait Polish vice-champion Orlen Wisla Plock presented officialy the newcomers for the upcoming season… Wisla PlockWisla TV

MENS U18 EURO 2014 Golden French generation 1996

France handballhandball poland 2014men’s u1 handball ← Previous Story Bundesliga (Round 1): THW Kiel defeated by Lemgo! Next Story → KIF Kolding and FC Midtjylland won Danish Super Cup France is the first winner of big events in generation 1996! French U 18 team have won the gold medal at Men’s U18 EURO 2014 in Poland by beating Hungary 33:30 in the final match. The bronze medal won Spain over Denmark 27:21.FRANCE – HUNGARY 33:30 (16:18)France: Bonneau, Meyer – Lenne 4, Mocquais 2, Billant, Ferrandier 2, Garain 1, Minne 8, Kounkoud 2, Lagarde 2, Nozeran 2, Bouchillou 1, Zahm, Fabregas 5, Mem 1, Richardson 3.Hungary: Rozsavolgyi, Pasztor – Varju 1, Mikita, Urban, Fekete 1, Juhasz 1, Deak, Fuzi 5, Schmid 1, Nemes 3, Bartok 5, Szilagyi, Gabor, Ligetvari 5, Gyori 8.Here are the “ALL STAR” team members:Goalkeeper: Emil NIELSEN (Denmark)Left wing: Jaime FERNANDEZ (Spain)Left back: Matyas GYORI (Hungary)Centre back: Bjorn ZINTEL (Germany)Right back: Melvin RICHARDSON (France)Right wing: Kauldi ODRIOZOLA (Spain)Pivot: Ludovic FABREGAS (France)Most Valuable Player: Adam JUHASZ (Hungary)Top scorer: Aliaksandr PADSHYVALAU (Belarus) – 45 goalsBest Defence Player: Patrik LIGETVARI (Hungary)FINAL PLACEMENT:1. France2. Hungary3. Spain4. Denmark5. Sweden6. Switzerland7. Germany8. Poland9. Iceland10. Croatia11. Belarus12. Russia13. Serbia14. Czech Republic15. FYR Macedonia16. RomaniaPHOTO: read more

Serbian playmaker Kristina Liščević to miss Womens EHF EURO 2014

Serbian playmaker Kristina Liščević won’t be able to help her team-mates in action EHF EURO 2014. French Metz Handball member is injured during the training session and first predictions speakiang about not less than 6 weeks of break due problem with ankle ligaments.– My first game has to be on December 28 – said sad “Kiki” for domestic newspaper Sportski Zurnal.Lišćević was a part of the team who won the World silver medal at WcH 2013 in front ot 20.000 home fans in Belgrade.Serbia will play in Group D with Montenegro, France and Slovakia. The Women’s EHF EURO 2014 will be played from December 6 to December 21 in Croatia and Hungary. ← Previous Story LNH (Round 10): St Raphael take the two points in Dunkerque! Next Story → Ana Gros to stay in Metz for two more years Kristina Liscevic read more

Danijel Saric about his coach Pascual is the best

← Previous Story SG BBM Bietigheim “lost” goalkeeper with EHF CL experience – Ivan Stevanovic Next Story → BIG SUMMER PLAN: Kielce want to set new record with 15.500 fans against PSG The best goalkeeper in the finish of the EHF Champions League 2014/2015 season, FC Barcelona member Danijel Šarić praised his coach Xavi Pascual in exclusive interview for caling him “as the best in the world”:– He is amazing as a coach and person. I know in every moment what he thinks about me as a player and what he wants from me. If he wants something, he is helping you to achieve that. He is making thing much more simple. He is the best coach with whom I worked in my career. It is amazing how he preparing the matches, how deep respect has for his players, and all 16 of them are satisfied in the locker room. That means something. He knows when to relax the team, when to become more serious. I feel sorry that there are no such a lot of vibration about him in TOP handball as he deserved that. He deserved for all what he did in Barcelona for these seven years. He is one of the best in the world, for me, the best – concluded Saric his comment about the coach with whom Barcelona won the VELUX EHF Champions League twice. Danijel Saric read more

Romanian goalkeeper Dedu stops Olympic winners

The Olympic champions from Rio, Russian girls are defeated in big battle with Romania 22:17. Fantastic night had goalkeeper Dedu with amazing 22 saves, but also Neagu and Buchesci with seven goals each made this night unforgetable for the Romanian handball fans.In the second match of group D, Norway smashed poor Croatia 34:16 (16:9).Much more interesting was in Group C, where rejuvenated Montenegro beat Czech Republic 28:27 in thriller, when Hrbkova didn’t score in the last attack for a draw. However, Czech girls are at Main Round, as Denmark as weel, who beat Hungary 23:19. ← Previous Story Bella Gullden after two matches in Stockholm: We have to start running Next Story → Sweden and Serbia to start from the TOP in Gothenburg

Hassan Moustafa about France 2017 Exceptional attendance – 540000 tickets sold

← Previous Story Thierry Omeyer with fifth gold: Enjoy this moment! Next Story → PHOTO OF FRANCE 2017: Family – The best of Handball On Sunday 29 January at the 25th IHF Men’s Handball World Championship the closing press conference in the AccorHotels Arena France 2017 brought the event ceremonially to a close ahead of the final between France and Norway at 17:30.IHF President Dr. Hassan Moustafa positively looked back at the event and spoke of the “excellent organisation of the event in terms of the organising committee and their work with the French federation and the volunteers; we couldn’t have organised such an event without these extremely professional volunteers.” The level of attendance and exposure of handball in the media were two areas, which President Dr. Hassan Moustafa emphasised particularly positively: “Normally at a World Championship the games of the host country are always the ties which are sold out. However, here we had exceptional attendance at a huge amount of games – it was truly a phenomenal event. Seeing handball on the front page of newspapers here in France is almost like a form of revolution.”Joël Delplanque, President of France Handball Federation and President of the Organising Committee echoed President Moustafa’s enthusiasm stating “this event was a form of handball celebration and this way most evident in the fantastic games in Lille.” Looking ahead President Delplanque spoke of how he viewed the event as a huge learning experience, which will help shape the future of French handball. He predicted 2017 and 2018 to be monumental years for handball in France with “increased numbers of attendance at handball games,” alongside the goal of bringing the amount of registered handball players in France to 600,000.  “France has become the place for handball events and its reputation will only be further solidified when we host the Women’s EHF EURO 2018,” concluded Delplanque.Managing director of the Organising Committee, Edward Donnelly, closed the press conference by sharing some impressive statistics regarding the event in terms of media, attendance the online presence. “A total of 539,943 handball fans attended the France 2017 games that was a total of 23 sold-out games. On social media there was a strong following of 176 countries with the top three being France, Spain and the USA. In total, 465 million fans were reached through the various social media platforms since their launch. We have also had 20,000 accredited members of staff and members of the press, and we want to thank them all for making this event such a success.”PHOTO: JOZO CABRAJA read more

Ryanair donates to autism charity after boarding pass controversy

first_imgRYANAIR HAS MADE a donation to Irish Autism Action in support of their Tour De Force charity cycle, after two volunteers were charged €140 to print out their boarding passes in Dublin Airport.The two passengers, part of the group of 55 travelling to Croatia for the charity cycle, were forced to pay an extra €70 each after forgetting to print their passes.Yesterday, the airline told its Twitter followers, on its new account, that it had made a donation to support the cycle:A spokesperson for the airline would not disclose the amount of the donation but told that the airline regrets that “these two passengers had to pay our boarding card reissue fee”.However they said that the passengers did agree to check in online when they originally booked and “also received three emails reminding them of the need to print off their boarding card before departing for the airport”.Read: Ryanair promises to refund Dr Sattar for Leicester flight fees>Read: Ryanair hits back at survey that says it has the worst customer service>last_img read more

Residents evacuated as explosive device made safe in Kildare

first_imgRESIDENTS HAD TO be evacuated from their homes in Kildare late last night as Army Bomb Disposal Team carried out a controlled explosion on a viable improvised explosive device (IED).The IED was found in a built-up area in Rathangan late last night with a Defence Forces bomb disposal team requested to attend the scene.Local residents were evacuated to a safe location and the area was cordoned off by Gardaí prior to the Defence Forces team arriving on the scene at 11.30pm.Following examination of the device it was found to be viable and it was made safe by way of a controlled explosion. The scene was declared safe at 1.45am.The remains of the device were handed over to Gardaí and an investigation is under way.last_img

Eishtec creates 250 jobs in Waterford and Wexford

first_imgHowever the major contribution to addressing this issue has been provided by Irish businesses and in particular Eishtec.This is an Irish company started in 2011, growing rapidly in export markets, and deriving its success from the ingenuity of its founders, the quality of the staff and the support of Government and the local community. Read: Aer Lingus to close Shannon cabin crew base that employs 87>Read: Online payments company creates 10 new jobs> Employment for the South EastHe said that the South East has come a long way and he has every confidence that they are on the right path.Heather Reynolds, co-founder and Operations Director of Eishtec said: AN IRISH CUSTOMER contact solution provider, Eistec, is to create a further 250 jobs for its sites in Waterford and Wexford by mid-2014.Eishtec started trading in May 2011 with just nine employees, but the company has just won another contract to provide smart phone technical support in the UK, which allows for the companies significant expansion.New contractThe awarding of this contract brings their headcount, currently at 700, to 950 people by the middle of 2014.Recruitment for the new positions has already started. The new positions will support UK customers on T-Mobile plans and tariffs.Announcing the jobs today, The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD said that Eishtec is a” remarkable example of what we are trying to achieve” adding that when the South East’s employment difficulties hit their peak in 2011 “many people called for the government to bring more multinational employers to the area…”. He said: The rapid growth of the business has been challenging but not entirely surprising. Our company mission is to challenge the standards of service.Therefore at Eishtec we have a particular approach to providing customer service that delivers a performance and experience that our clients, and their customers, love.last_img read more

Extremely dangerous radioactive material stolen in Mexico

first_imgTHIEVES IN MEXICO have stolen a truck containing potentially “extremely dangerous” radioactive material used in medical treatment, the UN atomic watchdog said today.The truck was transporting a cobalt-60 teletherapy source from a hospital in the northern city of Tijuana to a radioactive waste storage centre when it was stolen in Tepojaco near Mexico City, the International Atomic Energy Agency said. The IAEA said it was informed about the theft on 2 December by Mexico’s CNSNS nuclear security authority.“The Mexican authorities are currently conducting a search for the source and have issued a press release to alert the public,” the IAEA said in a statement.The material could not be used in a conventional nuclear weapon but could in theory be put in a so-called “dirty bomb” – an explosive device spreading the radioactive material over a wide area.Experts have long warned about the danger posed by the large amounts of such material held in hospitals and other locations around the world under insufficient security.Read: Engineers begin dangerous task of removing fuel rods from Fukushima> At the time the truck was stolen, the source was properly shielded. However, the source could be extremely dangerous to a person if removed from the shielding, or if it was damaged.last_img read more

SUSI set up special unit to urgently reassess 65 students

first_imgUpdated 11.28amSUSI HAS ASSIGNED a dedicated unit to handle postgraduate students who must have their grant applications reassessed or else face the possibility of the authority ‘recovering’ the funds.However, just six of the 65 who received a letter have reapplied.The remainder were sent another letter from the grant authority on Friday to ask them again if they wanted to be reassessed.These reassessments are being given top priority within the existing SUSI team.The students involved received a letter earlier this month inviting them to be reassessed as dependent students.The letter stated that if the student don’t do this, SUSI “will have to implement a recovery process in order to recoup the cost of fees from you that were paid to your institution in respect of the 2012/13 academic year.”The error arose from students applying and being classed as “independent”, where the income of the applicant and their spouses’/cohabitants’ are assessed, when they should have applied and been assessed as “dependent”, where the income of parents or guardians is taken into account.Background: SUSI may ‘seek to recover’ 65 postgraduate grants > Read: SUSI restores grant funding for 39 dental nursing and hygiene students >last_img read more

Guntoting fake postman tricks family takes them hostage

first_imgA PERSON DRESSED as a postman took two members of a family hostage in their home this morning, before making a third member retrieve money from their workplace.The PSNI said that detectives are investigating the robbery in which the two were held hostage in west Belfast.The family had been tricked into letting a caller, who was disguised as a postman, into their home.Once inside, the perpetrator produced a gun and made demands for money.The gunman held the man and a woman hostage in the house until another member of the family went to his place of work, obtained an amount of cash and handed it over to another member of the gang, police said.The handover took place at Fallswater Street off the Falls Road at 9.30am.After the handover, the alarm was raised and all three members of the family were reported to be safe.However one member was taken to hospital for examination and was later released.Police are appealing to anyone who saw a man get out of a silver car in Fallswater Street around 9.30 this morning and hand a holdall to another man, who then walked in the direction of Iveagh Street, to contact detectives at 0845 600 8000.last_img read more

Pope calls for Catholic Church to renew as thousands flock to prayers

first_imgPOPE BENEDICT XVI called on the church and its faithful today to “renew themselves” as tens of thousands of pilgrims and tourists attended his penultimate Angelus prayers.“The church calls on all its members to renew themselves… which constitutes a fight, a spiritual battle, because the evil spirit wants us to deviate from the road towards God,” he told the crowds from his window overlooking St Peter’s Square.Families with young children, pensioners and nuns packed into the square in the sunshine said they had come to pay their respects to the pope, make their goodbyes or share in a historic event ahead of the 85-year old’s resignation.Groups of scouts held up banners reading “We have loved you so much!” and “We will be with you… always” and said they wanted to show Benedict that his shock decision to stand down on February 28 had not shaken their faith in him.“He has done it for the good of the church, and will keep serving us. He is retiring to pray – and God knows we need his prayers,” said Germana Blaiotta.Viva il papaA serene-looking Benedict waved to the crowds and thanked them for turning out in such large numbers, calling it a “sign of affection and spiritual closeness”, as the onlookers called out “viva il papa” (long live the pope).Benedict’s brother said in an interview with Spanish newspaper ABC published today that the pontiff was seeking greater tranquility with his retirement.“He no longer has strength. He is going through the natural process of aging, as am I. My brother wants more tranquility for his old age. With the advance of his age, his strength is declining,” Georg Ratzinger, 89, said.The Vatican said over 50,000 people had turned out to see the pope for his Sunday Angelus, while local authorities put the number at over 100,000.Benedict, whose surpise announcement last Monday that he would step down after eight years rocked the church, called on the world’s faithful to “refocus on God by disowning pride and egoism”.His words were seem by some as a veiled reference to internal bickering within the church in recent months, as well as the jostle for power as cardinals from all over the world prepare to vote in his successor.“Benedict did everything for the church, he was always in the limelight but they did nothing but criticise him and try and undermine him. Whoever follows him will have to have strong nerves,” said Margherita Yager, 61, from Germany.Christine Renier, a 48-year-old teacher from Paris, said she was in Rome on holiday and had wanted to see the pontiff before he retires to a secluded monastery behind the Vatican walls for a life of contemplation.Losing faith“It is a sad day, but I think Benedict was actually too rigid and lost many faithful among the young. I’m hoping for a pope who can throw out the bureaucracy and get back to the church’s roots, perhaps an African,” she said.Amid speculation over which of the 117 cardinals in the running might snap up the Vatican’s top job, Italian media said Cardinal Angelo Scola, the Archbishop of Milan, was among the favourites backed by Benedict.After meeting the pope Saturday, Scola said Benedict had told him “you have to become a light for everyone”, a phrase pounced on by the media as a clue.“Significant words which will be weighed by everyone,” said the Repubblica, while La Stampa agreed they were “meaningful words”.At St Peter’s Square, tourists snapping souvenir photographs of Benedict on their smart phones said he may have revolutionised the papacy.“This is a moment which will go down in history. He’s opened the door to future resignations and I cannot see anyone suffering through an old age as pope again. From now on they’ll retire,” said Michele Agostino, 66.Later today, the pontiff will start a week-long spiritual retreat and have only very few public engagements before he formally steps down – the first pope to resign because he simply cannot go on in 700 years.Benedict will receive Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on 23 February, celebrate his last Angelus prayer on 24 February and hold a final audience in St Peter’s Square with tens of thousands of followers on 27 February.- © AFP 2013.last_img read more

Commander Hadfield loves Ireland and weve got the tshirt to prove it

first_imgWE’RE BIG FANS of Commander Chris Hadfield here in the Daily Edge.He’s doing stellar work living in space as a a flight engineer, and sharing some of the his experience with the world via his Twitter account.Last week he got some Irish bonus points when he tweeted an incredible photo of Dublin, along with a few words as Gaeilge. He later revealed in an online Q&A that his daughter is actually here at the moment.To commemorate this special relationship between Ireland and the first Canadian to walk in space, the clever clogs at T-lé have made this lovely t-shirt.They’re available to order today and ready for delivery starting March 4th, just in time for Seachtain na Gaeilge!‘My daughter is in Ireland’: Astronaut Chris Hadfield says ‘ask me anything’>Our favourite Twitter exchange of the day>VIDEO: What Dáithí Ó Sé was thinking during Sausagegate>last_img read more

Putins Mein Kampf How the world reacted to Russias annexation of Crimea

first_imgRUSSIAN PRESIDENT VLADIMIR Putin yesterday signed a treaty claiming the Black Sea region of Crimea as Russian territory.Sanctions have already been placed by the international community but it’s likely that there is more to come.Here’s what the world said after Russia’s annexation.:UNITED STATES Pic: (AP/PBG/Empics Entertainment)“It’s an effort by Putin to rewrite the boundaries of post-World War II Europe,” — former secretary of state Hillary ClintonRussian moves into eastern Ukraine “would be as egregious as any step that I can think of that would be taken by a country in today’s world, particularly by a country like Russia where so much is at stake.” — US Secretary of State John Kerry“The Crimean ‘referendum’, which violates the Ukrainian constitution and occurred under duress of Russian military intervention, (will) never be recognised by the United States and the international community.” — US President Barack Obama.“Russia has offered a variety of arguments to justify what is nothing more than a land grab.” — US Vice President Joe Biden“We condemn Russia’s moves to formally annex Crimea. With sanctions already designated against Russian officials, “there are more to come.” — White House spokesman Jay Carney.GERMANY“The one-sided declaration of Crimea’s independence and the absorption into the Russian Federation that started today are unacceptable blows against the territorial integrity of Ukraine.” — Spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel.“The so-called referendum breached international law, the declaration of independence which the Russian president accepted yesterday was against international law, and the absorption into the Russian Federation is, in our firm opinion, also against international law.” — German Chancellor Angela Merkel.EUROPEAN UNION“The European Union does neither recognise the illegal and illegitimate referendum in Crimea nor its outcome. The European Union does not and will not recognise the annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol to the Russian Federation.” — EU president Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso in a joint statement.UNITED NATIONSUN chief Ban Ki-moon has been following “with mounting concern first the holding of the referendum and now actions taken in relation to the annexation of Crimea” and “strongly urges resumption of a constructive dialogue between all concerned parties in order to resolve this crisis.” — Ban’s spokesman, Stephane Dujarric.NATO“Crimea’s annexation is illegal and illegitimate and NATO allies will not recognise it.” — NATO secretary general Anders Fogh RasmussenHe added that he was “deeply concerned” by reports of the death of a Ukrainian soldier. “It is urgent that all sides show restraint and take all possible steps to avoid further escalation.”UKRAINEPic: (AP Photo/Andrew Kravchenko)“Russia is playing a dirty game to annex Crimea. World War II began with the annexation by Nazi Germany of other countries’ territories. Today, Putin is following the example of 20th century fascists.” — Interim President Oleksandr Turchynov.“Redrawing the maps of the world through wars and bloodshed is his (Putin’s) ‘Mein Kampf’”, referring to Adolf Hitler’s opus.” – Former jailed opposition leader and Ukrainian premier Yulia Tymoshenko.BRITAIN“It was regrettable to hear President Putin today choosing the route of isolation” — British Foreign Secretary William Hague, announcing that Britain will suspend all bilateral military cooperation with Russia.FRANCE“France does not recognise the results of the referendum held in Crimea on March 16, or the annexation of this region of Ukraine to Russia.” — French President Francois Hollande.AUSTRALIA“The unauthorised vote in Crimea on 16 March, carried out while Russian forces were effectively in control of the territory, cannot form the legitimate basis for any alteration of the status of Crimea.” — Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.BALTICS“Russia’s actions in Ukraine and demonstration of military power in (the Russian exclave of) Kaliningrad pose threats to the security of the Baltic region and Poland. Immediate measures and concerted efforts are needed to strengthen regional security.” — Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskiate.JAPAN(Pic: AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)“(Russian action) violates Ukraine’s unity, sovereignty and the integrity of its territory, and we condemn it. “Our country cannot overlook an attempt to change the status quo by force,” — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.INDIAIn a phonecall with Putin, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh “expressed his hope that all sides would exercise restraint and work together constructively to find political and diplomatic solutions that protected the legitimate interests of all countries in the region and ensured long term peace and stability in Europe and beyond.”Read: “Russian soldiers have started shooting at Ukrainian servicemen” PM claims >Read: 8 things that have been said and done on the Crimean crisis today >© – AFP 2014last_img read more

Paddy Power offer free bet to Torres Arshavin and other benchwarmers

first_imgCheck out the billboards hereBoth London clubs were reportedly considering legal action to get the posters removed.Peter Odemwingie, Darren Bent and Jose Bosingwa also woke up to suggestions on how to get off the substitutes’ bench and better spend their time.A Paddy Power spokesman said: “Despite having had a great response from fans, it seems that some of the players have had their rather expensive feathers ruffled by our billboard suggestions.“We now realise the error of our ways and hope that our offer of a free bet will give them an excuse to take a five minute break from all that exhausting, top-level bench-warming and have a punt on when they might next get into a starting line-up.”Here is the ‘apology’ advert run by the company in two UK newspapers this weekend… PADDY POWER HAVE issued a tongue-in-cheek apology to the five Premier League stars targeted in their recent ’2nd jobs for subs’ campaign.One poster suggesting that Andrei Arshavin should clean the Arsenal toilets appeared just outside of the Emirates Stadium, while Fernando Torres was told that he could easily find an onion bag in the Chelsea burger van.last_img read more